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Malu Design Branding

The Malu logo is inspired by 3 images icon.
  • Eye Of Ra: The Eye of Horus is also known as the Eye of Ra – the eye that can see through everything in the world.
  • Infinity: In ancient times, the symbol for infinity (Infinity) called Ouroboros was a symbol of infinity that was widely used in many cultures around the world throughout. historical length. The symbol is depicted in the form of a snake eating its own tail. The word “Ouroboros” is a combination of the two ancient Greek words oura (tail) and boros (to eat). The infinity symbol is a never ending loop, much like the knots and loops in Celtic tattoos. It has the same meaning of rebirth as in Eastern culture or Hinduism and Buddhism.
  • Black Hole: Mysterious and Gravitational
Main color used for Logo is golden brown and black, representing Earth and Water. These are the two elements in the Five Elements according to the concept of the East, reminiscent of the connection, exchange and nurturing of life. The combination of two colors yellow – black creates a healthy, friendly, and also carries a message about the sustainable development of the business.
Overall, the Malu Logo exudes mystery, attractiveness and strong pervasiveness of the business, but without losing the elegance and sophistication. Those are the brand values that Malu wants to build for himself and for customers’ businesses.

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