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What is AIDA? Examples & applications of AIDA in marketing

Brands use AIDA to determine how they create and distribute marketing messages to target audiences

What is pricing strategy? How to effectively price products

Pricing strategy takes into account many business factors, such as revenue goals, target audience, brand

Personal Branding and Business Branding: Personal development trends in the age of AI and TikTok

In recent years, the expansion of social networking platforms like TikTok and the emergence of

What is UGC? The importance of UGC in the 2024 Marketing strategy

Marketing is customer-oriented, that’s why businesses constantly have to change their marketing strategies to meet

Top 36 AI tools to help marketers optimize work performance in 2024

Artificial intelligence is opening up a new world where flexibility and multitasking at work are

Podcast marketing – the art of conquering customers through “hearing”

Podcast marketing revenue in the US is expected to exceed $2 billion in 2022, and

What is the distribution strategy? How to build an effective distribution strategy

For businesses doing business, their ability to sell will depend greatly on the distribution channels

What is STP? 4 steps to build the most effective STP Marketing strategy

What is STP strategy  ? STP is an important marketing strategy that helps businesses gain an effective competitive

The most common way to calculate sales percentage discount

Applying  the sales percentage discount calculation is one of the shopping stimulation methods, commonly used in marketing.

What is a Marketing Funnel? Steps to build an effective Marketing Funnel

Building an effective marketing funnel helps businesses understand customer needs in each stage of the

What is lead in marketing? 3 types of Lead in Marketing you MUST KNOW

Lead in Marketing helps businesses have more potential customers, thereby increasing conversion rates and sales

What are pain points? 4 ways to identify customer pain points

When identifying customer pain points, businesses can understand their customers better, thereby gaining a competitive