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What is NFT painting? How to draw and sell NFT paintings

  NFT paintings and other NFT artworks have been sold for tens of millions of

What is Midjourney? Can painting by AI really replace painters

The painting called Théâtre D’opéra Spatial was awarded first prize in the digital art category

Specialized terms graphic design Designer needs to know

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What is Motion Graphics? Types and applications in practice

If your business is contemplating using animated videos to convey your marketing message in a

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What is brand identity? Include what?

Brand identity is one of the important factors that help customers recognize and remember a

16 Websites Sharing Beautiful Fonts – Free For Designers

Are you having a headache looking for free font sources? Don’t know where are the best

Psychology in User Experience Design – UX Design

Don’t be evil and abuse psychology to manipulate your end users . Why doesn’t a nice

Design Thinking – The way to success in all fields

You have a lot of ideas but don’t know how to implement them into a

What is concept? The meaning of Concept in design and other fields

What is concept ? The elements that make up a concept, how to find an effective concept,

The golden ratio (Golden Ratio) and its top application in design, painting, architecture, products

Have you ever wondered: What makes the Egyptian Pyramids or the legendary Mona Liza painting