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Revolution from tires to Michelin stars

From unrelated categories and concepts, such as tires, stars, and food, but unknowingly, appear to

Guidance on the process of implementing Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is an activity based on the results of data analysis to coordinate Marketing

What is Co-Branding? The most successful Co-Branding deals in the world

In marketing strategy, Co-branding is nothing too new, but in recent times, it is still

What is Brand Strategy? How to build a strong brand strategy

To understand  brand strategy  and how to  build a strong brand strategy , Malu would like to share in

Employee Advocacy – When employees become brand ambassadors for businesses

Headache because of the increasing cost of advertising? Consider turning your employees into brand ambassadors for

What is Brand Ambassador? Role of a brand ambassador

When it comes to brand ambassadors , we do not feel strange, but on the contrary, it

What is Brand Image? How to build a strong brand image

With today’s fiercely competitive market, it is very important to build  a Brand Image – a successful

Brand Essence – The core essence of the brand

If it is said that a brand is a person, then Brand Essence is the

What is brand identity? Include what?

Brand identity is one of the important factors that help customers recognize and remember a

What is Trademark? Difference between Trademark and Brand

Trademark has an extremely important role for the existence and development of every business. So what

What is Brand Mark? Distinguish Brand Mark and Logo

1. What is Brand Mark? Brand Mark  is a symbol, an element, a design or an

Crisis Management – ​​Crisis Management Planning & Process

What do you think of when you hear the word “crisis”. Within the scope of an