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What is Brand Manager? Roles, jobs & required skills

Becoming a Brand Manager means taking on a broad role that often requires an understanding

What is pricing strategy? How to effectively price products

Pricing strategy takes into account many business factors, such as revenue goals, target audience, brand

What is the distribution strategy? How to build an effective distribution strategy

For businesses doing business, their ability to sell will depend greatly on the distribution channels

The most standard 7-step B2B sales process for businesses

Building a sales process is extremely important for B2B businesses. A suitable B2B sales process will

Analyze customer buying behavior in the digital environment

The remarkable development of the internet has created major changes in  customers’ buying habits and behavior . In

What is a sales goal & 4 tips for building long-term goals for your Business

“Get more customers, work more efficiently or close more orders”, that would be the answer

The most common way to calculate sales percentage discount

Applying  the sales percentage discount calculation is one of the shopping stimulation methods, commonly used in marketing.

Analyze Pepsi’s business strategy in Vietnam and Internationally

With effective business strategies, Pepsi has gradually become one of the famous beverage brands in

Phân khúc thị trường là gì? 4 loại phân khúc thị trường phổ biến nhất hiện nay

Learn about market segmentation When determining effective market segmentation, businesses can better understand each target

What is a target customer – 5 effective ways to determine your business

Effectively identifying target customers helps businesses better understand customers, thereby building appropriate marketing campaigns to

What is Product Manager? What to learn for successful product management

Product Manager is one of the hottest “names” in the labor market today because of

What is Growth Hacking? Portrait of a Growth Hacker and good examples

The concept of Growth Hacking is a hot keyword in recent years. If you are a