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What is Product Manager? What to learn for successful product management

Product Manager is one of the hottest “names” in the labor market today because of

What is CX? Why is customer experience important in the product industry?

UX (User Experience) is no longer a strange term for design teams as well as

An effective business website design manual

Currently, online business is really a booming and growing trend. Every individual and business invests

What is usability? How Design Meets Usability

When learning about Website design, UX design, you may often encounter the term ” Usability “. So  what is

Complete UX design process

Applying the UX Design Process  in website/app design is an effective method to ensure that you create

What is UX Writing and how to write good UX Writing?

The following article introduces the basics of UX Writing, a very important factor in optimizing

TripX – The story of the journey a startup

From readers’ feedback about the desire for more practical examples, in this newsletter, Malu sends

Guidance on the process of implementing Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is an activity based on the results of data analysis to coordinate Marketing

Top 20 most used UX/UI design tools by Designers

UX and UI go hand in hand to create a holistic and positive user experience. While

What is UX Research? How to build a UX Research team

Welcome to the UI UX section of Malu’s blog. Today we will learn about UX Research

What is the App? Functions and popular App types

App is a familiar and commonly used term in today’s life. So what is the App? How

What is Website? The Most Complete Website Concept

I just tried typing “ What is a website? ” on the Google search bar and was