Tim Cook, CEO of Apple once said: We say  no  to “good” ideas every day, so we can focus on the ideas that already exist. The proud saying of the captain of the world’s most valuable brand ship has many meanings, about the ability to “focus” on the best ideas the company has distilled, as well as a An important factor that has made the value and name of “The Missing Apple”: Simplicity.

Standing in front of Apple’s large conference room in Silicon Valley, Tim Cook asserts: the entire production line of Apple products is just wide enough for this meeting table. And they brought us $40 billion in sales last year.


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A proud statement delivered by Tim Cook in 2010, a time when the iPhone was still on the throne of the smartphone market, and a new generation of product, the iPad tablet computer had just arrived. life. That was the start of Apple’s impressive growth streak: By 2016, Apple’s revenue had grown sixfold, to $215.6 billion. That is an eloquent testimony to the golden words of Tim Cook in the past.

What makes a product line, just as big as a large conference table, can make hundreds of billions of dollars in sales, in just 6 years? The main golden key lies in simplicity, along with focus. The most successful businesses in the world are those that focus on what they do best.

Respond intelligently to your needs

“Famous brands make people’s lives easier” – said by Margaret Molloy, CMO of Siegel+Gale, clearly conveys why famous brands become successful and recognizable. by the public. She added: What makes Google, Amazon, or Dunkin’ Donuts successful is because: They  deliver the right products that customers want, when they need them most.

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Google is a 20 year old search engine. Everyone looks to Google as a place to find information, but Google does so much more. This is the era where every time they search for anything, they open their personal computer, go to Google, and get what they need. From a song, a movie, an essay to the most convenient way to commute to work during rush hour, everything is through the vast hands of Google.

Amazon is the largest online retailer globally. This is the place to buy everything. Amazon’s mission is: “to be the place where the customer is considered at the center of everything. Here, customers can be: shoppers, sellers, businesses, or even: content creators for Amazon platforms.” Amazon has skillfully connected customers and businesses in the sales chain established by it.

Dunkin’ Donuts is where we enjoy delicious donuts with a cup of coffee. The company proudly declares itself as “Americans’ favorite destination, where they stop by every day just for a delicious coffee and cake.” Once again, a successful brand impresses customers in a clear and understandable position.

Dunkin's donut is deliciousSimplicity in branding hides great power. According to Siegel+Gale, the Global Brand Simplicity Index (GBSI) is a measure of a brand’s success:

  • 63%  of customers expect to pay more for a simple, convenient shopping experience.
  • 69%  of customers will recommend a product that gives them a convenient shopping experience to everyone around them.
  • The top 10  brands with the highest GBSI index have a stock market value that is 214% higher than the average value of the global average stock indexes from 2009 to 2014.

In a fierce market full of brands big and small, focus and simplicity are the best competitive advantages for businesses.

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Easier to understand, easier to share

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One of the principles that Jeremy Miller conveys in his book Sticky Branding is: Simple Clarity. Simple Clarity is your ability to describe your brand (and what sets it apart) in ten words, or less.

This principle affirms an indisputable truth: Generic, complex brands are often less effective in the digital platform market.

Returning to the Google example, Ryan Hanley, CMO of the famous Northern Ireland agency, Bold Penguin commented: It was Google that killed the generic brands. When looking to Google, customers want the BEST solution to the problem, the question they are wondering. Other search engines only give them generic, bland search results, while the solution is nowhere to be found.

Customers will not have a ton of time for trial and error, what is the best product, what is the difference between it and other competitors in the market. They just want to use products that provide a convenient and simple experience, to make their day lighter.

If a brand focuses on the group of products that make up their name, making it useful and easy to use, customers will inevitably find that product and brand.

To  position your brand , you need to answer 3 questions:

  1. Your company is….
  2. Your company produces….
  3. Your company provides customers…

Please answer the three questions above briefly and honestly. And your brand will find the right positioning direction.

Going back to the Google example, they asked 3 questions in their brand positioning strategy:

  1. What industry is your product or brand in? Do people understand what your business is?
  2. What services do you provide? The solution you suggest when facing difficulties? Who do customers call when they need you?
  3. What better service do you provide than your competitors? Who is your business providing services to?

Simplicity can knock out “giants”

Simplicity and focus drive creativity. The world’s most famous brands are well aware of what they are offering to their customers:

  1. Uber  gets you where you need to be.
  2. Spotify gives you the playlist you want to listen to.
  3. GoPro helps capture the moments you want.

The pioneers mentioned above all apply the method of centralization and simplification, as Apple has led the market.

The way for businesses to approach the success and popularity of famous brands is extremely arduous and challenging. But keep in mind: The simpler your brand is, the more competitive it will be with competitors. Think big from the simple, simplicity is the ultimate weapon to beat the giants in the market, and the reason for customers to turn to your services.

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