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Let’s be frank: Can Facebook users differentiate your brand from other competitors? Will the content of your business’s posts “sink” in the hundreds, thousands of other attractive content on social networks?

Do you want your interactive content to stand out and reach more people? Where will you have to start to build your business’ marketing strategy on Facebook?

In the following article, Malu would like to introduce to you 6 ways to successfully build a brand’s image on this huge social networking platform.


1. Share business goals

Have you ever shared your business goals with your Facebook page followers? If not, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to bring you closer to the community of users on this huge social networking platform.

Sharing your business goals also means sharing your most important values, including: What your business does, why you do it, and your business. Who are you serving?

Share the company's three goals

Here are some questions that can make it easier for your business to communicate your goals to your readers:

  • What is the story of your business? (In other words about the history of your business)
  • What products or services is your business offering to the public?
  • What kind of users is your business serving? (Specific customer audience, target market,…).
  • In that target market, what has your business done to solve the remaining problems? (In other words: What has your business done to make the lives of the people you serve better?).

Don’t forget to share the post that shows your business’s goals on social media platforms to spread the message far and wide.

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2. Understanding the target audience

Have you noticed that your posts on Facebook often get no interaction? Simply, because you have not reached your potential customers properly.

That is why you need to understand all that is related to your customers. This helps you build the right content, determine when is the right time to post on Facebook, know how to respond to their comments in a “reasonable” way.

Facebook's audience insights

To do this, you need to use the  Facebook Insights tool .

In the “People” tag, you will know the parameters related to your target audience on Facebook, including: Gender, geographical location, age, language, country,… , with each different user object, you will have a separate marketing approach and strategy.


3. Know your own strengths

Next, you need to understand: What are the unique strengths of your business? What makes your business stand out from the competition?

Sharing what you consider to be your strengths will help your business:

  • Get more likes from customers.
  • Interact more with the business’s fanpage.
  • Buy more of your products or services.
  • Introduce your products or services to more people.


4. Shaping the style and “personality” of the business

If your business is a person, what distinctive qualities and characteristics do you think that “person” has?

Is that “human” a fun and easy-going friend? Or is “he” a simple, elegant and classic person?

Turning your business into a “person” will make your organization’s image closer and more familiar to customers, because we humans only trust those they consider close and relevant. more similarities with them.

Stylish and sophisticated picture on facebook

Take for example the NFL – The professional football organization in the United States. All of their creative content is highly interactive.

Specifically, in the weekly Q&A section, the NFL’s fanpage shares random images related to the football match series last week. The reader’s task is to name the photo. Interestingly, right?

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5. Ensure brand consistency

Consistency in visual aspects of your brand across social media platforms (like logos, backgrounds, images in posts, etc.) will make it easier for users to identify you before thousands of other content. around them.

Lennar is a business that provides construction and home decoration services in the United States.

protect the most important man in the world

Taking advantage of the strength of creative ideas, businesses always choose for themselves perfect photos of interior architecture with a famous saying to express their business philosophy. And these posts always receive a large number of readers’ interactions on Facebook.

With consistent, clear visual elements, your brand’s image will become more prominent in the eyes of social network users.


6. Share old content on Facebook

When you already have a Facebook fan page with a large number of visitors, it is a waste if you do not take advantage of this platform to promote the quality content you have on hand.

In many cases, articles from the “olden days” are suddenly “hot” again because of seemingly innocuous posts on social networks.

Plan to post “old” content but still bring a lot of value to Fanpage followers.



Building a business’s fanpage on Facebook is not a job that people take out “trust” to measure success. Marketing on Facebook requires administrators to spend a lot of time and effort to invest in it.

common practice on facebook

This work also needs a goal, strategy and an overall campaign to implement. In other words, marketing on Facebook is not a game, it is a combination of many factors that interact and require the implementation of efforts to achieve success.

Hopefully the above sharing will be a guideline to help your business achieve more success when building and developing a marketing strategy on Facebook. Do you have something you want to share with us? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments!