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Region : Mozambique

Field : F&B

Acacias is a restaurant specializing in serving Asian and European dishes and imported wines and beers. Acacias Restaurant is an attractive suggestion if you want to have fun dining times with friends, relatives or simply want to enjoy delicious, rich drinks.
Coming to Acacias Restaurant, diners will not be able to help but be amazed by the dishes featuring unique Asian and European cuisine prepared with enthusiasm by professional chefs. In particular, the “regular” customers of the Restaurant will not be able to miss outstanding dishes such as: Beef Acacias, Salmon Sashimi, Acacias Salad, Beef shank salad with passion fruit sauce,… In particular, the Restaurant also serves specialties. premium imported wine and beer, that’s why Acacias has long attracted a large number of domestic and foreign diners.
Not only that, Acacias also scores points with a large, airy space with a capacity of 100 people, designed in an African style with mysterious black tones, giving customers a feeling of both excitement and excitement. , both cozy and close every time you come here.
Acacias Restaurant is a suitable choice for meetings, festivals, and parties with family, friends, and colleagues.


• Design brand identity

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Acácias Restaurant is a luxurious and classy culinary venue, located in the city center. With airy space, sophisticated decor and a diverse menu of dishes from different cultures, Acácias attracts a large number of customers, from international tourists to locals who love food.

However, despite having built a good reputation in the high-end restaurant sector, Acácias Restaurant realized that it needed a stronger brand identity to properly reflect its image and attract more customers. add new customers. Therefore, they decided to turn to Malu Design, a reputable and professional design unit, to assist in creating a new brand identity and classy product packaging.

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