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R.O.D (Rug On Duty)

Area: Hanoi

Field: Investment fund

R.O.D (Rug On Duty) is a crypto business and has a sustainable multi-industry orientation, so building and strengthening the brand becomes an urgent requirement for the Company in this period. upcoming development.

To realize the goal of becoming a reputable partner in the domestic and international markets, R.O.D company contacted Malu Design experts for advice on building a professional brand image and making an impression. deeply in the mind of the customer.

In this project, Malu Design consulted and designed the logo, brand identity system and advertising publications for R.O.D, creating synchronization and consistency in all aspects of R.O.D company.


• Brand identity

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As a company born after the flourishing development of financial companies R.O.D needs to confirm the difference in brand identity (both in logo and color) and media publications, creating a breakthrough compared to strong competitors in the industry.

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