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Area : Hanoi

Field : Design – Furniture sales

Mansion Furniture is known as a company specializing in providing specialized services in the design and construction of high-class walnut furniture in Vietnam. Mansion brand is built by prestige and product quality, Mansion is always confident to bring customers the most beautiful products.

Mansion Furniture is confident in owning its own factory with an area of ​​​​more than 2000m2, equipped with a system of machines with advanced technology and professional production processes according to international standards. The workplace of more than 30 artisans who are passionate about walnut wood, the number 1 workmanship, and manufacture standard products to every small detail. This is also the place to help the company strictly manage the origin and quality of materials for furniture production.

Mansion Furniture brand has been building a strong solidarity group in which the creativity, dynamism and enthusiasm of each individual is always aroused and highly promoted. Customer happiness is always the top goal that the company pursues.


• Brand identity

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Realizing that the level of competition in the market is increasingly fierce when Vietnam has about 1,500 designers and manufacturers of furniture, companies have to create their own differences to compete.

Mansion furniture needs to have a new image to make a difference in the market.


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