Whether you are starting a new business, or implementing an old rebranding strategy, creating a suitable, unique logo is a necessary step for your brand to reach the audience. more consumption. But designing a logo is not a simple job, the cost and time to create it can be huge if you do not follow the standard method.

The logo that you design will be an indispensable element in the brand, and will be the first thing that catches the eyes of consumers when they approach the business. If you want to design a logo – something that can be highly effective for your company – you need to look at the process of formation and development of your own business. All good logos, more or less, reflect a part of the value of the business.

Wondering what features you should infuse into your logo design? Here are the 5 traits required to design a good logo.

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#first. Simplicity

From the iconic Coca-Cola logo, to Google’s clean design, top-notch, iconic logos all have one thing in common: Simplicity. Why simplicity?

google's logo through men

Because simple logos are often immediately recognized by customers, standing out in the midst of a complex and cumbersome logo forest of competitors. Large businesses, they spend a lot of time to simplify  the identity in  their brand. From the outside, viewers might think that to design those simple logos, designers don’t have to put in too much effort and effort. But reality is not so simple.

In the case of Motto, a well-known enterprise in the field of brand management, having worked with 20th Century Fox film studios, or Legendary Entertainment, it took them weeks to assemble ideas and form a logo. . An iconic logo must be permanent, eternal and be a bridge between businesses and customers. But in order to leave a strong impression in the customer’s mind, it first needs to ensure the simple element first.

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#2. Consistency with brand values

An effective logo must be consistent and relevant to the values ​​that the brand brings to the customer. Try to imagine your favorite logo symbols, like the logo inspired by modern IBM computers, the “soft” curve like the Nike shoe, all convey a part. certain core values ​​of the business.

logo of the best value for money

The logo – with its shapes, colors, and fonts – will be what sticks in the mind of the customer. It is not the products they provide, or the marketing campaigns of tons of billions of dollars, it is the logo that is the first and also the easiest thing to impress in the eyes of customers.

Therefore, logo design must be the thing that best conveys what the business wants to convey to customers. Just one deviation will mislead customers about the efforts businesses are making to win a place in consumers’ hearts.

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#3. Easy to remember, easy to recognize

All iconic logos, no matter what form they are designed in, must be memorable and recognizable. Try looking at the logos of famous brands: Grab, Ford, BMW, Apple, Amazon and many more. With just a glance at their logo, the brand is instantly recognizable, without any difficulty.

Do you immediately recognize which brand identity this is?

Get the most out of your life now grab

This connection requires businesses to spend a lot of effort, investment, focus a lot of resources and calculate behind it.

#4. Customization of logo size

A successfully designed logo must be customizable in size. This customization is even more important in the context of the Internet being ubiquitous, when customers can access the company’s website through a variety of digital platforms (from laptops, tablets, etc.). to mobile), in all sizes and friendly to different screen formats.

The logo design has changed

#5. Uniqueness

Confusing the identity of a brand A with brand B is a taboo in logo design. A brand logo must be unique, only it has such characteristics. Just as Apple’s biting apple can’t be confused with other brand symbols, so Coca-Cola’s classic, winding font lines can’t match the blue-red-white color of its logo. Pepsi.

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When starting a business, you need to consider every aspect of the business. That is why you must not ignore the work of designing a logo – an important bridge between businesses and customers. Hopefully the recent sharing will help you have a more specific view in designing a satisfactory logo and identity for your brand.

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