art deco

Art Deco (Arts Décoratifs) is known as a “synthetic” art movement in the early twentieth century. With a mission to spread the modern spirit through simple shapes, Art Deco has succeeded in bringing a distinct identity full of charm.

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco is an eclectic school of art and decoration. This style affects all areas of design including architecture, interior design, fashion, .. and visual arts such as painting or cinema. The name Art Deco has had the opportunity to be widely known when it was honored to participate in the “International Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts – Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et INDUSTRIELS modernes” held in Paris from April to October. 1925. The Art Deco style spread to the world in 1930 and is still loved today for its sheer aesthetic. Art Deco has no specific ideology or rules, although it always has a distinct style. Referring to Art Deco architecture, people immediately think of modern elegance.

Features of the Art Deco style

What resonates with the Art Deco style is its distinctive character. From form to color, materials used or decorations are selected in the most delicate way.


Art Deco was formed during the 2nd industrial revolution, so the characteristics of Art Deco also reflect modernity and characteristics like objects created by machines. According to the art school, the Art Deco architectural style focuses on simple lines, geometric motifs, Chevron patterns, and symmetrical Mosaic motifs creating a strong and personal style.

cool picture in art deco
Symmetry of straight lines in Art Deco
pulse in art deco
Subtle combination of shapes in Art Deco


Art Deco pays great attention to the color scheme of objects and the harmony in space. Art Deco style is often bold colors and high contrast. The most commonly encountered colors are red, bright yellow, blue, green, pink, silver …

art deco design
Warm colors combined with cool colors create fresh vitality 
Green is always on the line
Two colors of blue and gold create a solemn and outstanding space

Material used

If the material is the factor that creates the aesthetic value of an architectural work, then with the Art Deco style, the selected material must show a strong and healthy beauty.

Materials used by Art Deco are mainly metal, glass, chromium, stainless steel, concrete, plywood, stone, mirror, furniture, marble, jade, etc. unique materials such as horse skin, shark skin, ivory.

artdeco 15
Stainless steel material used in Art Deco
art deco
Art Deco style used for glass doors 
art deco
Fancy Art Deco style decorative mirrors 
chat lieu art deco
Wood and steel materials create elegance for Art Deco architectural style


Art Deco objects often take the form of simple or stylized geometry from representations such as flowers, animals, and rays of the sun. With each design will create new feelings in different ways.

art deco decoration
Art Deco inspired by the wild forest
Natural decoration style
Art Deco brings fresh nature inspiration

Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Art Deco is the successor to Art Nouveau, but in contrast to the curvaceous lines of plants, the soft curves of a girl, it exudes the bold strength of the shapes.

Art Deco Art Nouveau
General look These are all popular styles in Europe and the United States
Distinctions Born: 1920-1930Featured:

  • Cubes, Linear Lines
  • Symmetrical texture
Born: 1890-1910Featured:

  • Soft curves in the form of flowers, leaves, plants.
  • Asymmetrical texture
difference between art deco and art noveau
The difference between the two styles

The application of Art Deco today

Art Deco in architectural design 

The characteristic of Art Deco architecture is the use of simple shapes but creates an elaborate architecture that is meticulous to the smallest detail to exude the beauty of the times.

listen to mosaic
Art Deco mosaic art
duong net art deco
Basic lines but never become boring
architecture art deco
A mansion with unique Art Deco architecture

Art Deco in interior design

Because Art Deco carries the breath of sharp, angular shapes, the interior should not be too complicated. Art Deco interior design style is towards simplicity, elegance, but must be unique and modern.

art deco
The modern space that Art Deco design brings
A simple design but not monotonous


Art Deco in painting design

Artistic inspiration in Art Deco is a blend of classic and modern colors. These artworks, posters, invitations and even these art-style logos all receive a certain amount of love.

Art Deco inspired logos
poster art deco
The poster has an impressive Art Deco “breath”

Art Deco in decorative arts 

In the decorative arts, two types of patterns in Art Deco are Chevron patterns and Mosaic motifs, which appear popular with the task of decorating objects such as walls, carpets, tables and chairs, flowerpots, etc.

art deco
Chevron-patterned rug

Mosaic art – a decorative art form that creates images from small pieces combined with the inherent characteristics of Art Deco to create impressive windows and doors.

mosaic wall

Famous works in Art Deco style

One of the famous works representing the Art Deco style is the  Chrysler Building  in New York City built in 1930 with the contact surface made entirely of stainless steel.

new york prescription
The Chrysler Building – New York represents the Art Deco style

The American World’s Fair in Chicago (1933) highlighted Art Deco designs while Hollywood took its aesthetic and made it appealing around the country.

philippines app for chicago
Chicago World’s Fair (1933) poster

A typical work of Art Deco style, which is considered the heart of New York – the  Empire State Building  is designed in the shape of a giant pencil.

empire state
Empire State Building

Built in 1936,  the New India Assurance Building  is a bold piece of architecture combined with distinctive Art Deco lines.

new india an do
New India Assurance Building, Mumbai, India

In Vietnam, some typical works with Art Deco architectural style such as:

Indochina Bank branch office, IDEO printing factory, International Post Office building,…

dong dong 1
Bank of Indochina 
front page video
IDEO Printing House (24 Trang Tien)
new country
Hanoi International Post Office No. 6 Dinh Le


With the trend towards old values, Art Deco seems to be reborn and is more widely accepted. It can be seen that the Art Deco design style has been and will continue to bring people unique and captivating designs in its own way.