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Dadaism was an art movement that emerged during World War I, which greatly influenced the design style and inspired many graphic designers. So what is Dadaism inspiration? Let’s explore and admire the typical publications in graphic design inspired by Dadaism style with Malu!

What is dadaism inspiration?

Dadaism or Dada  is a cultural movement that started in  Zürich, Switzerland,  during World War I and culminated in 1916-1922. This movement was primarily concerned with the visual arts, literature, poetry, art manifestos, art theory, theater, and graphic design, and focused on anti-war politics through the exclusion of war. abolish the prevailing standards in art by anti-art cultural works.


If other schools of art are often named after their critics,  Dada  is the only school named after the artists themselves. However, the origin of the name Dada is still a controversial topic and so far there is no real evidence for this name. When Hans Richter joined the group in 1917, he assumed that Dada was taken from the Romanian language with the meaning ‘Yes – Yes’ – a passionate and optimistic affirmation of life. Another more common explanation is that  Richard Huelsenbeck  and  Hugo Ball  found the name Dada in a French/German dictionary.


In French,  Dada  means  “hobbyhorse”  – a toy set of sticks and at the end of each tree is attached a horse’s head. They chose this name probably because of its childish and innocent nature. Ball has said: “The name Dada sounds funny, behind it is the emptiness when the urgent issues are not covered.”


Dada  is an art movement where the focus of the artists is not on creating stylistically satisfying articles but also on creating works that tap into middle-class sensibilities and create sentences. Ask questions about society, the artist’s work, and the motivation behind art.


The purpose of Dadaism art publications   was to mock what members of the movement saw as meaningless about the modern world. In addition to anti-war, Dada was also anti-bourgeois and anarchist.


Artists and publications representing Dadaism style in graphic design

One of the activities that Dadaist artists once participated in to express the mission of the association was the creation of a series of manifestos and magazines with the aim of attacking social, political and culture that favors war.  Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, and George Grosz  are three of the artists who represent this activity.


In addition,  Raoul Hausmann, Hannah Höch, John Heartfield  and  George Grosz  are leading artists in representing the satirical theme of the  Dada Movement in Berlin . The technique most of them use to convey disparagement is  photo montage : collages of photographs and text from contemporary newspapers and magazines. The authenticity of the photos has increased the individuality of the work by connecting the message with the real world.


Let’s take a look at some of these special publications with Malu!








Hope the above article has helped you better understand Dadaism inspiration in graphic design.