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Backdrop is an indispensable component in any event big or small. As the largest and most prominent design, the backdrop can give people an impression of the event or brand right from the first seconds. So what is a backdrop and what types of backdrops are there? Let’s find out together.

1. Definition of backdrop

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Backdrop  is most simply understood as the stage backdrop, usually placed in the reception hall and in the middle of the stage of the event. Along with  posters ,  banners  and  standees , backdrops are an indispensable element in every event big or small, because on the backdrop is the most important information: program name, organizer logo, sponsor,… Made of many different materials and depending on the nature of the event, there will be a suitable backdrop.

2. Uses of backdrop 

2.1: Impress attendees:  A backdrop that is both aesthetic and fully conveys the program’s message will bring a professional image to the organizers. Moreover, your show will stand out from the crowd if it has a backdrop with that unique design.

2.2: Brand promotion:  In addition to the purpose of introducing the program, the backdrop is also a place for attendees to take souvenir photos. Because there is always the organizer’s logo on the backdrop, when those photos are shared on social networks, the organizer’s image and brand will be widely spread, helping to increase recognition.

2.3: Conveying the message of the event:  The backdrop seems to be the face of the program because it summarizes the most basic information. So a well-designed backdrop will help convey the content and message of the event to viewers in the most intuitive and vivid way.


3. Classification of backdrops

3.1: Backdrop printed on hiflex or PP

This is the most common type of backdrop, which is stretched on an iron frame. The reason this type of backdrop is popular is because of the reasonable printing cost (PP printing price will be slightly higher than hiflex), fast installation and aesthetic quality mainly depends on the designer. The disadvantage of backdrop printed on this material is that it is difficult to create and easily damaged if installed incorrectly and placed in bad weather conditions (it rains, high winds).

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3.2: LED screen backdrop: 

With LED screen, you have more creative space and can change the backdrop in the event as you like. In addition, LED screens also help your event look a lot more “genuine” if you know how to arrange & be creative with your design. However, the biggest minus point of this type of backdrop is the high cost, which is not suitable for small-scale events.

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3.3: Backdrop with fabric, paper and other materials: 

If you want to be creative with the backdrop, this is your choice. This type of backdrop is often used in weddings or photo sessions because of its versatility. Besides the cheap price and easy installation, the disadvantage of this type of backdrop is that it is not suitable for outdoor events (easily affected by the weather) and requires the ingenuity of the designer.

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4. 15 backdrops to inspire you

If you are still having a headache and don’t know how to design the backdrop for your event, check out the 10 backdrop templates below for inspiration. In addition, please refer to 4 notes that cannot be ignored when designing the backdrop to be able to produce a satisfactory product.

1.  Backdrop for Designer to Designer 2018 workshop – by Kristine Arth (Behance)

backdrop at gi

Backdrop at gi1

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2. Backdrop for Roche Partnering Innovation Summit – made by Oupas Design (Behance)

Backdrop the gi3

3. Backdrop for SingularityU Australia Summit – made by Strategy Creative, Liam Ooi, Chris Flack (Behance)

Backdrop the gi4

4. Backdrop for SAP Forum 2017 – made by IG-PRO Design (Behance)

Backdrop the gi5

5. Backdrop for Bluepoint Demo Day – made by VEIG Design, Lee Jeonghoo, Kim Yunchae (Behance)

Backdrop at gi6

6. Backdrop for Adobe Summit 2018 – by Angela Fisher, Steve Gustavson (Behance)

Backdrop the gi7

7. Backdrop for Peru Design Net event – ​​by Infinito (Behance)

Backdrop at gi8

8. Backdrop for Droid Knights 2018 event – ​​by Kim Jiyoon (Behance)

Backdrop at gi16

9. Backdrop for Adobe Summit 2019 – by Angela Fisher, Steve Gustavson & DBLG LDN (Behance)

Backdrop the gi10

10. Backdrop for the TEFO Workshop on Drama Teaching – by TGIF (Behance)

Backdrop the gi20

11. Backdrop for Spotify’s booth at dmexco – by Jose Mendez (Behance)

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12. Backdrop for CTA 2018 – by Cesar St.Martin, Ainara Sainz & Fede Maksimiuk (Behance)

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13. Backdrop for Web Summit 2015 – by Web Summit Design Team (Behance)

Backdrop la gi13

14. Backdrop for TED 2019: Bigger Than Us – by Matt Chinworth (Behance)

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15. Backdrop for Adobe Summit 2017 – by Nick Liefhebber (Behance)

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Hopefully the article has helped you have a more detailed view of the backdrop as well as its uses. As an important component in events, the design of backdrops requires workers to combine a lot of factors: color, layout, proportions, …