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Gōēn Coffee & Tea

Area : Hanoi

Sector : Coffee shop

Right before its opening, Gōēn Coffee & Tea has won the hearts of netizens Ha Thanh. The shop has a design that resonates between Japanese and Korean styles, taking white tone as the main theme. No matter what angle Gōēn Coffee & Tea is, you just need to raise the camera to get a beautiful photo.

In addition to coffee, the shop has fresh and healthy fruit teas. Cake with burnt cheese cake, banana cake or matcha cake served with cream is very pleasant. If you want to go to the check-in shop and have beautiful photos to take home, you should go early on weekdays. On weekends, Gōēn Coffee & Tea is always especially crowded.

Address: No. 15, lane 23 Le Van Luong, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi


• Logo design

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The number of coffee shops in Vietnam is increasing rapidly, leading to increasingly fierce competition. However, the Vietnamese beverage market is strongly competitive with big, well-known brands.

The challenge for Gōēn Coffee & Tea is to find a way to stand out and make customers remember the brand.

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