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What is viral content? How to write content with millions of shares

Gone are the days of writing content like “banging” in the face of readers with a series of stereotypes: who we are, what we do, what to offer you… This is the era of trend creation. Native content advertising. Let’s learn how to create unique viral content  to help attract more consumers.

What is the importance of viral content?

It is easy for you to feel that direct promotional content will be harder to attract than content written naturally and lightly branded. And from your own experience, you also find that the content “touches” emotions (anger, joy, indignation), is useful to you, your family will be “excited” to share on social networks. .
If it’s viral marketing, your campaign suddenly takes on a life of its own, and it starts to spread like a virus. Everyone wants to see it, and once they see it, all of them want to share it. It’s so viral, it’s usually 500 to 1000 times stronger than you. received from regular advertisements. Then a viral content is similar, it provides readers with interesting, useful, insightful information that is highly shareable, which is also one of the best ways to increase brand awareness for customers. enterprise. So how to create a unique, funny and useful Viral Content to stimulate readers to share?
And this is how the story of viral content marketing begins:

Example for Viral Marketing

Example: A friend of mine discovered a butterfly – an insect she was very afraid of – on the ceiling. She took a picture and posted it on her personal Facebook. Immediately, hundreds of comments along with many other photos of giant butterflies were shared, making everyone think: This country is being attacked by butterflies.
viral content
What is the importance and how to create Viral content – ​​Examples of viral marketing ideas

Just a personal sharing, why can it have such a powerful effect? It is because the story strikes at one of the strongest human emotions: fear.
Here are the secrets and  ways to create  the most quality, unique and effective Viral Content .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Viral Marketing?


The products and services your business provides will be recognized by customers through words, and images from customers together. This helps to spend less advertising costs but get more results than expected.


It is very difficult for businesses to control the message they just convey. Because the three copies of the copy will make the communication message gradually deviate from its original meaning.

7 tao dung Viral Marketing


How to create impressive and unique Viral Content

1. First, create a connection between Brand and Consumer

To do this, thoroughly apply the mantra “ WIN ”: W – watch and learn, I – Identify insight, N – New Twist. WIN – is actually a formula any agency is applying: Gather information, gain insight and find a story for it. 2 differences to note here are I – Identify insight: get consumer insight rather than starting from Brand insight; And, N – New Twist – let’s create a creative, natural story.

The following two examples will make you understand immediately:


– Brand: Hotlink in Malaysia is similar to Viettel in Vietnam – telecommunications provider, they need to advertise for a new 3G package

– Perform:

W (Watch and Learn): Malays love to use the internet for free

I – Identify insight: Because of that “stingy” habit, they find ways to get free wifi

N – New Twist: Building up funny stories about “stealing” wifi from which to introduce Hotlink’s new product package

viral content2

To learn how to create viral content, you must know how to create a connection between the brand and the consumer

Result:  Campaign reached 9.0


– Topic: Creating and viral content for Pampers baby diapers

– Implementation: Not to mention the advantages of Pampers (fast absorption, softness…), the content team comes from a very simple insight of parents: Very lack of time to rest because they have to take care of children all day. little. From that created a series of funny pictures about how to put babies to sleep so they can relax

viral content3

How to create Viral content with funny situations when lulling babies to sleep

viral content4

If you pay attention, you will notice the baby in the last picture is wearing Pampers diapers and sleeping soundly.

The story is very light, humorous, goes into the insight of parents and still conveys the brand’s message: Pampers diapers create a feeling of lightness and comfort for babies, making sleep become good. than.

Result:  Viral rate of the campaign: 10.0

2. Only post quality content and build useful stories for your audience

In fact, if you have too much content and all of it is of poor quality, the target audience will see it only once and never come back again. On the contrary, if you focus on writing quality and useful content for readers, they will come back and read the next articles, even share if they find your content really attractive, engaging. coil. Over time, there will be a contagion effect. This is like a restaurant business, you will attract and attract customers if you have delicious food and quality service.

Make sure to follow these 5 points to double-check whether the content you create has met this or not?

– Will it benefit my friends or family?

– Does it solve my problems/concerns?

– Is it entertaining?

– How can that content bring positive thoughts?

– Is that news valuable?

If you pay attention, you will see that the type of news with these elements receives a lot of shares, responses, discussions and even debates on social networks and Social News-style newspapers.

viral content5
Focusing on content that is useful to readers is the most important way to create viral content


3. Content hits the reader’s emotions strongly

See a good article, you share, why is that? Do you want visitors to see the content you share to have the same feelings as you when reading it: an interesting, fun content with unique, funny images. You share because you want others to enjoy watching it too. Human nature is the same, they all want others to feel the same way. Create content with the emotions you most want to convey. Then, your products and services will spread to everyone.

The most important secret is to create a really strong emotion. You need a point of view, to express an idea with commitment and dedication. You want people to:

– Chan contains love or hate

– Very happy or extremely angry

– Create feelings of confusion or fear

– Being a genius or an idiot

– Deep empathy or abandonment

Viral marketing is 100% a matter of emotions. It’s best to let readers feel the connection in the story so that they feel free to share it

To do this, you can refer to the following 3 tips:

– Create an angle for stories that people are excited to read and share

– Try to encapsulate the story in 5-10 points, no longer

– Write in the target audience’s language and make it “digestible”

Astro is a very popular TV station in Malaysia. They create a story about the “identity” of the Malays, in any image, Malays see themselves in it.

Writing viral content or learning how to write funny content is also a way to create viral content that makes customers excited (Image: Internet)

The Astro brand mentioned in the last photo talks about blood donation activities. The natural integration of the brand and straight into the insight of Malay people is that charity activities are very receptive. In addition, all the images above are expressed in a humorous and familiar way that makes readers willing to share on social networks to create effects.

Result:  Viral rate of the campaign: 15.0

4. Do something “out of the ordinary” and don’t turn your content into advertising ‘pieces’

If you want people to discover your campaign, you have to do something unexpected, something beyond everyone’s expectations. Forget about trying to promote your product even though it’s a good thing, but everyone does it. Forget about trying to make your product look perfect – everyone is doing it everywhere.

Compare the content and presentation of the two articles below to see the difference between traditional content and presentation versus social content.

viral content6
Creating unusual content is also a unique way to create viral content

One of the biggest mistakes companies often make is that when they think of viral marketing, they often think it’s ads that people share with each other. Absolutely not!

What makes people share is not product stories but good stories. Forget about yourself, your product or your company. Focus entirely on creating a good and interesting story. You can certainly include your product in this story, but it certainly shouldn’t be the most important character in the story.

5. Allow sharing, download and embed (embed)

Sharing is the whole idea of ​​viral marketing. All you have to do is make your campaign as easy as possible. This means you need to allow people to do the following:

– Download content in a usable format (e.g. MPG video files or JPG image files…)
– Allows them to easily embed content onto their site (note the issues) related to bandwidth)
– Allows sending to friends by link or sending content directly
– Publishing on various social networks such as Facebook, YouTube…
– Allows people to add bookmarking pages.
Note: If not done well, this can also become excessive. You certainly don’t want to turn your site into a mess of “share” or “please bookmark” icons…

Allowing users to share in the easiest way because sharing is the whole idea of ​​viral marketing is also  how to create viral content  naturally.

6. Connect with comments

You’ve captured their interest, they’re excited, and now they’re talking. Comments are one of the best ways to do this.

Always remember that the best viral marketing campaigns are the ones that generate the strongest emotions. This is also a   unique and natural way to create viral content . However, this means that some people will love it while others will be very angry. You must accept both comment streams and dual opinion streams. But at the same time you also have to prevent individuals who want to cause a real war with those around them.

“Deleting comments from people who attack others is not a crime, or if the comment is off topic. But it would be a crime to delete comments from people who just gave a negative opinion.”

And, most importantly, you have to connect with people through comments as a way of talking back to them. You should not write comments when you yourself do not want to participate in the conversation.

7. Never restrict access

Viral marketing is about letting your campaign live on its own – spreading like a virus. To do that, to be contagious, it needs to be free.

Never limit:

– No registration required
– No membership required
– No download required with special software
– No need to enter an “unlock” code or do anything else to get the link they want
Viral marketing is foreign to the concept of exclusivity, which is about “getting it out there for all to see”.

Try different approaches

Do you know the famous story about the “stick and carrot”? In the past, our way of doing things was to try to create content and lure / entice / draw readers to the landing page (website, microsite, fanpage …) to find out more information. Instead, why not create a story and sell right on the content itself with the expression “another way”?

The story of a brand of hair growth pills below is an example

viral content7

Signs that your scalp is making you look older than your actual age: your hair falls out every day and the oil can’t help it, your hair is always in a state of “oily like oil” even though you wash your hair often, you are always in the condition of having an itchy scalp because of too much dandruff?…

And here’s how the brand integrates:

viral content8

Don’t turn your content into a mess

Many Brands and Agencies are “greedy” when they want to “stuff” all the content and messages in an article with the goal of “killing by mistake is better than omitting”. Suggestion: create multiple stories for the content you want to convey like a story book with many parts. Here are 3 NOs you need to remember:

– Put 2 more than 2 links in 1 post

– Inserting too many brand images in the post (logo, product image …)

– Putting too many brand materials in the article: videos, infographics, images…

With campaign testing, it is NOT possible to stuff multiple assessments or give unreasonable KPIs for social content such as:

– Check the number of clicks of each link

Compare the number of clicks from content compared to other media channels

– Statistics of the number of leads / registrations from social content

You will immediately ask: why is that? Those stats are so basic, aren’t they? The answer is: Those numbers are very important, even the most important if it is a media channel (search, FB ads, Display…) but with content content, think differently and give more relevant KPIs. The content itself, if created properly, goes viral on its own, the campaign is in the story, so the conversion can be “shifted” to other channels such as: through search, remarketing on display… Viral content is to create the effect, the initial “explosion” for the campaign, use other media channels to continue “following” the audience who have followed your story, thereby optimizing the campaign to increase conversions. change

Build content and presentation (interface) according to Social criteria

The home page is on the verge of a recession – this is true even for established and established news sites like the New York Times. Looking at the image above and with your own experience, you can also see that: you no longer go to the homepage to find news like before, instead you read news from other sources, for example: from news on Fanpage or from friends shared on Social Networks.

In addition, readers often tend to believe what their friends say, so know how to “exploit that trust”.

viral content9
84% of respondents said that trust in friends influences their decision to act. So let’s take advantage of that, the key here is how to create the “first tier” in the viral classes to reach the “second tier” and beyond? The next point I will describe this issue in more detail.

Build campaigns with Viral loop nature (roughly translated as “Viral cycle”)

What is viral loop? Simply put, your viral campaign looks like a cycle

This circle starts with Action: what you want the user to do with this campaign (like, share, register as a member, participate in the contest, vote…) – you should choose only one main action to focus on. Next need Incentive: are the benefits the user receives when it performs the Action and invites friends to participate (drawing prizes, receiving gifts, accumulating points). After friends receive the message and participate (Friends reach and take action), they continue to receive gifts and incentives. The cycle is continued.

This method may not be new, but you may have forgotten a certain “spice” or you do not know how to measure and evaluate, here are suggestions:

VC = N x P1 x P2

VC: Viral Coefficient: Is the viral coefficient, if VC > 1 – you have succeeded

N: is the number of users you reached at the beginning of the campaign

P1: The number of people that class N invited to join the program

P2: Is the number of people who perform the action based on the invitation of class P1

Of course, later on, P1, P2 even P3, P4, … less but overall: only from the initial N you have created very layers, then layers by “natural musk flavor” that No need to spend a lot of money on marketing. Uber, Candy Crush… are the brands that have done this viral loop very well.

Viral content is a long story, it’s not a campaign

As mentioned in part 1, making viral content needs a story, if you want a good story, a good story can’t be short, so don’t try to “force” viral content into a short-term campaign.

viral content10
The story of a coffee brand above is an example, from a small cup of coffee, they create many stories after each other, each one is a different story with a common theme. Readers will be more interested in following multiple parts of the story than cramming it all into a single volume. In Vietnam, Comfort brand did a great job creating the story of the lychee family, but unfortunately the viral part has not been invested much so the story did not spread widely.

In the end, information and data are always important factors that determine success or failure

Always update the latest information about the industry, about viral content to plan the right strategy

Report on the most shared social networks:

Report on the device used for sharing:




It can be seen that creating viral content marketing is not an easy job, the formulas and theories can be successful in foreign countries, but applied in Vietnam, fail, which can be seen due to one of the following reasons:

– Reading culture and behavior of Vietnamese readers on the Internet, especially through social networks, electronic newspapers and Mobile are increasing.

– The topics that are most interested and shared are related to topics that brands cannot exploit strongly: politics, security (robbery, murder …)

Language: If in English only a few short words can express the whole idea and are very concise, then in Vietnam, it needs to be more verbose.

However, in the “challenges” above, we will see many “opportunities” that can be exploited: Vietnamese users/readers especially like the free benefits. In addition: 2 strong emotions that can affect the Vietnamese psyche are: humor and anger (indignation), so when designing the content, one of these two emotions can be exploited to campaign. easier to go viral.