Top things to love for seo website on google

Creating a website is one of the online sales channels that help increase revenue. However, many shops fall into the latter case. The website is full of products, eye-catching decoration with many attractive offers, but customers do not find them. One of the main reasons is that your website does not show up at the top of Google search, users do not see it and ignore it. Website SEO is the solution to bring your website to the top and reach many target customers. In this article, Malu will guide how to SEO website to the top of Google search effectively and sustainably.

1. Analyze customer behavior to choose the top SEO website keywords

Market research plays an important role in the fashion business. Find out what the customer’s needs are to properly meet or, in case your store doesn’t have that product, how to handle it to impress customers. You have to research what products consumers are hunting for? Does this item fit your store/website style? What is the demand from time to time? What are the upcoming fashion trends?

The analysis and research of customer shopping behavior will provide you with a set of SEO keywords. Those are the keywords that buyers search for the most. You can ask friends and customers what keywords they type on Google to search for products to buy. But to learn more about those keywords, you need tools to measure and statistics

Some Keyword Planners

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Keyword research Moz
  • Keyword Tool
  • Google Search
  • Keyword Discovery

Below is an example of performing analysis of content related to the keyword “leather jacket” using the Keyword Tool. The numbers in turn show: average searches/month, trends, bid prices, competition rates.

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2. Develop a website content development strategy

The 4.0 shopping era emphasizes the user experience. Customers will be impressed and often visit a website not only to satisfy their shopping needs but also to find useful knowledge. For example, your website sells leather goods. In addition to regularly posting products and models that meet the needs of the market. You should plan to build a blog with related topics such as: how to choose a leather jacket, distinguish real leather – fake leather, how to preserve leather jackets, how to mix clothes with leather skirts for quality… Stimulate readers Research and buy products on your website. The form of website content can be text or media.

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Detailed instructions on how to build a website content development strategy for SEO to the top

Content is always the most important part to make a difference for your website. Implementing standard SEO content will reach many customers, bringing natural traffic to the page.

  • Based on the set of primary keywords, the secondary keywords identified above create relevant content and drive readers to buy from you. If you can build viral content (short text, images, audio, videos that can affect customers’ emotions, motivate them to share), it’s really good for your website/brand.
  • Promote content, reach target customers on channels they frequently visit (Facebook, Instagram, Zalo …)

3. Optimizing website SEO

This is the step to make your website more user-friendly and achieve high rankings in Google search results. Here are some important criteria on the website:

  • Title tag:  Contains keywords that your website wants to top and sorted in descending order by the role of keywords. For example, you want to SEO brand + unique features of the website: Gumen Store – Men’s fashion personality or Lady Shope – Nightgown for her… up to 76 characters.
  • Keyword tag:  Contains the keyword you want to top, separated by a “,”. For example: men’s ponds, men’s shuttlecocks, men’s styles, quan jean… and only insert a maximum of 5 phrases.
  • Website description tag:  This is the part that customers will see when they search for your website on Google. In this section, it must contain the keywords they type, contain attractive or curious content that provokes them to click. Up to 160 characters max and limit keyword stuffing.
  • Optimize the content and images in each product post or blog post on the website. Pay attention to the clever arrangement of the appearance of keywords.
  • Ensure  creative content, do not copy  other websites or duplicate content with articles on your website


4. Building and optimizing links (blacklink)

The first is the internal link between the current article and other related articles. For example, Home page, categories, categories, other articles, viewed articles, viewed products, etc. It is necessary to arrange items and links so that they are simple and stand in the customer’s position.

Besides, you can participate in community groups on social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Twitter… on the same topic as your product website. Actively respond to comments that provide useful contextual information, then cleverly pull the website link for people to access the page.

You can build links on classifieds sites, web buyers like enbac, vatgia, rongbay, muare, 5giay, muachung… Link building (blacklink) is a long process, for stable website SEO it is necessary to build links. backlink quality instead of quantity.

5. Analyze website to top from competitors

Researching competitors’ websites is an extremely important thing to change business strategies and help SEO websites  to the top. Why is their website selling the same products as yours but in the top search? What is the optimal content and form of that website? How do they promote the website?… From there, adjust your website to increase rankings.

In the competitor research section, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • How do competitors optimize their website for SEO? Identify the keyword phrase of the top player, see how the title, static URL, main keyword phrase, description tag are really consistent and related to the content. How to build links, links and backlinks of competitors also need to be consulted to optimize your website.
  • Find out your competitor’s backlink sources
  • Regularly monitor the ranking order of competitors

6. Regularly measure and evaluate

Building a complete website also costs money, time, to SEO website to the top, it needs more investment. You need to regularly measure and evaluate your website based on the following criteria:

  • How many customers successfully messaged and placed orders on the website?
  • Number of customers accessing, liking, sharing blog posts/product introduction
  • Keyword Ranking: Type your main keyword on Google search and see if your website is in the top or not

Regular monitoring of website rankings on Google will help you be proactive and have more appropriate marketing strategies.

Hopefully the above article will help shop owners have more experience to seo their website to the top of Google.