Along with “World Cup 2022”, “Dating in the office” is one of the hottest keywords in 2022, Vietnamese people are also interested in gas prices and volatile economic and financial events…

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On December 7, Google announced the Google Year In Search 2022 List – Google a year of search including the keywords with the most popular search trends on Google in Vietnam in the past year.

With useful statistical information based on Vietnamese searches in the past year, Google Year In Search 2022 has depicted issues, events, and changes in many fields, creating an overall picture. about the interest of Vietnamese people, and through it is also an opportunity for businesses and organizations to capture consumer tastes and social market information.

Topping the list of Top 10 outstanding search trends is “World Cup 2022”. Two other football tournaments have also received significant attention, making it to the outstanding search list in 2022, which are “Asia U23” and “England Premier League”.


Besides football, the list also includes “Dating in the Office” and “Big Mouth”, two Korean films that have received a lot of love from the Vietnamese audience.

The Year In Search 2022 list also reflects notable current events that have a great impact on the lives of Vietnamese people, showing how the public is interested in hot social issues, topics of discussion. popular.

Topping the list of prominent searches on topical topics is “Gasoline prices today”, an issue that directly affects the daily lives of Vietnamese people. Related questions like “why ran out of gas?”, “why did gas prices go up?”, “why is the gas station closed?” also recorded a high search trend in the past year.

Many events and topics related to the economic-financial field such as “SCB”, “Vsetgroup”, “dollar price” are in the top of the most prominent topical keywords of the year, partly reflecting the behaviour. actively seek and capture information from the public while weighing important financial decisions.

Regarding international news, the current topic of most interest to Vietnamese people is the conflict in Ukraine. This topic topped the category of “Why?” questions. The most prominent search trends indicate the public’s efforts to understand background information, to deepen the reception and follow-up of information about major events. In addition, the medical topic with the evolution of diseases such as “dengue fever” and “monkey smallpox” was also noticed by Vietnamese people via the Google search engine.


As can be seen, this year’s list reflects a significant change when there is no longer the dominance of keywords related to the Covid-19 epidemic like the past two years. Although the first period of the year still has the echoes from the fourth wave with a sharp increase in the search trend for the keyword “Covid” in late February, but then quickly plummeted 1250% from mid-May onwards.

Some keywords related to online learning platforms still have a high search trend at the beginning of the year but have decreased significantly since then. Instead, concerns are devoted to familiar topics such as football and entertainment. Some of the remaining searches related to the epidemic topic were mainly directed to the recovery phase, such as “Why can’t f0 wash my hair”, and “Where is the post-covid test”, or “Where is the PCR test” .

Last year many cinemas had to close during the lockdown, causing the theatrical movie category to disappear from the search list, but this year the movie market has begun to show signs of recovery and excitement again with the premiere of many Vietnamese and international cinematic works of various genres. The list of movies showing a prominent search trend in 2022 has the presence of many Vietnamese films: Trinh Cong Son, Em and Trinh, Sweet Trap with high rankings, in addition to world superhero blockbusters. worlds like Doctor Strange, Batman, and Black Adam…

Tourism is also a special category returning to the list this year, reflecting signs of a recovery in the tourism industry. After a long time of isolation at home, Vietnamese people put their top concern on famous places with majestic and magnificent natural scenery across the country such as Ha Long, Ninh Binh, and Phu Yen. In addition, emerging tourist areas such as Thuy Chau eco-tourism area, or Son Tien tourist area with The Amazing Bay water park also attract considerable attention of Vietnamese tourists.

According to the Google Trends measurement tool , the search volume for the keyword “travel” has tended to increase again, on par with pre-pandemic levels, in addition, related keywords such as “airfare” also 200% increase compared to the end of 2021. According to the Google Destination Insights tool, international travel demand increased sharply compared to the same period last year, the peak summer vacation recorded an increase of 2400% on July 25. .