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Currently, online business is really a booming and growing trend.

Every individual and business invests and refines their website, how to attract customers and convert them into real customers.

Therefore, website design is not only to enhance the effectiveness of online sales, but also a method to promote and enhance the image of products and business brands.

In the article below, Malu Design will give you all you need to know about website design – the “face” of your brand.

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Website of construction company Vinaco

1. What is a website?

Website  is an information page with the purpose of introducing and updating information about businesses, products, activities as well as news, sharing tips, etc. to develop the brand. The bigger goal that many businesses want to aim for when building a website is to build a brand on a digital platform, and at the same time create an effective sales channel.

Website is considered as an online business store, the face of a business in the online business market. A website will include the following elements:

  • Domain name, for example:
  • Hosting – space to host your website
  • Various websites
  • Bandwidth – bandwidth
  • Web Designer / Web Manager
jushi international banner
Website TMV JUSHI designed by Malu Design

2. The benefits for businesses when designing a website

2.1. Unlimited communication channels

If you’ve ever been advertising in newspapers, publications, voice stations or television, you certainly know how big that cost can be. Your business will get noticed.

With about 150 million people accessing the internet regularly, your business will quickly become known without much cost, customers can access information about your business or organization at any time. anywhere and from anywhere, with a computer connected to the internet.

2.2. Open cooperation opportunities

Your website is the business card that you can use anywhere in the world to promote your business. A charity can effectively mobilize funding through its website when introducing and providing information about its activities to the world.

2.3. Reach and expand the customer base more easily

Customers will easily find your website anywhere on the Internet. With a professionally designed website with SEO standards, it will be much easier for you to SEO to the top of the search engine page.

In addition, with the support of the Internet, the website will spread the image of your business widely. You can easily expand the reach of customers everywhere that are interested in your product.

2.4. Saving personnel costs

Once you have a website, you can offer your products and services without hiring additional workers. You will not have to spend any extra money on compensation and insurance for new employees and still maintain sales and service.

2.5. Effective business operations, customer service and sales 

You cannot have a large team of employees to answer the phone sales and advise customers. Website will support your business more effectively with new modern features. You can absolutely sell goods at any time on the Internet without having to worry about time.

2.6. Increase brand awareness and image

The Internet is the most effective channel through which you can create any image of yourself you want. It’s all in your hands, just design a professional website, add content to help customers and instantly your company  builds a  more professional brand.

It doesn’t matter how small your company is, as long as you have big aspirations, you can build your company’s image as a big corporation on the Internet.

threeplus banner on 1
Malu designed a website for interior design company THREE PLUS

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3. Criteria for evaluating a professional website design

3.1. The layout and content are consistent with the website’s goals

For businesses, product advertising and sales are the top goals, and it is also an important function when conducting website design. A well-designed website needs to show the harmony between layout and content, attract customers, bring trust and interest to learn about your business and its products.

Especially for new customers, the first impression when learning about the brand’s business through the website will determine the customer’s choice.

What you need to pay attention to when embarking on website design is brand positioning and specific goals for the website. The ideas for designing the layout and content for the website must first be towards the common goal, then show the unique features, outstanding differences and advantages of the business and product compared to other businesses. industry in the same industry.

3.2. Ensure website availability

Usability mentioned here includes factors such as speed when accessing, “user-friendly” (easy to use), ensuring security… You need to make sure your website is optimized. Optimize the code to keep the loading speed fast, ensuring that customers can access the website content in the shortest time.

If because your website is too heavy, it takes a long time to load before you can access it, unfortunately, customers can’t wait patiently. The number of your customers will be significantly reduced when they choose another website, another product instead.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the design of the website that is easy to access and certainly does not have problems related to network security. This is also a factor that helps increase traffic to your website.

3.3. Make reasonable use of the “golden” position on the website

Designing a website is like arranging shelves in a supermarket. The most eye-catching position is the “golden” position. The website of the business needs to show the most important information at this location, otherwise it will be a waste of golden land.

Particular priority is given to stimulus programs to increase revenue for businesses such as information on new product launches or running promotions.

3.4. Website converging business philosophy and corporate culture

Website is an intermediary business card that conveys the message of the business to customers. If the website’s layout structure is considered the backbone, then the content is the blood and blood of the business, the two factors above need to converge and express the spirit and culture of a business.

Website should be designed in sync with the brand identity of the business. From there, it helps to impress readers and easily recognize your brand among many businesses in the same industry. Especially, it is necessary to avoid causing misunderstandings about words or images to customers accessing the website for the first time.

3.5. Website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Try to imagine your website is beautifully designed, the content is rich and attractive, but it becomes meaningless when the website address does not appear when users search for information about it.

People who use search engines to find information about products are often potential customers, they have a real need, if your website has a large amount of free traffic from the internet, you can reach it. a large number of customers and this is a good opportunity to increase sales.

It can be said that search engine optimization skills are an important criterion to evaluate the quality of a business’s website, Malu Design will continue to introduce this criterion more carefully in the coming articles for you to consider. mind can track.

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Website HT PRIVATE FITNESS do Malu Design

4. The process of website design steps

4.1. Collect information

You need to determine what the purpose of this website is, whether it is used to advertise products, communicate with customers or both.

You also need to set a business goal towards, clearly identify the audience that can visit your webbite so that you can offer the right information and images to attract that customer group. And especially, the content you plan to post: is it introducing products, providing information or ordering services online…

4.2. Planning

From the information obtained after collecting information, a sitemap of the website will be extremely necessary, highlighting the main areas that the business is targeting, in addition to the topics covered. sub-functions of the website.

Furthermore, a complete plan will include the form factors you will adopt, including technology, interactive forms, e-commerce, etc.

4.3. Carrying out the design

After both of the above preparations, the current task is to sketch out the right interface demo idea for the design of your business website. The target website audience is considered an extremely important factor.

Clearly capturing the psychology of the visitor will be much more effective when designing a logo or using age-appropriate colors.

During this stage, communication between the business and the designer is extremely important, which can provide an opportunity for you to discuss your views on the general ground of the website to find the correct direction. best. With a reasonable interface, programming features for the website will be extremely simple for programmers.

4.4. Test user experience

After completing the website, take the time to test the website from the user’s perspective. This stage is especially important, but most of us ignore it, because the more difficult the website is to use, the easier it is for users to skip and find another website.

long school banner web
Malu Design designed the website for LANG SCHOOL International English Center

5. Some notes when designing a website

5.1. Determine the exact purpose

Before embarking on building a website for your business, you must definitely know what the ultimate goal you want to build a website is? What is your website aimed at? These questions not only help website design companies know the reasonable layout, but also help you build the right strategy and direction for the website in the future.

Basically, each business website is built with two main purposes: a sales website and a website to introduce and promote the business brand. If the sales website needs to focus on products and features to serve sales, the website introducing the business needs to provide information, maybe information about partners, the values ​​that the company has. bring and strategic vision…

5.2. Focus on brand elements

Brand is an important factor for customers to trust and trust in businesses. So when designing need to focus on building:

  • Domain name: the domain name should be the same as the brand name or suitable for the business type of the business.
  • Logo, slogan: must be highlighted. Usually  the logo and slogan  should be placed in the upper left corner of the website. In addition, the slide show must also be related to the brand, product and service.
  • Colors, lines: need to be compatible with the main colors of the business and harmonize on the overall website design.
Get a website to build a website with a 308 2
Website MAZO VIETNAM designed by Malu Design

5.3. Full information

Besides impressing or attracting customers, every business website design needs to build trust about the brand, product or service being offered. Therefore, a website must always have full information about the business such as address, contact number, email …

Moreover, products and services also need to have detailed and accurate descriptions. This factor will help you compete with your competitors.

5.4. Website design combines UX and UI.

UX is understood as user experience and UI is user interface. The ultimate destination of every business website is the customer, so you should combine these two factors when designing the website. Show your customers a website design with many attractive features as well as a beautiful, eye-catching website interface design.

5.5. Choose a professional website design unit

To best support all of the above, it is best to find yourself a professional companion. Choose a company that offers  professional and reputable website design services.

They will help you easily exchange and coordinate to come up with the most perfect website design. Come to us, Malu Design will answer all of the above problems for you.

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Website MONA resort designed by Malu Design

Hope the above article has helped you to have the most comprehensive and complete overview of website design. Malu Design’s website design service will help businesses own a professional, synchronized and consistent website with brand identity, search optimization, and a great experience for visitors.

Malu Design knows how to turn your website into both a sophisticated work of art and an amazingly effective business vehicle. With 120 projects implemented and 100 trusted customers, Malu Design is confident to provide the best service in the market.