Brand Awareness

Have you heard of people claiming to be Apple, Nike or Samsung followers? If your business is fortunate to be a part of the lives and lifestyles of a segment of consumers, congratulations,  Brand Awareness  – your brand awareness is spreading at an admirable level. .

But what if the answer is the opposite? Don’t worry too much, because this guide will introduce you to everything you need to build  effective brand awareness  , how you introduce your “baby” to customers. , and most of all, a way to continue to maintain and grow them in your core customer market. Come on, let’s get started!

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Brand Awareness – What is brand awareness?

Brand Awareness – Brand awareness is the level of familiarity and remembrance of the focus customers with the product / service you want to target them.

Products with widespread recognition are often associated with the title “hot trending”, or more simply “popular”. Obviously, a brand with wide brand awareness is very valuable in promoting Marketing and promoting the brand and products, especially in the early stages of business operation.

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Brand Awareness may seem like a rather abstract concept, and it is true. For business owners who often focus on activities that involve a lot of numbers, they often feel quite uncomfortable when it comes to this concept.

But not because it is a difficult problem that you completely eliminate the benefits it can bring to the business. Brand awareness plays an important role in determining the success of a Marketing campaign, as well as determining the “health” of a brand – Brand Health.

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Brand awareness builds customer trust

In a world where customers have all the means to find information about a product before making a purchase, a customer’s trust in a certain brand is something to be mindful of.

Once we gain their trust enough, they will naturally choose our product/service over dozens, even hundreds, of other choices on the market.

The level of brand awareness will build customer trust in that brand. Brand Awareness gives businesses the opportunity to convey the characteristics of their products, in the most sincere, friendly and open way to customers (in the form of a story, for example, or conveying a meaningful message. in some sense).

Brand Awareness 2

Moreover, through that, businesses can also receive feedback from customers, helping them make reasonable adjustments to products / services before launching them into the market.

It is often said: Before officially building a relationship with others, you need to build their trust in you first. The same is true of the brand-customer relationship. Want them to buy the product and become a loyal customer? Make them trust you first.

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Brand awareness constitutes association

When you’re thirsty, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a bottle of  La Vie water . Are you looking for a document? Just turn on the calculator and look them up on  Google .

One thing is clear, many famous brands are associated with a certain use that when, you need to do something, you immediately think of it. And that’s exactly what Brand Awareness does: Build a connection between the things you do every day and the brand.

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Brand awareness builds brand value

Brand equity  is built on the customer’s experience, and their personal perception of the brand. Whether that perception is positive or negative, it also contributes to the value of that brand.

Here’s what you can get if you build your brand positive values:

  1. The selling price of the product is higher, because what the customer can get will be more.
  2. The stock price of the company will be higher.
  3. Business expansion capabilities.
  4. The impact of the brand on society will be higher (when the brand has high value).

Brand Awareness 3

One of the ways that can help you increase the value of your brand is to build an effective level of brand awareness, and maintain positive customer experiences about products / services associated with your brand. that mark. Brand awareness is the foundation for building brand value.

Once customers realize the existence of a brand, they will unconsciously start searching for it to purchase, begin to distinguish between it and similar products, determine whether to stick with it. , “loyal” to it for a long time to come, and finally, recommend to friends and relatives if they feel that the brand is really useful and brings high use value.

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2. How to effectively build Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is not an activity that can be done in a day or two. It’s not just a few ads or a single marketing campaign. A brand with widespread brand awareness is often the result of a series of relentless efforts, combining different communication activities.

It’s not just about running an advertising campaign about a single product/service on  Facebook . Because that activity only makes them focus on the other product (which is advertised on social networks), and at the same time, it also makes the awareness-raising activity stop at creating a single purchase. (rather than attachment and loyalty to the brand, the main goal of Brand Awareness).

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Brand Awareness 4

Make your brand an individual, not a business

When you make a new friend, what do you want to learn about them? Their preferences, habits, likes and dislikes, and so on. You also notice how they socialize, what they like to share, and what drives them crazy.

Make yourself an individual, instead of just a business. What you need to associate with your brand are unique attributes (like a real person).

Who are you? If you could describe yourself with 3 adjectives, which words would you use? To be able to make friends with other people, you have to do more than just stand in front of people and work hard to sell.


Whether we are introverted or extroverted, quiet or lively, we humans always like to socialize and spend time with those around us. It’s how we connect with each other, learn new things, and become friends.

The same is true in branding. If you are simply approaching people for the sake of mere sales, you will be nothing more than a resale business in the eyes of your customers.

starbucks social media

In order to become more widely known, you need to go “sociable”. For example, you can post an article / video that is not directly related to the brand / product you are selling. Interact with customers by answering questions, commenting on posts, and sharing information you like. Communicate with your customers like a friend.

According to statistics of Weber Shandwick, a famous media organization in the United States, more than 50% of brands are recognized worldwide thanks to their active activity on social networks. festival.

Tell a story – Storytelling

Storytelling in marketing is a powerful tactic, whether you’re simply promoting a product, or driving brand awareness. It makes the messages you want to convey become much more vivid and real.

Don’t forget to make your story more meaningful and insightful. In this form, the values ​​and characteristics of your brand will be conveyed to customers as naturally as possible.

kfc storytelling

The question is: How do you want to tell the story? The most important factor here is sincerity. You can tell the story of a business owner’s overcoming difficulties, the birth of a product, or the excitement of designing a very small detail, but having a very important impact on the product. Products.

Or more simply, you can tell the journey of an ordinary employee to find and stick with your business. How dynamic is the working environment here? How much does an employee’s career develop thanks to the business. This communication tactic is also referred to as:  Employer Branding  .

We humans all want to hear stories. And you should remember that sincerity is the power that drives your brand awareness to customers.

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Easy to spread

Whatever message you convey, or how you use marketing to  promote Brand Awareness , remember, make them shareable through social media.

In a society where viral / word-of-mouth marketing plays a very important role in promoting trust and familiarity in the eyes of customers, the use of them – the people themselves Customers as an advantage weapon in the battle for awareness is something that businesses need to do.

Brand awareness is about impact.

It’s about interacting with customers not just in the traditional ways like asking for purchase, engagement or loyalty.

Imagine if you wanted to meet someone you really wanted to be friends with. If they ask for any of the above, you can just smile and quickly walk away. Not only is it a shallow approach, but it also leaves no lasting impression.

The same thing happens when you build Brand Awareness for a brand.

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3. How to increase customer awareness of the brand?

Here are a few possible ways you can increase brand awareness for your customers:

Provide free services

Offering services for free, or only for a fee with services for enterprise platforms is not a new practice, but has proven its effectiveness through various media campaigns.

This gives customers the opportunity to experience a part of your product or service, before making a decision whether to spend money to buy the rest of that product or not.

The goal is high due to the customer's reputation and understanding

This method proved to be much more effective and smarter than many businesses that only allow their customers to try it for a limited time, and then everything comes to a dead end: customers stop using the product. at the end of the trial period.

Of course, these free services often come with certain limitations. However, this method still brings many benefits to businesses: Users enjoy free services, businesses can advertise for free.

Create free content

Today, creating free content is easier than ever with the ubiquitous Internet. Businesses can completely convey content about products, interact directly with customers to answer their questions, or simply entertaining clips created by your own marketing department. Any special occasion…

Content is a fun way to spread brand awareness. That’s because it’s the easiest way for your brand to articulate your brand’s core ethos and your own business’ views on the issues around it.

create free content

Content is not only in the form of text, it can be presented in the form of videos, infographics, and many other methods. Content doesn’t just appear on each of your business websites, it can appear through the posts of influencers (influencers, people you pay to spread the message you want to convey).

Sponsor events

Once your business has access to events and fairs, you have the opportunity to reach and promote your brand to hundreds and thousands of participants. There are flyers, branded water bottles, t-shirts, stuff, stuff. One thing is for sure, your brand will be everywhere inside the event.

Of course, your business should consider choosing events that are relevant and aligned with your core values, target audience, and the message you want to convey.

Give your brand a “personality”

Imagine your brand as an individual on this earth. The first important thing you need to do is to shape it with specific qualities and personality. This is important in aligning customers’ emotions with campaigns that drive brand awareness.

Once customers instill the message you want to convey, they have a better chance to engrave your brand image in their mind.

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4. Measure brand awareness

Brand Awareness is not a tangible concept. So you can’t measure them in the traditional way. However, some of the ways that we will introduce below will help you visualize some of the popularity of the brand, associated with their interest in the brand.

due to the reason why the face is well understood

Quantitative Indicators

The metrics you collect below can help you paint an overview of your brand awareness level:

Direct traffic:  This is the number of people entering the URL and accessing your website. This number helps you capture the number of people reaching your website through different marketing methods. Direct traffic is a very important metric, in the context that customers can find your business through social networking platforms, advertising or using traditional search engines.

Obviously, when they actively enter the link to visit your website, they have awareness of your brand.

Traffic to your website:  This number reflects the total number of visits to your website, that in the wide Internet world, how many people visit your website, read your content and spend time with your brand.


Social engagement:  Engagement (customer engagement / interaction) is shown by the number of likes, followers, comments, and shares of your business’s social networking site. It reflects how many people know the existence of the brand, mention it, talk about it. At the same time, it also shows how much influence and impact your brand has on the public.

Qualitative Indicators

Google Search Results   or Google Alert:  This is one of the fastest ways to keep track of what the online community is saying about your business. In the context of viral media proving its influence, it is very important to consult information about you through third parties.

Social listening:  Social listening is really listening to what social networks say about you, through different social network management tools. Who just tagged your brand in their status, who just mentioned you in the comment, or used your hastag on their post, and so on.

Of course, the more people mention you on social media, the more awareness your brand will have.

Use survey:  This is a method that can help you directly collect customer feedback and feedback, not only about what they think, but also their assessment of your own brand. You can completely use useful survey creation tools such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc.

These measurement tools are not perfect in every way, but they are also a great helper to help you get an overview of your brand’s coverage, help set up effective marketing campaigns, and continue to maintain the level of brand association with the target audience.

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