Have you ever wondered, what makes customers choose your business’s brand, over your competitors’?

The study asked this question to nearly 4,000 CEOs from a variety of businesses. The only answer received was a shake of the head. Some businesses even use a few tricks to attract customers, including the use of fake and untrue information.

This makes it difficult for those businesses to go further.

Customer care can only be a factor to help your business retain customers to use the product longer, when the nature of your service / product has many differences compared to competitors. painting. As the author of the popular book Different or Die Jack Trout put it:

“In a fiercely competitive economy, you have to find ways to differentiate yourself, or offer products at incredibly low prices. Otherwise,   your brand will surely die.”

different or not

A lot of businesses don’t know how to differentiate their brand, or even, they don’t even know where their strengths lie. Others try to differentiate their products in terms of product use, or in customer service, but that is not enough for them to stand out.

Ironically, among the businesses we surveyed above, there are businesses that actually have hidden advantages. They just haven’t figured it out yet. Join Malu to learn how you can uncover the “tigers” hidden deep within your business.

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What is the difference?

For a brand, where the difference can come from many aspects, like:

  • Leadership.
  • Legacy inherited from previous leaders.
  • Features.
  • How products/services are made.
  • Secret formula.
  • Product distribution.
  • Belief, corporate culture

different knowledge of amazon

For example, Netflix is ​​different from the competition because of its rich and quality stock of self-produced movies.

Amazon claims its difference from the competition lies in its philosophy: To enable freedom of choice.

Previously, Amazon only sold one type of product, which was an ebook. Amazon’s competitors are Barnes and Noble and Borders. Times changed when CEO Jeff Bezos expanded his vision to trading all kinds of goods.

But, there’s only one thing that Bezos has stood by no matter what anyone says: The core philosophy that businesses have followed since time immemorial: To enable freedom of choice.

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Discover your competitive advantage from being different

You can completely say: I know the difference in my brand with the competition, but that difference may only lie in the benefits that the product brings to customers, their perception of the product. Is the product different from the competition?

The difference here is broader than that (as we mentioned above). You can build it, or uncover it deep within the veil of mystery. That is the competitive advantage of your business.

other people know where the competition is

Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of Made to Stick (roughly translated as Creating a sticky message, once published in Vietnam), have shown that a meaningful message that businesses want to convey to customers Your product can be a factor that sets you apart from the rest of the market:

Business managers often believe that, once they share their ideas through a PowerPoint presentation, they have succeeded in communicating the idea. But in reality, they just shared the numbers.

Many other marketers make the same mistake. They share information, but do not incorporate a meaningful message. Saying no is not enough, how do they understand that information, that is difficult.

understanding competition

Over the past 50 years, the world has changed a lot. The flat world makes the competition in the marketplace now a global one. Customers are now the most powerful. They can easily look up, comment, share, reflect on information and communicate with each other through social networking tools.

Think back to the brand of your business, in what aspect are you strongest? What is unique about your brand? Theoretically, every brand has its own unique characteristics. You just don’t know how to share them.

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The skill of using variable words

You hold the strength of your business in the palm of your hand, but are really embarrassed to share and show those unique characteristics to the world? Flexible writing skills are your savior.

Instead of saying: “We have a great customer care policy”, use text like: “Our business regularly ships 99% of the orders received within the day. 100% of it goes directly to the customer” isn’t it clearer and “stronger”?

If you want to show someone your strengths, then words are the ultimate weapon, the sword that helps you defeat all enemies in the battle in the fierce marketplace.

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