How to attract attention for your brand? How can you become a reliable reference for your target audience? How to build brand loyalty? Constantly talking about yourself is obviously not a good solution. In recent years, intermittent marketing has been gradually overwhelmed by interactive marketing.

Annoying people with rampant ads that talk about how great a brand is or “throwing” an overwhelming amount of product information at customers or creating excessive branding content is never meant to be. Now is the way to bring true values ​​in building a loyal and lasting public community. The only right way to do this lies in interacting meaningfully with people, trying to understand them, thereby giving them what they want. Luckily, you can absolutely do this through Content Marketing – if you really know what you’re doing. 

5 tips to help build brand loyalty are:

Talk about things the public is interested in:

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It’s hard for anyone to care about you when they have no reason to. Talking about yourself is boring and unattractive to anyone who listens. But talking about what the public likes, cares about, needs, or wants will definitely make them pay more attention to you. Simply because it shows that you have “caught” and extremely understand what they want, thereby easily “pulling” them into the buying process. Your business content can take any form: a helpful article, an infographic, an e-book or a demo.

Really think about how the content you create will benefit the public. Will they learn anything new? Does the content help solve the problem they’re having? Is the content entertaining? These are the moments that make your brand stand out from the crowd (and make people want to keep looking to you).

Tip : If the “pain point” of your target audience is uncertain, start with the traditional method, creating the opportunity for a direct conversation with the customer. For example, taking advantage of human resources in customer care departments to easily understand users. (This is paramount, especially in B2B marketing, where relationships like these are the core of the business.)


Tell your brand story , not show off your brand:

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Businesses need to consider the stories they will tell through content marketing. Are they sharing their failures (and lessons from them) to help others avoid the same mistakes? That humility is a necessary part of the brand story. Have you dug deep into the data system to extract the most “expensive” insights to share with the industry community? That transparency and openness is also part of the brand story. Even the creators of the content themselves are part of the brand story.

The stories you choose to tell have a profound effect on how people perceive your brand, so make sure you choose the right story.


Encourage people to share their own stories:

customers share

Want to create your own community? There are three core words like this: user generated content (UGC). Seasoned content marketers don’t talk about brands themselves, they let the public speak for them. With user-generated content, you can not only connect with your target audience, but also elevate their role, and make them part of the brand story.

Note : When we talk about UGC, we’re not just talking about Testimonials type of content, but also contests and surveys. quizzes, … – All kinds of creativity and excitement to welcome a more diverse community into the brand story. This technique not only helps provide quality content for businesses, but also makes people feel more “belonging” to the brand. The stronger the community, the greater the brand loyalty. 

Let the public see the “behind the scenes” things:

If you want to be liked by people, you can’t tell them who you are, you have to show them who you are. From service providers to other business stakeholders, there are many ways to show them what the brand is doing “behind the scenes”, thereby creating a close relationship. , more attached.

After all, transparency is key to the foundation of trust – for the majority of the public. Remember: You’re not just trying to sell something to a customer. The content you create and how you present yourself to the world says a lot about who you are, whether as a business, as an industry leader, or even as an employer. 


Continue to nurture the relationship – even after convincing the public to buy:

keep up the good old man

Existing customers are the biggest asset for a business, but marketers need to focus on attracting new audiences. Customers’ needs and wants do not “disappear” the moment they buy a product or service. In fact, they’ve already passed that starting point and you can go further, deeper, giving them another level of attention. 

Tip : There are ways to build brand loyalty and connect with the public even after they’ve become customers. For example, a witty welcome email, gifts, tutorials, tutorials, surveys, etc. all help deepen the relationship. 


How to make Marketing more effective?

Effective marketing comes from effective strategies. If you want to improve your operations and increase your ROI, here are a few things your business might need:

  • Create a cohesive brand experience: Start with a strategic reassessment to ensure that the content created is aligned with core values.
  • Create consistency in content: To form a strong brand impression, businesses need a good brand identity. 
  • Make good use of content creation techniques


Source: https://www.columnfivemedia.com/how-to-build-brand-loyalty/

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