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You’ve probably heard many times that people appreciate a person’s professionalism, especially when working with them. In fact, you will always be pleased to be associated with individuals who possess such qualities as: a sense of self-discipline; spirit of support; standard communication;….

Those are all valuable qualities of a professional.

So how to build a professional style for yourself? Keep the following guidelines in mind as a guideline for your professional work style.

What is professional working style?

Style is not just a gesture, a gesture, but also a way of behaving, your manners when working, collaborating, or simply connecting with people around.

In the office environment, style is recognized as a way of working, attitude, labor expression and communication of each individual.

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Each company will have different working regulations and manners. Depending on the working environment, these regulations will be introduced as a self-governing standard, with scope for application throughout the enterprise’s ecosystem. Eg:

  • Work on time, overtime every month
  • Follow professional ethics
  • Wear uniforms or colored clothing
  • Open and frank comments
  • Respect and harmony

Why do we need to show professionalism?

Not only in the working environment with colleagues, maintaining a professional working style in real life also makes you more appreciated. And of course, no one likes to work with unprofessional and unreliable people.

Some people will wonder that as long as I complete my work goals, no one will care about my appearance.

However, the truth is not as it appears to be! In a collaborative environment, everyone wants to receive value other than results. It is a proper and professional attitude and behavior when working.

Therefore, maintaining a professional demeanor allows you to strengthen your credibility; attract support from colleagues; partner. As a result, you work more efficiently as well as receive more promotion opportunities.

Moreover, professional working style is the key to success. It represents the face and culture of the organization/business; It is also a necessary condition for an individual to develop himself and future career opportunities.

How to build a professional working style

Style professional through social networks

In today’s era of the Internet and developed media, job seekers and companies can easily connect with each other through recruitment websites (most commonly  LinkedIn).

To find out candidates, employers not only rely on resumes and CVs, but also evaluate how you present yourself on social networks.

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Surely you won’t want to eat a huge minus point because of silly pictures or status lines from the “young” days, right? Hide indecent photos, replace them with professional photos, post articles related to the field of work and do not hesitate to express your opinions and views to present yourself as a professional. opinionated person.

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Professional through technical professional skills

A professional is a person who must always have professional skills. Just a degree is not enough, you also have to have a solid knowledge base. The most successful people don’t always have top degrees. What makes them successful lies in their experience, understanding and foresight.

The world is constantly moving, in order not to be outdated, you always need to improve your knowledge. Stay up to date with the latest information and knowledge of the times to become more flexible and professional.

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Professional demeanor at work

Professionalism through attitude

Did you know, recruiters always give preference to people who show a good attitude in an interview? Professional ability can train later, but attitude will be proof of your seriousness towards the job.

Show a positive attitude, from small things like being on time, asking questions to showing a sense of responsibility, creating trust, and having a clear career direction. Attitude determines everything, determines who you are and how far you will go in your career.

Dressed clothes, professional style when going to work

When you meet two people with different styles, is the one well-dressed; Does being polite always make you feel more trustworthy? Obviously, professional attire greatly affects a person’s perception of the other person.

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Therefore, whether the company’s dress code requires office standards or casual; You also need to pay attention to small details such as: Has the outfit been ironed (ironed) yet; do not choose items suitable only for the weekend party; Are there any stains left on the shirt or not, ….

First impressions are always important; So make sure your outfit helps you score points in your daily meetings and work.

Always on time every situation

In meetings with partners or internally; Being on time sends the message that you respect the individuals who attended the meeting. Time is something that cannot be regained; So even if you’re 1 minute late, it’s hard to accept.

To make sure you’re always on time for meetings or appointments, schedule your time properly. You should prepare for the content of the exchange and presentation a few days in advance; and check again the night before your appointment. Get enough sleep to wake up early and leave on time.

Also you can learn Japanese by always arriving 10 minutes early before each meeting. Schedule your schedule to be moved 10 minutes earlier than it actually is and stick to it so there’s never an issue of being late.

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Communicate sincerely and keep professional manners

Sincerity and frankness are always appreciated in communication. Although there are times when you face difficult situations, never forget this simple rule: If you can’t say anything directly to the person you need to hear; Never say that to anyone else.


Also, pay attention to the way you use your words. Always use positive and polite words – even when texting or emailing. This will help the recipient of the message understand that you care about their feelings, and feel comfortable even if it’s a rejection.

Treat kindness with everyone

Not only in communication but also in action. Being kind to people and colleagues is not just a professional working style. It is also a necessary quality of a good and kind person in society.

When you give away your self-kindness. You will receive great and positive things in return both in your work and in your life.

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Paying attention to the little things of colleagues around, politely helping when needed, or sometimes a small positive action from you can also bring joy and comfort to the other person.

An act of kindness doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as waiting for the door for someone to come later, standing neatly in the elevator so as not to take up too much space, sending greetings to a colleague, or helping a pregnant accountant bend down to pick up Dropped items, etc. Small but sincere things are enough for you to score points with everyone around.

Progressive, eager to learn

Each person in the company has their own strengths. They have different experiences and many rich experiences.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or seek advice from those around you. It is not because you are “weak” that you need help, but here, you give your trust to others and show a forward thinking, always wanting to innovate and develop yourself.

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The progressive, eager to learn will help you connect, transmit positive energy as well as expand your thinking a lot. This is the style that a professional employee needs to have when working.

Knows how to stand up for yourself when you stumble

Everyone makes mistakes, what matters is how you bounce back and move on from them.

This is also a necessary thing to build a professional working style for yourself — to always maintain the spirit of learning and progress, “success is only when you stumble”.

Try to get everything right. Even if there is an unexpected problem or failure, find a solution so as not to affect the working quality of you personally, the team, as well as the whole company.

Don’t let unworthy negative energies “disturb” your own success and those of those not involved.

Actively build and contribute ideas in a professional manner

Along with the spirit of always learning from those around you, as a person with a professional working style, you also need to learn how to give the necessary and appropriate ideas and opinions.

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In order to develop successfully, the members of a team and the company must together enthusiastically contribute and actively build for great goals.

Don’t be afraid to give personal views and opinions on work matters. Your boss and colleagues will be happy to receive your positive contributions.

Careful and careful

Always keep yourself professional working style with careful notes, make sure not to miss any work.

You can use support tools such as time management software, note-taking software on your phone; Or write on sticky notes the priority to-dos. Meticulous in work will affirm that you are a person with outstanding work ability.

Set your own reward and punishment limits

In addition to the general compliance disciplines with the company, you need to have your own principles to build a professional working style.

Specifically, if you do well, give yourself the reward you deserve. If you accidentally make a mistake, do not comply with the principles you set out, give yourself a “punishment” to build a habit of correct behavior.

Saying “punishment” is that, but don’t put pressure on yourself! Think of it as simple as: Today, when I finish my work well, I will reward myself with a cup of full topping milk tea after the shift is over. And if you make a mistake at work, then “punish” yourself 2 hours to read more books, documents instead of resting and watching movies, etc.

Don’t gossip, stay away from the office drama

One of the problems that makes the working environment style bad is the division of solidarity due to false rumors.

Surely, you will soon be “minus points” if you are directly or indirectly involved in these “office dramas”.

So, stay alert and keep yourself as professional as possible. Don’t be too quick to judge others by unverified negative stories!

Compliance company regulations

There is no need to be too sophisticated or complicated to practice professional working style in the working environment. The closest and most practical way you need to do is to comply with the company’s regulations.

Leaders have carefully compiled and selected workplace rules to orient the company’s image and culture in the most professional way.

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You just need to follow it and do it well, don’t break the rules. If you make a mistake, self-check and correct it. That much is enough to maintain good and professional manners for yourself when working in the office!

At this point, you see that it is not difficult to build a professional style, right? Malu wishes you to always maintain professionalism not only in your work but also in your daily life.