When we do well in the goals we set, we suddenly see how beautiful life is. Some goals, for example, are:Get up early every day to go to the gym.Write one post a day on the group.Set aside an hour a day to learn English.

Eat clean, don’t eat junk food.When we have good habits, suddenly everything around becomes good. When we have good habits, we find ourselves in control of our lives. And then something happens that interrupts the realization of our goal. For example, it’s too cold to get sick, the company goes on a long business trip, friends invite you to go on a trip for a few days…

Due to a few days of interruption, I am very lazy now. It’s hard to get up early to go to the gym, it’s hard to concentrate for an hour studying English. You feel very guilty, but still lazy.

Are these thoughts familiar to you? Have you ever experienced such feelings? In this article, I will share some techniques to help you  determine to come back after each interruption while working on your goal.

1. Do not protest

When everything is fine, we follow the “flow” and do it. When things go a little off track, we often find a way to fix it.

Instead of tormenting, blaming yourself every time you fail to meet a goal – maybe next time you should be a little more gentle with yourself. We need to understand that, if one day we “forget” not to learn English or “forget” not to go to the gym, it’s not the end of the world. Everyone will have times like this, even the most successful people, not just me.

So the next time you miss your goal, don’t beat yourself up. Get something delicious to eat, get a good night’s sleep, watch a relaxing movie – then go back to the beginning, it’s okay. Never be lazy for two days in a row.

2. Recreate the past

If you’re finding yourself starting to get lazy and procrastinate, it might be a good idea to start “reminiscing” on the past a bit.

Sitting “reminiscing” about the time when we completed the set goal, how it felt at that time, what life was like at that time.

The more specific the recollection, the better. For example, I think back to last week I worked really hard, wrote an article every day, responded to emails very well, spent an hour reading a book, spent an hour exercising – and I saw that week go by. The past with me has been very smooth, happy relationships, money to spend, no sickness, always healthy.

Then try to recall times in the past when you were successful. The feeling of passing the university entrance exam, the feeling of finishing an event in the club, the feeling of earning your first salary, the feeling of being accepted by a bear…

Then try to recall every single detail of that event. What was I wearing at that time, what body language did I use, what was the surroundings like? The more specific the better.

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Illustration: Serj Marco​

What I have just instructed above is the basic of NLP brain language, just practicing 5-15 minutes a day this fantasy game will help you feel positive and inspired to do it.

3. Focus on the process, not the results

I have a very simple mindset:  Just do enough time each day, everything will be fine naturally.

Instead of setting goals “Study English well” or “Test IELTS 8.0”, I calculate and set goals:

<3 3 months.

Going to the gym for 1 hour a day. If you can’t get 6 packs, you’ll definitely get better.

Strive every day to not eat greasy and high sugar foods. Body is not thin but certainly not too fat.

Read 30 pages a day. At the end of the year, count the number of books you read, you will be surprised.

When pursuing a goal, do it every day. Little is fine, but do it every day.

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Illustration: alexandrov alexandr​

4. Meticulous planning for a day

If you wake up in the morning and you ask “What am I doing today?”, then you can’t be productive.

Planning a day is very simple. The steps are:

See what’s your next month goal. If you don’t have a goal, sit down and set one. Think about what do every dayrelevant to that goal. Choose  one time frame to complete the above. Then schedule  family, friends, rest, reading…

Finally, wish you a lot of determination to carry out each of your small plans.​