doodle 71Have you ever thought that doodles in class or in your free time with nothing to do is actually an art? So what is the art of drawing, what are its characteristics, let’s find out with Malu


1. What is Doodle Art?

The doodle art that we mentioned at the beginning of the article is Doodle Art

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Doodles are doodles when absentmindedly, when the mind is occupied by another thought. Doodle captures thoughts through improvised drawings, but elements of art, composition and originality are still expressed in each stroke.

Doodle art  is considered a subconscious art form with “doodle” drawings, not bound to any purpose or principle. Sometimes it’s the abstraction, clutter and slightly confusing that makes the doodle’s unique beauty.

Doodle drawings are created from the unlimited creativity of each person’s subconscious, so it is often never repeated and is highly personal.

The objects commonly seen in  Doodle art  are cartoon characters or improvised stylized fictional characters or patterns, words, etc., whatever you can create. With doodle, you just need a pencil, ballpoint pen or chalk on a drawing board, notebook, even tissue or anything that can be drawn on to create an impressive work. Besides, doodle art can sometimes be combined with familiar graphics software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

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2. Features of Doodle Art

  • As an art that expresses the subconscious of each person, it is not tied to a specific purpose. Abstraction, disruption, and clutter are the elements that make Doodle Art unique.
  • Stimulating creativity and imagination: Because the drawings do not follow any rules, while drawing, the painter must take ideas from the imagination, thereby stimulating the brain to think and develop.
  • Enhance memory: You may not know that a British psychology professor named Jackie Andrade has proven that people who draw Doodles can absorb and remember information 29% more than the average person.
  • The subjects in Doodle Art are usually cartoon characters, fictional characters or anything you can imagine.
  • Drawing Doodle Art does not require too much preparation when we probably only need a piece of paper or a notebook and a ballpoint pen to carry out the drawing.


3. Interesting facts about Doodle art

Doodle art   is a way to develop creativity and imagination. Doodle helps transform ideas in the brain that we both perceive and interact with them visually. That is a sign that the doodle stimulates your subconscious to think.

Doodle art  helps us remember more information in detail and depth. According to a study by British psychology professor Jackie Andrade, people who doodle will receive and remember more information than those who do not have this habit and this rate is up to 29%.

Doodle Art (Part 1): What is Doodle Art?  Interesting facts about Doodle Art

Doodle art  is often drawn when it’s boring and distracting, but it’s actually an effective prevention measure. Besides, drawing a doodle on a notebook can have a profound effect on thinking, creativity when solving problems and receiving in-depth information.

Doodle art  shows the status and personality of the artist. Because the doodle is drawn unconsciously, it can reveal the imagination, conception, thinking and even current emotions of the artist. Therefore, the doodle art is completely non-repetitive and different, bringing its own impression and interest.

5. Steps to draw doodle artfully

Step 1: Choose the right drawing tool

If you’re just starting out with doodles, basic tools like a pen and notebook are enough to give you plenty of practice. But if you are a professional, you need to be prepared to doodle anytime, anywhere, whenever you are free or inspired. It may be difficult at first to carry these doodle tools with you, but remember that drawing regularly helps you to make significant progress.

Tools for drawing doodles such as pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens, notebooks, handkerchiefs, A4 paper, … and art tools such as charcoal, chalk, colored pencils, oil colors, …


Step 2: Find inspiration

As soon as you’re free, bored or motivated to doodle, put your pen up and start drawing what’s on your mind. It can be anything like a name, an event, a character from a movie, etc.

You can also find your own doodle inspiration by enjoying other people’s doodles. Find your own inspiration, don’t wait for inspiration to come to draw.

Step 3: Relax yourself to be free to think and imagine

Drawing doodles does not have to be to draw anything sublime in painting, you just need to think about familiar things around you and draw them like your pet, your name, the flower garden you’ve always wished for, etc. In addition, you can draw related details such as drawing the character in the movie you have seen, drawing the character’s name, drawing the scene in which the character appears, etc. as long as it pops up in your head. .


Step 4: Choose the drawing style you like

Freely draw whatever you think

You just draw things simple and start adding elements of painting around that drawing, anything that flies over your head you can draw in, don’t think too much it’s demoralizing by doodle

Draw according to a certain concept theme

You draw a doodle with the main symbol being flowers

You often imagine everything related to flowers and incorporate them into your drawings like:

Draw a vase with flowers in it

Draw a flower garden with all your favorite flowers

Draw a flower with so many ways and so many styles

Draw names with letters with flower symbols


You doodle the face

Drawing a face doodle is more difficult than drawing a flower because there are many different expressions that you need to show. You can start practicing drawing by drawing faces with different expressions or drawing faces of acquaintances or celebrities that you are thinking of. Then you can compare it with your real face to see how you draw.

If you’re still having trouble doodle faces, draw each individual face detail on paper and practice each detail one by one.

Once mastered, you can create various images for the face such as caricatures with faces with exaggerated details.


Doodle funny animals

In this theme, you can draw your pets or transform them with different images like ferocious monsters. You can create any animal according to your imagination.

You can create fun scenes for your animals like underwater animals bouncing around in the ocean, or jungle scenes with big animals.


Doodle everything you see and hear

Draw anything you see no matter what you can find a lot of originality in the objects in front of you.

Another fun way to draw is to draw everything you hear. In a talk, you can draw anything that is mentioned even though you may not know much about it, draw everything you can imagine.


Step 5: Edit the work

To make your drawings sharper and clearer, you can use professional photo editing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to refine after drawing if you want it to be impressive when posted. to social networking sites.


6. Beautiful Doodle Art drawings

Doodle Art is a freehand drawing art that does not follow any rules, so the artist can unleash his creativity and express his own nature without any limitation. That’s why Doodle works are always very diverse, colorful and very interesting, let’s take a look at the works of artists around the world.



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In the end,

Doodle is not whether ugly or beautiful, simple or complex, it is just a way to help you “kill” time in your spare time and express your ideas and creativity.

So we have come together to find out what Doodle Art is and interesting little facts surrounding this “doodle” art form. If you find this art really interesting, try pursuing it.