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Standee is a type of publication that is used a lot to market customers with promotions and new products. It is considered as an important form of marketing. In the article below we learn about  Standee together . 

What is Standee? 

Standee  is simply understood as design publications printed in all types of materials such as paper, fabric, etc. Standees are usually composed of two parts, the frame and the printing plate.

The support frame of the Standee is usually made of lightweight material, easy to disassemble and move, and has an X shape. Compared with the use of electronic billboards, this method is also highly effective. which costs much less. You can even take advantage of the framework for future use.

Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the standee model with many different sizes. However, the Standee panels are usually rectangular and the standard sizes commonly used are 60x160cm, 80x180cm.

Uses of Standee

Standees are not designed to be used to promote and convey messages in Marketing. Although it must be creative and artistic to attract the viewer, it is not a work of art.

Featuring a simple design, but clear and attractive information to help customers easily receive and pay attention in a short time, so the Standee panels are often used in conferences, exhibitions, conferences, events, etc. opening. In particular, they are also very useful in the field of marketing, moreover with a compact design, easy to move and install, and you can keep the frame to use for the next time to increase advertising effectiveness and save money. much more cost effective.
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Uses of Standee
Nowadays, it is not difficult to see Standees displayed on the streets, or at events with different purposes.

Standee classification

Based on the shape of the Standee panels   can be divided into 3 main types such as:

  • Standee shelf X:  This type is most popular in the simple structure. Consists of an X-shaped support frame made of metal or plastic slats lined up across each other. The frame is attached to the printed canvas through four holes at the 4 corners, you can remove the frame and canvas at the end of the campaign, using the frame for the next time. X-shaped Standee panels are often used in events, seminars, they are placed in positions such as in front of the conference room, in the hall, or on the ground at the event place.
  • Hanging Standee  (also known as Aluminum Roll Standee) is composed of a fixed horizontal bar at both ends. You can come across a Standee hanging on the street, or traffic light poles to attract the attention of customers.
  • Desktop Standee:  With this type, it is not used very much, so we rarely come across it. Standee panels can be considered a miniature version of regular Standee panels, they have a very compact design and are often placed on the desk. This type is usually printed on cardboard or plastic sheet with the size of A3, A4, A5 sheets.
  • In addition, we also have other types of Standee such as: 3D Standee, Electronic Standee.

What kind of Standee should we use 

Depending on the purpose you want to transmit and the cost you can spend, you can find the type of Standee that is most suitable for you. We can refer to some ways of using Standee in the following cases:

  • Advertising in a short time:  In programs with a short duration such as events, conferences, or a promotion, you should use X-frame Standee panels, because the cost for this type is low, easy to move and you can use it for the next time. Usually, a promotion or promotion will take place in about 2 weeks, which is the same time as a Standee. Especially, the small weight also makes it easy for you to move the Standee to many different locations, in order to promote better.
  • Long-term advertising:  For the purpose of long-term promotion to increase brand awareness, you can use electronic Standees. The right place to place this type is usually in public places with high traffic such as supermarkets, parks, waiting rooms of large agencies. Usually big brands or businesses that want to increase brand awareness will use this type of electronic Standee.
  • At the point of sale, or store:  With places like this you can use the electronic Standee or the desk (located at the checkout counter). With the use of this type, although the price is a bit high, the effect of attracting customers is very great.
  • In exhibitions:  You can use X-shaped Standees, or Rolled Standees.
  • In movie theater or product demonstration:  You can use either the X stand or the 3D type. This attracts customers to enjoy and check-in increases brand recognition and high spillover effect.

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Standee’s role and use cases for Standee

Standards when designing Standee 

Although Standee is an unsophisticated design work, it still needs to ensure the criteria. This makes your Standee more attractive and uncluttered.

  • Size: Standee will have the  following 3 most popular sizes:  60x160cm; 80x180cm; 80x200cm. In addition, the standee also has many designs that can be used in many different sizes.
  • Textures:  Providing enough information to help customers absorb and remember quickly, contributing to making your campaign more successful. Therefore, each sentence, each word in the Standee must be short, concise and easy to remember.
  • Layout:  Important information in the content of the Standee should be centered. The size of this content will also be the largest and displayed at the customer’s eye level.

Above are all the basics about Standee. The work of creating a standee looks simple, but in fact you need to know the basics of graphic design.