Podcast marketing revenue in the US is expected to exceed $2 billion in 2022, and by 2024 it is expected to continue to grow by double digits and reach an increase of more than 200% according to TechCrunch research. The podcast marketing market could reach $4.2 billion two years from now. In Vietnam, up to 30% – 35% of internet users listen to Podcasts. Therefore, podcast marketing will help brands attract more customers and increase brand awareness.

Podcast is a land full of potential, it is a new communication channel for brands. With the rapid growth and diversity of this type of content, using podcasts as a marketing tool is definitely a smart choice for marketers.
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Podcast marketing – the art of conquering customers through “hearing”

What is a podcast – History of podcast formation

Podcast was first mentioned in an article by Ben Hammersley – a British technologist, strategic vision consultant, and journalist in The Guardian newspaper in 2004 as a term combined between “Ipod” and “Broadcast”. ”. More specifically, Podcast is understood as an audio file including music, speech… released on the Internet.

By 2005, “podcast” was officially recognized by the Oxford dictionary as the keyword of the year. Since then, podcasts have grown and spread rapidly to become a channel to attract audiences, typically when Spotify decided to acquire Gimlet Media – a company specializing in podcast production – for $230 million in 2019. 2020.

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Podcast was born based on radio

Podcasts are a “new advancement” compared to radio – where programs are only broadcast once according to a pre-existing schedule. Based on the needs of listeners (on-demand), podcasts provide diverse content, you can choose to listen to whenever you want, anywhere, and you can rewind and rewind as you like.

Podcast inherits radio’s characteristics of conveying information and messages through audio. However, compared to the mass information on radio and podcasts, the content is more personalized because anyone can create their own podcast channels to comfortably express their own personality.

Podcast marketing – the new trend of the future

Podcast marketing is the integration of branding elements into podcast content directly or indirectly for a certain duration to impress and intrigue customers. target audience. Podcast Marketing often uses PR-style content rather than advertising, meaning the brand conveys the content in the most familiar and trustworthy way instead of “overstating” what the brand has.

According to statistics, by 2022, the majority of Americans have listened to podcasts at least once. Spotify’s year-end statistics also show that there were more than 1 million 2 podcasts posted on the platform in just 1 year of 2021, with 80% being independent creators.

The podcast market in Vietnam is also very vibrant, especially after 2020 with about 50 Vietnamese podcast channels released each month. This number increased 5 times in 2021 with 100-250 new podcast channels opening in a month.

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Some popular podcast channels

According to Edition Research as of April 2021, there are more than 2 million podcast channels with 48 million episodes and every day there are several thousand podcasts published around the world. This number will continue to grow positively in the future, when more than 20% of Internet users listen to podcasts.

According to Nielsen, up to 80% of listeners aged 18-49 do not feel annoying ads during their podcast listening. 54% of them will be interested in brands mentioned in their favorite podcasts. With the rapid development of podcasts, it can be said that in the future, this will be one of the key platforms of digital media.

The diversity in podcast content creates many niche markets, making podcast marketing increasingly “useful”. With topics ranging from audiobooks, talk shows with celebrities to socio-economic issues, updating multi-industry knowledge or even just small daily stories, the podcast becomes diverse and attractive. many audiences.

We encounter emotional differences in “Emotional Soulmate”, we see multi-dimensional perspectives on all fields through the eyes of celebrities through “Have a Sip” or encounter lessons from the journey of adulthood. himself with “Giang Oh Radio”…

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Podcast marketing – conquering customers through “hearing”

In short, Podcasts have been and are being evaluated by experts as a “fertile” promised land for marketers to expand channels marketing mix (marketing mix) in your business strategy.

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Marketing on podcasts – what do brands get?

As the podcast market continues to grow, brands that take advantage of this opportunity will take advantage and go further on the path to conquering customers:

Target the right target customers

One of the “benefits” that podcast marketing brings is the ability to format files target customers. Statistics on demographics, user user behavior (hobbies, habits…) help add more pieces to the picture. user content.

According to research published in April 2008 by The Podcast Consumer Revealed, podcast listeners are often well-educated, with a high average income. Besides, some demographic statistics from podcasts are very effective for businesses in the process of shaping their marketing strategy:

  • 90% of users choose to listen to Podcasts at home, 64% of people listen to Podcasts in the car or on the train, 49% listen while walking and 37% listen at work (According to Edison Research)
  • About 40% of Podcast listeners are people in the age groups 12 – 24 and 25 – 54 (According to Marketing Land)
  • Podcasts are gradually becoming a popular content channel for Millennials, accounting for 10% of the total volume of interactive content on social networks (According to Billboard).
  • 80% of Podcast listeners have high education (from a bachelor’s degree or higher) (According to Edison Research)

With listeners clearly divided by topic, businesses can choose a podcast channel that suits their target audience, with content they are really interested in. In the field of lifestyle, it is impossible not to mention channels such as: Have a sip, Giang Oi Radio, Bat Tat, Sexedu by Trang – Chan Chuoi show,…

If you are interested in the business field, you cannot help but mention podcasts: Business Confidences, Hieu TV, The Quoc Khanh Show… Or in the field of personal development, you must mention Spiderum Channel, Ted Talk Daily,… Depending on Which customers are the business’s products aimed at and what are they interested in so the brand can choose the appropriate podcast channel to promote?

Brings new business opportunities

A recent study of Edison Research’s Podcast listeners showed that 54% of them will watch and check out brands they see mentioned on their favorite Podcast shows. Therefore, investing in appropriate Podcast content will help brands attract more customers, as well as increase brand awareness.

Building brand image

Similar to other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Podcast is a channel to connect brands with customers. A statistic from Music Oomph has shown that Podcast listeners are more active on social networks than others.

Specifically, 94% of Podcast listeners are highly active on social networks. Combining and unifying communication messages between social media channels and podcasts will bring the brand closer to customers.

Tips for effective podcast marketing

The podcast market is rapidly growing and growing. Normally, brands have two options for podcast marketing: owner media – owning the brand’s channel and paid media – paying podcast channels to advertise the brand as a form of PR.

Build a podcast channel for your own brand

It can be said that Podcast is like a playground that helps brands freely build their own personality, a place to build brand recognition through a series of quality, useful and highly interactive content. Building a podcast for a brand is not an easy problem, it requires a specific and clear strategy.

Content orientation: 

The content and media messages that the podcast wants to convey must be similar and coincide with the positioning and mission that the brand is aiming for. A cosmetic brand will look to beauty care channels, a place that supports studying abroad will look to channels to share knowledge about studying abroad such as “Here I go”, “Abroad and study”…

The most important thing is the content – the core value that the channel brings to readers “touching the right pain/pleasure” – bringing meaning and solving the right needs of customers.


This is your special point that makes listeners remember for a long time – remember deeply – love steadfastly. Unique sound, impressive voice or attractive storytelling style will leave many deep impressions in the minds of customers.

Connect with experts: 

Can be considered a form of influencer marketing in podcast marketing. Connecting with influential people in the field helps the brand become more reputable and worth trying in the eyes of target customers.

Cross-platform distribution: 

Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple podcast… wherever you can get podcasts to your audience, take advantage of all the channels your audience can reach.

Marketing for the podcast channel itself: 

Cross-platform connection and sharing is the key to content distribution in today’s digital world. Using well the channels social media helps brands go far on the path to conquering the hearts of customers.

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Building a marketing podcast for a brand requires strategy and investment

How to identify podcast channels to promote your brand

Identify market intersection points:

The podcast channel’s listener audience must contain the brand’s target customer file. The target customer portrait between the brand and the channel must have something in common in some aspect.

If the brand’s target customers and listeners both have the same intersection point, which is self-development, then you can’t help but look to channels like Spiderum channel, The present writer or Unlock FM.

“General” field will increase the “win” rate:

The harmony between the promoter and the brand is the key. Podcasters who attract a large number of listeners are often people with an interesting way of speaking and “taste”. The right people, the right channels will bring extremely great marketing effects.

Creativity and harmony in conveying messages:

Brands need to work closely with content creators to have effective podcast marketing. Understand the transmission style and emotions of each channel to choose a method to express the message in harmony, without being offensive or out of place with the general atmosphere of the channel.

Podcast channels are “bedside pillows” for business and marketing people

Industry stories

An extremely interesting marketing podcast channel led by MC Kim. Listeners can gain a lot of knowledge from basic to advanced, the latest trends or unique case studies in the marketing industry. In addition, the channel also has many famous guests sharing about their professional work.

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Marketing Podcast: “Stories of Making “Industry” – Source: Podvine

Have a sip – Vietcetera

Having a sip is a form of ordering any type of drink, to create a space where you and others can easily connect with each other. Each item will represent the different personalities of the guests. From there, host Thuy Minh will present stories to share opinions with the guests.

This podcast is not limited to marketing but covers all topics. Some prominent names have participated in the program such as: Giang Oi, Viet Tran (JVevermind), Toc Tien…

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Podcast Marketing: “HAVE A SHIP” – Source: Vietcetera


M.A.D is a podcast with a combination of 3 fields: Marketing, Art and Design. With the guidance of Tuan Le – Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Lab Saigon, with 30 minutes per episode you will listen to professional stories of famous guests in the above 3 fields. Many new perspectives, experiences and valuable lessons will be shared in each podcast episode.

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Podcast Program: “M.A.D” – Source: Vietcetera

Advertising Vietnam

Advertising Vietnam’s podcast is truly a “gold mine” in the advertising industry because it updates the newest, hottest marketing trends and most outstanding campaigns from ideation to activities. practical implementation in Vietnam.

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Podcast Advertising Vietnam

Brand Talks

Brand Talks is a podcast program familiar to people in the industry. Brand Talk fully integrates elements such as updates, diversity, and expertise in marketing, communications, and advertising.

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Podcast Brand Talks – source Brands Vietnam

With this podcast channel, you can listen to founders of Vietnamese businesses tell stories related to brands or share useful professional knowledge, along with interesting case studies. Along with that, many good and valuable books were also introduced to listeners by Brand Talk.


It can be said that, with strong development, podcast marketing is gradually becoming the trend of the future. This will be “fertile and effective land for businesses.” Grasping trends and diversifying content, innovating approaches and conveying messages is the key for every brand to win with podcast marketing.