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CTA buttons play an important role in driving user conversion behavior on e-commerce platforms. In today’s article, Malu would like to give you an overview of CTA and tips on how to create CTA buttons to bring the highest conversion efficiency for your business.

What are CTAs?

CTA, also known as Call-to-action, is an indispensable element on websites, content, advertising, etc. CTA buttons are shown in the form of images or links, which have the effect of motivating real users. Take actions that benefit your business.

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There will be no standard CTA button that will apply to all different types of businesses. You can’t use the phrase “Click here” and expect customers to just keep buying your product. Creating an effective CTA button can be even more complicated than that.

The solution for you is: Create different styles of CTA buttons for  A/B Testing . Below we have listed 8 types of CTA content placement for you to choose from:


8 Types of CTA buttons commonly used on Websites

1. Collect potential customers

As always, CTA is always an effective way for you to convert from website visitors to find out information into future customers of your business.

revenue collection from customers

For the purpose of gathering new customers, you can place a CTA in the form of a banner promoting your product or service anywhere on your website: At the bottom of the post, in the post content, or even scrolling along. the reader’s mouse wheel (when placing the banner in the right/left corner of the screen).


2. Fill out the registration form

Once a customer has landed on  the landing page , there are two behaviors you need to motivate them: Fill out the registration form and click the submit button.

In the event that a website visitor has such a close chance of becoming a potential customer, you certainly don’t want to miss out on reaching out to any one customer. You can completely ask them to fill in their email to receive more useful information related to the post.

show the current form

Even more stimulating, you can also give them a “reward” for completing the form such as: “50 beautiful Powerpoint templates that can make your presentation more sparkling ” or “10 Inventory Management Excel Templates to Make Your Job Simple”.

You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by the conversion results you get at the end of the month after applying this method.


3. Create a “Read More” CTA Button

On the homepage of your website, you can completely pique the curiosity of users by adding a “Read more” CTA button. After clicking this CTA button, readers can read the entire content of the post they want, and at the same time, you have an extra view for your page.

tao nut cta doc them

Don’t forget to suggest a little of the content of the article with the “Read more” CTA button like the example above.


4. Discover new products or services

When a certain audience wants to learn more about a new product or service on your website, you can create a CTA button to direct them directly to where they want to learn.

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This can enhance the user experience on your website. The better the user experience, the higher the percentage of them placing new orders on the web.

5. Share information on social networking platforms

One of the simplest ways to get users to spread content on their website is to ask them to share the article on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Share information on social networks

But don’t abuse these call-to-share buttons, your customers definitely don’t want to share all of their personal information with you. In this case, the best way is to put a “friendly reminder” at the end of each post.


6. “Nurture” potential customers

Finding potential customers is difficult, nurturing them to continue to stick with you is even harder. Asking customers to provide information to “receive gifts” can be quite easy, but asking them to pay to use your product / service is not simple.

Here is an example of this type of CTA button you can refer to.

Cta is the main source of customer service

To solve this problem, you should set up a CTA button with the purpose of allowing users to try your product / service. This CTA button you can cleverly place in the thank you section at the end of each post.


7. CTA button used to close Sales

Once the customer outreach process is complete, it’s time to turn those leads into actual customers for your business. The way to do information here, again, is to put it at the bottom of the blog post. But if you think this CTA placement might not work, consider placing it above the product page. The CTA button content can look like the example below:


This is what customers are most concerned about when buying? Let them contact your sales team. Any problems will be resolved smoothly.


8. Promotions

Once again, it must be affirmed that: Customers love to participate in promotions. But what could happen if no one knew the existence of such programs? Surely you already know the answer to the above question, and it is not positive at all.

cta promotion program

Instead of waiting for customers to access the programs that you have worked so hard to build, why not build a banner so everyone knows that you are running a big stimulus event for everyone? You can consider placing banners and CTA buttons on the homepage, login page, in blog posts, etc. Generally in any prominent and easy-to-see position to attract customers’ attention.



Hopefully the above sharing of Malu has helped you have a better view of the CTA button as well as how to use this tool on your website. Thank you for following the article!