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When taking advantage of Influencer Marketing effectively, businesses can improve brand recognition, win customer trust as well as advertise products to a large number of customers easily. 

Currently, with the development of the Internet and social networking sites, Influencer Marketing is becoming an effective form of marketing that many famous businesses and brands take advantage of to advertise products/services to a number of people. large number of potential customers.

So what is an Influencer and what is Influencer Marketing? How to implement an effective Influencer Marketing campaign?

Let’s learn more about Influencer Marketing with Malu in the article below.

Overview of Influencer Marketing

What is an influencer?

Before learning about Influencer Marketing, businesses need to clearly understand what the concept of Influencer is.

According to  Wikipedia , Influencers are people who have influence on social networks and have a large number of followers. Influencers can come from many different fields and industries, not only artists, doctors, businessmen or celebrities in general, but any individual can become an Influencer if they meet the following criteria: certain criteria. 

Basically, Influencers are people who possess qualifications, expertise or social influence in their field. Influencers are also people who have influence on a large number of followers (from several thousand to several million).

With the trust of the public as well as followers, influencers will have a positive impact on consumers’ views on brands and products, playing a leading role, suggesting and influencing decisions. consumer’s purchasing intention.

Taking advantage of Influencers will help businesses gain more trust from  target customers  and easily convince them to choose their products/services instead of competitors’ products/services.

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What is the difference between KOLs and Influencers?

KOLs and Influencers are both people who have great influence on the public. So what is the difference between KOLs and Influencers?

In general, KOLs and Influencers have some distinct characteristics as follows.

COPD’s  Influencers
Define KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are experts in different fields such as science, agriculture, medicine, politics, technology, etc. KOLs are people who are highly specialized, knowledgeable, and specialized in a field. , specific profession. Influencers are often influential individuals on social networks, with a large number of followers. Anyone can become an Influencer with the following conditions: being active in the online environment, being interested and followed by many people.
Number of followers The number of KOLs’ followers will be higher than that of Influencers, ranging from 100,000 – 1,000,000 followers. The number of Influencers followers will be less, around 1,000 – 100,000 followers
Coverage level The coverage of KOLs will be more limited than that of Influencers, because the popularity and coverage of KOLs are easily limited within their country. Because they mainly operate on social networks, the coverage of Influencers will be higher than that of KOLs, because all over the world can use social networks and easily reach many different Influencers.
Time spent using social networks KOLs often spend most of their time on their professional fields, they only spend time on social networks in their free time. On the other hand, Influencers spend most of their time active on social networks, they will invest in videos and images to convey messages to fans and through social networks to communicate with their fans. .


6 popular types of Influencers today

Based on the number of followers, the 6 most popular types of Influencers today include:

  • Nano Influencer: 1000 – 5000 followers.
  • Micro Influencer: 5000 – 25,000 followers.
  • Small Influencer: 25,000 – 100,000 followers.
  • Medium Influencer: 100,000 – 500,000 followers.
  • Macro Influencer: 500,000 – 1,000,000 followers.
  • Mega Influencer: > 1,000,000 followers.

In Vietnam, the number of Nano and Micro Influencers is still the largest.

Besides, based on field, influencers can also be divided into 6 main target groups:

  • Lifestyle group
  • Fashion – beauty group (fashion – beauty)
  • Group of women with families and success
  • Travel – culinary group
  • Trendy group (always creating new trends on social networks through a humorous lens)
  • Group of famous people (including actors, singers, models, etc. who have created a certain influence on social networks)

Influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing?

After learning information about Influencers, what is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is one form of marketing through social networks. Influencer Marketing takes advantage of influencers on major social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions as well as to advertise businesses’ products/services. 

Influencer Marketing will focus on identifying individuals who have influence over potential customer groups and orienting marketing activities around those influencers.

Through Influencer Marketing campaigns, businesses will send advertising messages to customers and convince customers to use their products/services by taking advantage of the reputation and influence of Influencers. Through the campaign, Influencers will also be paid a commission according to the agreement.

Classification of Influencer Marketing

The main types of Influencer Marketing include:

Vip/ Celebrity

Vip / Celebrity is a group of famous people with a large number of followers.

Subjects in this Influencer Marketing group are often singers and actors with many fans such as: Son Tung MTP, My Tam, Ho Ngoc Ha, Huong Giang Idol,…

Citizen Influencer

Citizen Influencers are ordinary people who have over 500 followers and their posts are always responded to and attract a large amount of interaction from viewers.

Professional Influencer

Professional Influencers are experts in a certain field. We can take for example some Influencers in this group such as Professor Le Tham Duong, CEOs of large businesses such as Shark Hung, Shark Binh,… or Influencers in the field of health and beauty such as Chang Makeup, Chloe Nguyen,…

Community fanpage

Community fanpages in Influencer Marketing are community pages with a large number of likes and followers on social networks.

Some examples of famous Community fanpages include Anh Da Den, Beatvn, Welax, Children’s Web, etc. Brands can share advertising messages on these pages with many forms and creative content. to reach a large number of customers.

The role of Influencer Marketing in businesses

influencer marketing la gi

Why should businesses apply Influencer Marketing? What is the role of Influencer Marketing in businesses?

Influencer Marketing helps businesses improve brand awareness 

The first role of Influencer Marketing is to help businesses improve brand awareness.

By taking advantage of Influencers with a large number of followers and collaborating with them through product advertising campaigns, businesses can reach a large number of customers and improve brand awareness effectively. easy.

Influencer Marketing helps businesses gain customer trust 

Influencers are people who have great influence and are loved and admired by many people. Therefore, followers will be more inclined to trust the Influencer’s words and create a certain reputation.

Furthermore, Influencers understand their fans very well. Therefore, they know how to subtly integrate the business’s brand and products, thereby helping the business gain customer trust.

Influencer Marketing helps businesses improve ROI

ROI stands for Return On Investment. ROI is an index that measures the percentage of revenue over total investment costs. In other words, ROI is the result of measuring the return on investment.

ROI is often used by businesses to measure the effectiveness of investment activities. The higher the ROI, the more effectively the business invests.

If the ROI index is positive, the business is achieving profit from a certain amount of investment capital because total sales revenue will now be greater than total investment costs.

On the other hand, if the business’s ROI is negative, the business will fall into a capital loss because in this case, the total sales revenue is lower than the total investment costs the business spends.

When investing in Influencer Marketing campaigns, businesses can improve ROI by taking advantage of Influencers’ reputation and attracting the right potential customers to increase conversion rates and sales revenue.

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What are the latest Influencer Marketing trends?

xu huong influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is being applied and deployed by more businesses and brands than ever with the development of social networks. So what is the latest Influencer Marketing trend?

Video format content is popular 

Videos with vivid and attractive images and sounds are always attractive to the public. Instead of reading long and dry text, the public seems to be more inclined to prefer video format content.

Videos with fresh, creative, and highly viral content are quickly watched and interacted with by many people. In particular, videos built with authentic content give users a better experience.

Influencer with inspirational content 

When Influencers have many fans – people who want to become like the influencer, deploying inspirational content is a new trend.

By creating inspirational content for fans, along with cleverly integrating the brand/product you advertise, it will be much more effective than posting obvious sales posts. and no investment.

Nano and Micro Influencers have become popular and are chosen by many businesses 

Although Nano and Micro Influencers are not too prominent and do not have a large number of followers, these are the two most popular types of Influencers and are most sought after by businesses.

The main reason Nano and Micro Influencers are so popular is that they have a close relationship with their fans and regular two-way interaction.

Therefore, Nano and Micro Influencers will be able to promote the brand very well. Cooperating with these Influencers also helps businesses save a lot of costs.

TikTok will be a heavily exploited social networking platform 

With TikTok’s popularity, deploying content on this platform is a trend in Influencer Marketing.

Influencers also quickly approach this social platform with videos that attract fans. Therefore, businesses can combine with Influencers to carry out Influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok.

5 steps to implementing an effective Influencer Marketing campaign 

When implementing Influencer Marketing, what steps should businesses take?

In general, to implement Influencer Marketing, businesses can apply the 5-step process below.

Step 1: Build a plan for an Influencer Marketing campaign 

Use influencer plan mar

Every campaign needs a specific goal and plan.

To be able to build a plan for an Influencer Marketing campaign, businesses need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the product/service that the business will advertise in the campaign?
  • What is the context of the campaign?
  • What is the goal of the campaign?
  • Who is the target customer that the business is aiming for?
  • What is the main communication message that businesses need to convey in the campaign?

For a plan for an Influencer Marketing campaign, businesses need to include 3 main contents:

  • What: What do influencers need to do in an Influencer Marketing campaign?
  • How: How will the influencer deploy the campaign (what is the content and the main message to convey,…)
  • KPI: Targets that Influencers need to achieve. Businesses need to clarify KPIs with Influencers so they can create content compatible with the campaign goals to achieve the best results.

Step 2: Choose the right Influencer based on specific criteria

influencerIMPACT influencer girl

After building a plan for the campaign, the next step businesses need to do is to choose the right Influencer for them based on specific criteria.

Some criteria for choosing the right Influencer include:

  • Engagement level (Reach) : Engagement level is often measured by the number of followers of Influencers on social networks as well as the number of people who like, share and comment on Influencers’ posts.
  • Relevance : Describes the degree of connection and similarity between the Influencer’s image and the brand’s image. In addition, the demographic factors of the business’s target audience and the group of Influencer followers also need to have a certain compatibility.
  • Content creation ability : Influencers must be able to create new content, new trends that are meaningful and attractive to followers.

Besides, in the process of choosing Influencers, businesses also need to pay attention to how much their budget can pay for Influencers. Businesses need to balance the number and roles of influencers to both optimize the budget and ensure effective communication.

Step 3: Co-create content with Influencers

Dong sang the content

The next step, businesses need to cooperate with Influencers to create content that is authentic and accurately conveys the message to customers. The most important thing is that businesses can tailor the brand message to become the story of Influencers based on their style and characteristics.

Some notes that businesses need to pay attention to when co-creating content with Influencers include:

  • Content format : What content will influencers share on their personal pages? These types of content can be images, videos, livestreams or can be audio and podcasts.
  • Message : What is the main content message that needs to be conveyed? From the message that the business wants to convey, Influencers will adjust the content into their own message that matches their expertise, style and is suitable for their group of followers.
  • Responsibilities of Influencers : What do influencers need to do? How many good articles/videos need to be shared that need to appear on advertisements, product packaging, etc.?

At this step, building a content plan is also very important. A content plan in an Influencer Marketing campaign needs the following main ideas:

  • The main theme or message guides each Influencer
  • The type of content the Influencer will build
  • Influencer’s style
  • Specific time for content submission, editing and deployment

Step 4: Distribute content on appropriate channels

content division

After creating content, the next step in implementing Influencer Marketing is to distribute content on appropriate channels.

There are 2 main content distribution channels:

  • Online Channel: Influencer’s official social channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,…) or electronic newspapers, forums.
  • Offline channel: attend events/talk shows, take product photos, interact with the community,…

When distributing on any channel, from Online to Offline, interacting and responding to fans / audiences is important. Two-way interaction will make customers trust and have more sympathy for Influencers as well as the business’s brand.

Step 5: Measure and evaluate campaign effectiveness

due to the influencer's salary

The final step is to measure and evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Businesses need to measure 3 main indicators:

  • Output: is the amount of content that Influencers co-create or post. Compare this amount of content to the target amount of content
  • Outcome: is a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of the Influencer’s posted content, based on initially set goals such as awareness, interaction, action,…
  • KPI: Do influencers achieve the set KPIs? What % of KPI achieved in the entire campaign?

In addition, some tools to measure campaign effectiveness include:

  • Affiliate links: This tool helps businesses collect statistics on orders coming from Influencer’s social networking site.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics helps businesses calculate how many customers visit their online store or landing page thanks to Influencers.
  • Promotional codes: Businesses can create their own promotional codes for Influencer followers.


4 things to keep in mind for successful Influencer Marketing 

To be successful in Influencer Marketing, what do businesses need to pay attention to?

Accurately identify target customers 

Target customers are a group of customers in the target market segment that the business is targeting. This target customer group is the group of customers who really have needs and are able to pay for the business’s products/services.

Target customers are also the group of customers that businesses want to reach through their marketing activities and campaigns.

This is a group of customers who are more likely to be interested in the business’s products and services than other customer groups. As for the target customer group, they share common characteristics such as: demographics, education level, income, psychology and behavior,…

When accurately determining the target customers you are aiming for, businesses can choose the right Influencers by researching the characteristics of Influencers as well as the fans / followers of those Influencers. If you don’t know who your target customers are, businesses cannot find suitable Influencers to advertise their products.

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Focus on quality, not quantity 

When choosing an Influencer, businesses need to focus on the quality of the Influencer, specifically the Influencer’s suitability for the business’s brand instead of focusing on collaborating with as many Influencers as possible.

To choose the right Influencer, it is necessary to carefully research influential Influencers in the field in which the business is operating. Find out carefully which social media channels they are using, the level of coverage as well as the compatibility between the Influencer’s image and the brand image.

Take advantage of Influencer Marketing platforms to find Influencers

To find and reach Influencers, businesses can take advantage of famous Influencer Marketing platforms such as:

  • 7Saturday: This is a platform connecting brands and influencers in the Vietnamese market with more than 10,000 influencers who are celebrities, experts, etc.
  • Revu: This platform helps carry out Influencer campaigns with a scale of 10 – 1000 people at the same time according to a completely new 5-step process: Post job – Apply – Choose – Experience – Post.
  • Hiip: Similar to 7Saturday, Hiip is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in Southeast Asia, having cooperated with many big brands such as CGV, Lazada, The Coffee House…

Build good relationships with Influencers

When they build a good relationship with Influencers, they may invest more in advertising the business’s products and trust the business to introduce the brand to their fans.

Besides, building a good relationship with Influencers will also make Influencers want to cooperate with businesses in the future after the end of the campaign.

Let Influencers participate in meetings, discuss campaigns, give them feedback and decide for themselves the most suitable way to promote, because they understand their fans well.


Influencer Marketing is a popular form of marketing today that many businesses take advantage of to advertise their products/services to a large number of customers.

In this article, Malu introduced to you information about Influencer Marketing such as:

  • Overview of Influencer Marketing
  • 5 steps to implement Influencer Marketing
  • Things to keep in mind when implementing an Influencer Marketing campaign

Happy siblings success!