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Digital Marketing trends have quickly jumped into the online advertising market, and more than ever, you need to keep up with new things to avoid falling behind.

With the need to be present and reach more potential customers, the Digital Marketing era in the coming years will change and progress continuously by integrating more technologies to turn the user experience into new experiences. unforgettable memories.

forbes agency council

15 members of the Forbes Agency Council shared what they think is going to be a major shift, digital marketing trend set to take place. Let’s discover together with Malu now:

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1. Interactive virtual reality (AR) via social networks

As the mobile device platform is increasingly developed and at the same time social networks are now integrated with virtual reality (AR) interactive features, it is certain that big brands will use AR as a tool. Powerful tool to better interact with customers.

good luck

For example, when businesses know your location, businesses will make ads on the AR platform. Pokémon Go is the pioneer of this idea, and in my opinion, Facebook and Instagram will definitely jump into this exciting and promising technology platform soon –  Chris Carter

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2. Influencers Market Collapse

Big brands have poured millions of dollars into Influencers to carry out advertising campaigns, but in general they do not measure or clearly see the effects that it brings with other marketing methods.

This market will soon come to an end because as many brands now choose typical influencers, the rest are aiming to grow on organic search channels. Because Influencers in the mid-range segment often only bring about awareness, and  ROI  or net profit is very low –  Craig Greiwe

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3. Understanding “Customer Journey” – Customer Journey

“Data-driven marketing” – Data-driven marketing is a very powerful technique of Digital Marketing, but how to turn those data sources into the customer journey when connecting with the brand?

understand the customer service

The first is to use existing data to know where the customer is at each step of their buying process, determine what attracts them, and design touchpoints along the way –  Katie Harris
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4. Optimizing centralized advertising

Every day, the average person will see hundreds of different ads. I find that the trend of building focused ads instead of broad spectrum on any platform, will save a lot of marketing costs, and bring effective conversion rates.

I also quite appreciate the mobile advertising platform that will be a major trend for the coming years, including on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, .. –  David Kley .

5. Online Videos

Video will continue to be one of the digital marketing trends in the years to come, but for now as a professional online video format. Most social networking sites now have integrated platforms that allow you to record online videos, and continuously update new features every month to make the viewing experience better.

online video

Online video is a good way for brands to connect and interact directly with customers. And note that, Online Video is not just about being an  online seller  or a live stream –  Thomas Brodbeck

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6. Build an interactive user interface

Interactive interfaces, like Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, chatbots and many more, will continue to find their place in users’ daily activities. Interoperability is a fundamental factor in judging whether an interface is user-friendly or not.

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Brands will have more opportunities to listen and connect with customers in the most neutral and easy way –  Andrew Howlett

7. Video marketing

Video has in recent years become the most engaging, engaging, and effective content format, and if done right, it can bring tangible positive effects to businesses.

Marketers today have been focusing on building content on videos to improve keyword rankings on search engines, increase traffic to the website –  Solomon Thimothy .

8. Personalize customers in the Digital Marketing process

Optimizing customer positioning, and “personalizing” them in every interaction where the brand has become especially important. A landing page should connect with everyone in marketing campaigns.

customer service

By constantly updating customer data, you will fully portray that person’s name, age, personality, interests, etc. Customers will definitely love to be greeted by name to show intimacy. more confidential and understanding than greeting brother/sister, hello sir/madam,… –  Twila Grissom

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9. Contextual Marketing Strategy

We predict that it will become more and more complicated for advertisers to track user behavior with only cookies.

Targeting strategies will gradually be replaced by contextual marketing strategies and it is imperative for every advertiser to understand what the entire content of this section is for, targeting the target audience. Who is the target audience –  Julien Verdier ,  Adyoulike

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10. Cost per experience

Digital marketers will continue the process of determining the cost of each customer experience on your website by relying on metrics such as CPM (impressions), CPC (clicks), CPL (leads) and counting. both CPP (pixels).

With many different marketing channels as well as new technology tools being constantly updated, it is imperative for digital marketers to create experiences for customers and measure them – Todd  Earwood

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11. Native advertising

Companies always want to improve access to more customers. Brand awareness and engagement will be significantly improved by applying native ads to your Digital Marketing strategy.

1 . natural optical high

Interacting with customers with creative, shareable, viral ads will remain the main digital marketing trend in the coming years –  Timothy Nichols

12. Digital experiences integrated into reality

I believe that in the coming years, Digital will no longer exist only on the Internet. We will gradually realize that it will turn into real-life experiences.

Sports events held outdoors also originate from digital social networking platforms. After the event ends, there will also be photos and videos about the event posted, which will surely turn into unforgettable experiences for users –  Lisa Allocca

13. Voice Marketing

Google says that 20% of phone searches are by voice, and this number is sure to increase in the coming years as users become more accustomed to asking Alexa, Siri and other devices that use voice commands. use AI.

voice marketing

Marketers need to start building content to keep up with this trend, and advertise on completely new devices (smart refrigerators; smart TVs) – Brett  Farmiloe .

14. Prediction Algorithms

API-Application programming interfaces are opening up many opportunities for machine-learning algorithms, process languages, and AI technologies.

Thanks to that, no matter how large or small companies can easily predict how marketing costs will be optimal in terms of revenue and brand recognition. This is a huge step forward for Digital Marketing, creating more new ways for marketers –  Douglas Karr

15. Other Content Marketing Formats

With so many new content formats being constantly developed, and the trend of video, content marketing is no longer about blogging or news articles. Voice search will force brands to change their content strategy.

Content will become more and more interactive and more consistent with the characteristics of UI/UX on the software interface –  Kristopher Jones

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