As technology develops, more and more new types of advertising are born to meet the needs and tastes of the public. However, OOH still has its own position and is very popular in the community because of the great benefits it brings to brands and businesses. Check out Malu’s article below to learn more about  what is OOH? Is this still the prevailing advertising trend in 2022? 

What is OOH?

OOH stands for “Out of home” which means  outside the home . In the field of marketing, when it comes to OOH advertising, it means to refer to  the form of outdoor advertising  such as billboards, panels, billboards, advertising on means of transport (buses, taxis)… In addition, you have This type of advertising can be easily seen in elevators, supermarkets, and commercial centers, which are also classified as OOH channels.

With the development of industrialization and digital, OOH has become more and more popular, highly interactive, providing many utilities to help advertisers unleash their creativity.

OOH (out-of-home) forms of advertising


As a form of mobile advertising on public transport, the most popular in Vietnam is buses, in addition to taxis, ships, boats… We will easily encounter these types of ads on the street. , with popular brands related to food, fashion, daily living items…

OOH high beam on the bus
The form of OOH advertising on the bus (Source: OOH GreenMoon Vietnam)

These advertisements also have specific regulations when designing and constructing, for example, advertising on buses can only be placed on the horizontal side of the bus, not on the back or front. The cost for these ads also depends on the type of vehicle chosen, for example, for a large city bus, it is about $ 3,000 / year.


Billboard advertising is a popular type of advertising today in modern cities, this is considered a new trend of the advertising industry in the world with great utilities. Billboard, also known as billboards or large posters, is often placed in high positions such as on the roofs and walls of large buildings. This is a large outdoor advertising space billboard designed to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Billboard also includes various types of advertising light box, electronic projection board, high-tech advertising such as LED screen, LCD screen, touch screen … often placed around areas with high traffic density. high (both by car and by foot). Since billboards don’t last long, this billboard needs to be simple, striking, and creative.

LADDER jqovjm min
What is OOH? Form of billboard advertising (Source: Coca-Cola)

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q1OOH high optic 2048x1152 1
What is POSM? (Source: MCM)


POSM stands for Points of Sales Material. This is a form of visual ancillary advertising, often easily seen at display booths at large supermarkets, amusement parks, etc. Depending on the purpose and budget of each specific advertising campaign to flexibly use different types of POSMs, it can be Posters, Danglers (hangers for advertising products), boxes, booths, flyers, cabinets. shelves, wobblers (product mounted),… POSM usually has 2 main formats:

  • POS:  understood as the point of sale, the point of view from the seller’s point of view. This is where sellers will display and sell their products to consumers.
  • POP:  stands for  Point of Purchase , is the point of purchase, is where customers will buy products.

Usually, POP and POS have a lot of similarities, depending on the perspective of the buyer and seller to have different usage.

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Street Furniture (street advertising)

OOH Street Furniture high-resolution images
Street advertising is used a lot around the world today (Source: Media NZ)


What is OOH ? In contrast to Billboard, Street Furniture is a low-level form of advertising, also known as street advertising. You can easily see this form of advertising in roadside advertising signs, bus seats, park seats, bulletin boards on the street, public phone booths, etc. Depending on the location, the cost Street Furniture ad placement will vary and will typically be an annual ad placement contract.


vinfast roadshow
Vinfast Roadshow (Source: Xedoisong)


You can understand  Roadshow  as a mobile advertising event on the street.  This is an extremely popular form of advertising and is deployed by many businesses to expand brand coverage. Along with the street parade, the vehicles will come with outstanding items and images to help people easily recognize the brand such as using the same set of bicycles and motorbikes with the PG, PB team. wear uniforms printed with brand logos, and can bring flyers,  posters , banners… to attract attention in the community.


OOH banner images 1
(Source: Sixth Sense Media)


Banner  is understood as a billboard to promote the brand. In the field of outdoor advertising, there are two main types of banners:

  •  These are large signs, have eye-catching images and contain meaningful information that the brand wants to convey, usually placed in crowded places or placed high to collect information. attract the attention of passersby.
  •  These are called display ads (instead of text ads), operating on the Internet platform that you easily come across every time you go online. Online banner ads can take visitors from a hosting website to a specific advertiser’s website or landing page.


OOH posters
Poster advertising is often used in the entertainment industry today (Source: mad-daily)


Poster is one of the most common types of advertising today that you can see everywhere. This is a popular media publication, the content often contains the messages of creative brands and is prominently designed right on the poster. Poster designs often contain graphics (icons, pictures, pictures) and text (words) to best convey the message.

In the field of marketing, Posters are usually divided into 3 main types:

  • Advertising posters are posters advertising products and services of major brands and are often placed in public places.
  • Poster art : Mainly for propaganda purposes for special Marketing campaigns.
  • Posters convey community information : Usually posters such as event posters, movie posters, celebrity posters, propaganda posters, promotion posters, etc.

Reasons to choose OOH Marketing

OOH helps to increase brand awareness in the market

What is OOH ? OOH is a form of outdoor advertising in public places with a 24/7 presence, so it is easy to attract public attention. It is easy to see that the effectiveness of OOH advertising compared to television advertising has many outstanding advantages. If the investment in television advertising is expensive and easily forgotten by the public after 2 weeks of the end of the campaign, with an OOH Marketing campaign at the end, up to 36% of people can recall the advertising, 6 weeks later, people’s awareness of that brand’s ad is still high, 35%.

For brands that use OOH to market their products, they should carefully consider the goals and business types of the brand to have a reasonable OOH advertising position, targeting the right potential  customers  . For example, for brands of functional foods and health care, advertising should be approached at hospitals and medical centers; or brands with products and brands that target the customer segment with good income or more, they should increase advertising at airports and commercial centers; Enterprises dealing in consumer goods and essential products should advertise at supermarkets, public amusement parks, etc.

Outdoor advertising drives consumers to take action

Outdoor advertising has a huge impact on consumers with high spending needs and spending a lot of time outside. Research shows that, when consumers go out, they will be in a positive mindset and easily attracted to the new impressive advertising messages outdoors. When that action is repeated over and over, those billboards help increase brand awareness, reinforce messaging, drive point-of-purchase, and convert shopping behavior.

What are the benefits of OOH marketing?
Outdoor advertising helps motivate consumers to take more action (Source: Twitter)


Creative OOH ads help you grow your brand

Although there are now many new types of advertising, OOH is undeniably a long-standing medium that allows businesses to unleash their creativity. Being proactive in terms of specific times, locations, and flexible contexts is one of the main advantages that makes OOH advertising easy to score points in attracting audiences. In addition, outdoor advertising is ideal for creating instant awareness, expanding brand coverage and credibility.

OOH to me
(Source: Sign Media Canada)


OOH is a communication channel aimed at diverse customer groups

The form of OOH advertising is very appropriate and popular because 98% of people are regularly exposed to outdoor advertising at least once a week. Moreover, this form of advertising also targets a diverse set of customers, from tourists, freelancers to students, office workers, etc., meeting the goals of consumers in shopping. . Therefore, OOH is a communication channel aimed at diverse customer groups, ensuring that everyone can see the presence of advertising brands.

The role of OOH with businesses

Promote the brand continuously and sustainably

Advertising trolleys at the airport – bringing the brand to customers (Source: Bizman)


Using OOH advertising is one of the ways to impress and maintain brand identity with customers effectively through repeating advertising images over time, gradually shaping the impression in the future. customers’ minds about brands and services, thereby driving consumer buying behavior.

Not to mention, compared to other forms of advertising on social media or on television, OOH advertising is more effective, increasing awareness continuously and sustainably with target customers.

Connecting businesses with “busy” consumers

Consumers today are busier than before. They often optimize their time to be able to work more, so you need to take advantage of every opportune moment possible to ‘hit’ potential customers such as with outdoor ads, consumers easily notice when walking on the road, at public amusement spots, parks …. and this totally helps you to score with customers.

The potential of OOH Marketing in Vietnam

OOH Advertising Trends – Outdoor advertising trends in Vietnam

In Vietnam, many new types of advertising have been born in accordance with the needs and tastes of users, but the effective value that OOH advertising brings cannot be denied. While traditional advertising channels are struggling to survive, OOH advertising still has its own place in the field of marketing. With the characteristic ‘presence’ in public places that are easily seen, the coverage of OOH advertising is very large, able to target all target customers.

The trend of using outdoor advertising forms is still increasing strongly and there is a shift from billboards and billboards to advertising on vehicles or outdoor digital advertising. Moreover, the number of buses and taxis in Vietnam in general and in major cities and provinces in particular has always reached a high level, creating favorable conditions and strong attraction for marketers to use OOH advertising.

How does OOH effectively compete with other types of advertising?

New types of advertising are constantly being born, consumer trends are also constantly changing, so to be able to compete with other types of advertising, OOH must constantly be creative and show uniqueness in advertising. advertising war to attract consumers’ attention. Outdoor advertising is mostly placed in high positions, easy to see, but to attract the attention of passersby and need to make a strong impression at first sight.

OOH to Tao coca cola
Tips to help compete effectively between OOH ads (Source: inspirationfeed)


With the form of OOH advertising on public transport such as buses and taxis, it helps you easily spread the brand image to all parts of the city, attracting millions of potential customers to know in many countries. All ages, professions….

Pro tip :  Before implementing outdoor advertising campaigns, you should research the demographics of your target audience: interests, places they frequent, main routes with high attraction …. collect customer opinions through questionnaires or face-to-face discussions.


In the digital marketing era, although there are many other forms of advertising, it is undeniable that the effectiveness of outdoor advertising brings. Understanding  what OOH is  , it can be seen that compared to other advertising channels, OOH has a reasonable and stable cost, not affected as much as advertising on television or online newspapers. With many different formats to help marketers unleash their creativity, OOH is a reasonable choice you should not ignore when implementing product marketing campaigns as well as expanding brand coverage.