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Impressive advertising, effective communication is one of the factors that create success for businesses.

Through the messages sent,  advertising  will influence the behavior and habits of consumers, thereby, persuading and enticing them to buy products and services of the business. What is advertising? Are advertising and marketing the same thing? Which form of advertising should be applied to the business’s marketing campaign?

Find out with  Malu  through the article below!

What is advertising?

Advertising concept

Advertising is all around us, even when we don’t know it. In today’s modern world, advertising conveys messages through a variety of media. We can see it on television, through newspapers, or through events, etc.

Advertising  made in the form of propaganda may or may not be paid or not to introduce information about products, services, outstanding activities of the company, .. to users for the purpose of persuasion, stimulate demand and build customer loyalty. This is one of the marketing tactics to increase the consumption of products of the business.

Distinguish between Advertising and Marketing

People often equate the two concepts of advertising and marketing into one, but in reality, they are completely different. If we consider marketing as a big pizza divided into many parts with many different fields such as: market research, product research, planning, etc., then advertising is a part of the pizza. that giant.

Or  Marketing  is representative of the entire process and business strategy of communication, while  Advertising  is just a single activity in that process.

Advertisement Marketing
Target Inform, persuade and remind customers about the company’s products/services. Get value benefits for the company. Build brand image.
Object Potential customers have the ability to pay for the product/service. All customers
Activities AdvertisementPR

Promotions, promotions


Advertising on television, newspapers, websites, etc.
marketing vs advertising what
Advertising and Marketing are two completely different concepts

What is the role of advertising?

For businesses:  Advertising is an activity performed before or after launching a product/service into the market. Advertising for businesses is an important means and marketing tool thanks to its information function that helps to quickly inform and convey messages to customers. In addition, advertising is also a tool to support product, price or distribution strategies.

For distributors:  Advertising will now act as a level 2 advertising channel, helping distributors promote products or the entire store. Thereby enticing customers to buy products, establishing good relationships between distributors and customers, and reducing selling costs.

What advertising is for consumers:  Advertising makes it easy for consumers to find information about the goods and services they need. Thanks to advertising, the interests of consumers will also be guaranteed. In addition, this form also helps them to raise awareness about the company’s products/services.

For society:  Not only helps businesses develop comprehensive media, advertising also helps create hundreds of thousands of different jobs for employees, including: content creators, designers, actors and actresses. writer, screenwriter…

The world changes, so advertising changes. Advertising is no longer just about introducing products, but also sending customers valuable and humorous messages that contribute to a better society. In addition, advertising is also widely used in the field of politics, elections.

What are the commonly used types of advertising?

  • Brand advertising

In order to build connections, build relationships and build a long-term reputation and quality image between businesses and customers. Brand advertising content will usually be very simple and only emphasize the products / services of the business.

  • Online advertising (online advertising)

Online advertising or online advertising is a form of advertising through the Internet to convey marketing messages, introduce products, etc. to consumers. Currently, the most commonly used forms of online advertising are search engine advertising (SEM), email advertising, advertising via social networking sites, mobile advertising, etc.

Optical High School
Online advertising is a form of advertising through the Internet network
  • Local advertising

Local advertising will send information about products currently available at the point of sale to entice and persuade customers to come to the store. This form is often applied on the opening day of the store or the advertising of the supermarket.

  • Political advertising

Political advertising is commonly used in political debates, elections, etc. Through the media, advertising will affect the target audience that needs to be targeted. Social networks are currently an effective and inexpensive playground for this form of advertising. Memes, jokes, funny sayings are potential tools used in political advertising.

  • directory advertising;

Simply put, this is a form of advertising that instructs customers how to buy a product or service from a business.

  • direct-response advertising

This is a type of marketing designed to cause an instant response by encouraging potential customers to take a specific action. Marketers can leverage direct response advertising on any channel, including TV, print, radio, email, digital, and social.

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Online advertising channels

Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid advertising service based on user clicks. From the user’s search keywords, Google will distribute relevant ads to customers. If your business wants to find the right target audience, optimize advertising costs, and increase conversion rates, etc., this form of advertising cannot be ignored.

Currently, Google Ads is divided into  6 basic types of advertising , including:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Gmail Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Remarketing list
  • Google’s Video Youtube Ads

Brand advertising on social networks

Along with the strong development of the Internet, social networks gradually become an essential part of consumers. They have a habit of surfing the net, watching entertainment news, and most of all, love to shop online. Therefore, businesses using social networks such as  Linkedin, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram , .. to reach customers is an extremely effective strategy. Not only a place to interact with customers, social networks are also a place to promote, exchange information, solve all customer questions about products, services, promotions.

social ads
Brands can use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to advertise their products/services


With the advantage of unlimited number of posts, or content posting time, your brand can fully take advantage of this to refresh the information. Regularly updating the content on the page will create attention and attract more customers to follow your business. Also thanks to the power of the Internet, any message that the brand wants to convey will quickly be brought to a large number of customers around the world.

To have a successful social media advertising campaign, businesses need to note:

  • Various forms of advertising on all platforms (photos, gifs, videos, …)
  • The images must be eye-catching, the sentences are trending and attractive.
  • Reasonable division of time and advertising costs.
  • The information is brief but still has to contain the necessary content.

Advertising email marketing

Email marketing  is an effective advertising channel to reach the right potential customers that businesses should not ignore. Not only stopping at retaining and interacting with old customers, Email marketing is also an advertising tool to help businesses introduce products, services, and promotions to target customers. To use Email marketing, your business can implement it yourself or you can also look to reputable agencies for support.

Currently, the forms of email marketing that are preferred by many businesses include:

  • Sales email
  • Email customer care
  • Email product introduction, promotions

Advertising channel via electronic newspaper

Advertising on electronic newspapers is  an advertising trend  chosen by many brands in recent years. This is a way to help businesses increase brand awareness on online newspapers or online magazines, because these are information channels with a large number of visitors. Usually, brands will use electronic newspapers to deploy PR articles to attract customers’ attention. An  effective PR article  needs to ensure the following factors:

  • Capturing customer insights
  • Brand information needs to be correct and attractive
  • The style is coherent and clear
  • Illustrations need to be carefully polished, eye-catching and attractive to readers

Brand advertising via wifi marketing

Wifi Marketing is a form of advertising set up based on the need to log in to free wifi at public wifi points. Instead of having to enter the wifi password as usual, users will have to interact with the business’s ads to get permission  to connect to the internet . In this way, brands can easily put advertising information about their products and services on the connected screen.

Wi-Fi marketing free of charge
Advertising via Wifi Marketing is an unpopular form of advertising in Vietnam


What are the benefits that your brand receives when choosing an advertising form through Wifi Marketing:

  • Increase Brand awareness – brand awareness for users.
  • Build and spread a strong brand image.
  • Promote brand image and products/services with just one click.
  • Collect customer data.

However, sometimes this form of advertising also has disadvantages such as requiring a login to be able to connect to the internet, which will make customers feel uncomfortable and refuse to connect.

Brand promotion through influencers

Influencer Marketing  is an advertising strategy in which businesses can take advantage of the inherent relationship between Influencers and followers to promote their products and services. Today,  Influencer Marketing  is not only a trend but has become an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy.

The greater the influence of the Influencer, the more the business has to spend a similar cost. To evaluate an Influencer, we will usually pay attention to the following factors:

  • Coverage: Measured by the number of followers on individual social platforms or personal fanpage of that Influencer
  • Relevance: The degree of similarity and relevance between the image of that Influencer and the image of the brand.
  • Interaction level: Evaluated on the interaction rate (like, share, comment) of the fan community with that personal page and fanpage.
  • Emotion Index: The sentiment and preference of the community for Influencer, this factor will directly affect the love and trust of customers for your brand.

Offline advertising channels

Out of home advertising

Outdoor advertising, also often referred to by Marketers as  ” OOH advertising “ . Users will often encounter this type of advertising when leaving the house, at locations such as office buildings, commercial centers, or on public transport, …

Popular forms of outdoor advertising in Vietnam:

    • On big billboards like Pano, Billboard, etc.
    • Low-level billboards such as Lightbox signs, Bus shelters, etc.
    • Outdoor digital display (DOOH).
    • Advertise at specific locations such as hospitals.
    • Advertising on public transport: Taxi, bus, plane, train, etc.
Outdoor advertising of the world famous beer brand Heineken


TV advertisement

According to a survey by Nielsen company,  63%  of viewers said that they trust television advertising, and only  48% of  the public believe in online advertising. Thus, if your business has large enough resources, this is a more effective advertising channel. In addition, television advertising also fully converges outstanding advantages such as:

  • Capable of attracting attention:  by the vivid combination of sound, image, color, and effects, it helps to create the most vivid and true images to the viewer.
  • Wide reach:  Television advertising is suitable for all audiences, all ages and all genders.
  • Features limited geographical scope:  Therefore, businesses can choose suitable areas to distribute products.
  • Dynamic:  Creates the ability to stimulate and attract the attention of the brain.

Commonly used forms of advertising include:

  • Advertise with TVC.
  • Pop-up advertising.
  • Advertise with Logo, run text, banner in programs.
  • Sponsor programs, gameshows, matches broadcast live on TV.

Organization of events, charity

Organizing events and charity activities is a bridge to help businesses reach directly to potential customers and partners. At the same time increase their attention and build trust with them. If businesses want to have a solid foothold in the industry, this form cannot be ignored. Your brand can plan charitable activities and organize events such as:

  • New product launch event, service introduction, grand opening, inauguration
  • Exhibition events, product displays at the point of sale, etc.
  • Celebrations, festivals
  • Press conference events, other press release activities
  • Events for fundraising or charity programs


Surely, you now have the best overview of what advertising is and the popular types of advertising used in Vietnam. To achieve the best effect, your brand should  combine many forms of advertising  together instead of using only one method.