To become one of the Vietnamese shoe brands trusted by many people, Biti’s has deployed its Marketing strategies effectively. Let’s analyze and learn in detail Biti’s Marketing strategy in the article below.

l. Overview of shoe brand Biti’s

According to  Wikipedia , Biti’s (full name: Binh Tien Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company) is a brand specializing in shoe and sandal production in Vietnam, established in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City in 1982.


Biti’s was originally two small cooperative groups, Binh Tien and Van Thanh, located in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, besides 2 production facilities, the company has 7 branches, 2 commercial centers, 2 business centers, 156 marketing stores and more than 1,500 agents nationwide and exports products to 40 countries worldwide including markets such as Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain.

From a small production facility that started in 1982 with only 20 workers but with great determination, will and humility to reform and move forward, Biti’s has gone through a period of a subsidized economy. with many difficulties to assert its position.Introduction to Bitis

More than a third of a century has passed, like a “tireless step”, Biti’s has continuously improved and innovated, gradually building for itself a footwear brand that is very diverse in form and design, along with With that is an era-class production and import-export strategy, dynamic and enthusiastic material – financial – human resources, enough to compete with major brands in the world.

With the mindset of “Creativity for the mission of survival and development of the company”, currently, Biti’s company is interested in developing a long-term and sustainable investment strategy. The company believes that future investment fields such as hotels, resorts, tourism, shopping centers… with reputation and quality of service will be the top principles for all production and business activities of the company. Biti’s career.

Currently, Biti’s has become one of Vietnam’s leading private companies in the footwear field, both in terms of scale, field of operation and reputation in the market. The results are due to the continuous and persistent efforts of the company’s employees as well as   effective marketing  and  business strategies .

Looking back at the journey of the Biti’s brand over the years, it is a process of continuous development and continuous innovation.

ll. Analyze Biti’s Marketing Mix strategy in detail 

Now, Biti’s has grown and developed with the country, not only becoming a prestigious domestic brand but also a pioneer in exporting to the world market. Biti’s has marked its brand in 40 countries around the world, including demanding markets such as: Italy, France, UK, USA, Russia, Japan, South America, China, Mexico…

Some other outstanding achievements of Biti’s can be mentioned as:

  • Twice won Vietnam Value national brand (2008 and 2010)
  • Received the award “Leading Brand in the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Industry” in 2007.
  • For three consecutive years (2005 to 2007), the enterprise won the Gold Cup Top Ten prestigious Vietnamese brands with quality organized by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations.

To achieve these successes, Biti’s has developed and implemented  extremely effective marketing strategies .  So what is Biti’s Marketing strategy?  How has Biti’s implemented the  Marketing Mix strategy according to the 4P model?

1. Biti’s Marketing Strategy for Products

Bitis's marketing strategy v 1Footwear products have their own specific characteristics and are adjusted according to consumer tastes. The fashion and quality of the product are always carefully evaluated by customers before making a purchasing decision.

Therefore, Biti’s Marketing strategy is to always monitor fashion, survey consumer tastes in each region to promptly have the most accurate information and provide it to the research and product development department. of the company. Biti’s regularly improves designs and launches the newest products, suitable for consumers.

Biti’s always launches the latest product designs, making the most of those designs in a time suitable for the short life cycle of fashion footwear products. Biti’s branded footwear products have been evaluated and recognized by a large number of domestic and foreign consumers as products with “reputation and quality”.

Some main products that Biti’s produces include:

  • Hunter
  • Sandal
  • Sport shoes
  • Running Shoes
  • Soccer Shoes
  • Western shoes
  • Sandal

In particular, in early 2016, Biti’s had a strong and impressive transformation when it launched a line of multi-purpose sports shoes called Biti’s Hunter.

Biti’s Hunter weighs only about 225g and is one of the lightest Vietnamese sports shoes to date. Not only is Biti’s Hunter lightweight, it still ensures standard quality and has an eye-catching design. It can be said that Biti’s Hunter sports shoes have really created a fever among young people from the beginning of 2016 until now.

Biti’s Hunter products are considered to have beautiful, trendy designs, light weight, soft soles, durable and breathable fabric.

Understanding the expectations of young customers in asserting themselves, Biti’s Hunter constantly launches new, unique and unique shoe models while incorporating the images of Vietnam’s designs.

Among them, we can mention the high quality Biti’s Hunter storm among young people. All of Biti’s Hunter’s media campaigns are also very focused on the product, bringing product images to consumers in a creative and extremely impressive way.

2. Biti’s Marketing Strategy in terms of price (Price)

For Biti’s Marketing strategy regarding price (Price), this brand has used the  Price  Skimming Strategy.

The “skimming” price strategy or skimming price strategy with the content that the seller sets a relatively high initial selling price for new products to exploit the needs of a group of customers with high purchasing power, to quickly Quickly recover investment capital and have immediate profits.

price of bitisAfter exploiting this group of customers, businesses gradually reduce prices to exploit customer groups with lower purchasing power.

Biti’s has chosen the skimming price strategy with the aim of “skimming the best part” in the market. The company launched an expensive new shoe design, then gradually introduced simpler, lower-priced models to attract the new price-sensitive audience.

Biti’s products all have stamps clearly stating the size, color, type and price of the product. Biti’s branded footwear products are always promoted in terms of quality, reputation and are recognized and trusted by consumers. This is an important basis for companies to price their products according to objective perceptions, in accordance with the company’s product positioning ideas.

Biti’s Marketing Strategy on distribution system (Place)

In recent years, Biti’s marketing strategy regarding the distribution system is to continue building a chain of stores specializing in selling footwear products from adults to children stretching from South to North with about 40 models/month. was introduced to the market.

Every year, Biti’s shoes produce more than 20 million pairs with a rich product range, diverse in style and design. Fashionable Biti’s women’s shoes, elegant men’s Biti’s shoes, convenient Biti’s sandals or Biti’s children’s shoes are always chosen by many Vietnamese consumers, whether going to school, going to work every day or going on a picnic. .

Bitis's marketing strategy vCurrently, Biti’s products have been exported to 40 countries around the world such as Italy, France, UK, USA, Russia, Japan, South America, Mexico, Cambodia,… In addition, Biti’s is also loved by international customers. There are famous brands such as Decathlon, Clarks, Speedo, Skechers, Lotto,… that are trusted and chosen to become processing partners with many large value orders.

A distribution system of Biti’s products stretching from South to North with 07 branch centers, 156 marketing stores and more than 1,500 retail distribution intermediaries, has created stable jobs for more than 9,000 workers. at Biti’s Corporation and Dona Biti’s Company with an annual output of over 20 million pairs, rich product categories, diverse in styles and designs such as high-end sports shoes, fashionable women’s shoes, leather dress shoes , canvas shoes, EVA foam slippers, slippers,…

In China, Biti’s has established 04 representative offices with 30 total sales offices and more than 300 sales points to gradually bring Biti’s products to dominate this potential border trade market. With the potential Cambodian market, Biti’s has an official distributor, Cambo Trading Company, which distributes Biti’s products throughout Cambodia. Biti’s has exported to 40 countries around the world such as Italy, France, UK, USA, Russia, Japan, South America, Mexico, Cambodia,…

In addition, Biti’s is also trusted by international customers with famous brands such as Decathlon, Clarks, Speedo, Skechers, Lotto,… to become a processing partner with many large value orders.

Besides, Biti’s also diversifies purchasing methods by combining sales through websites. Currently, customers’ purchasing trends have changed, they need convenience in purchasing. Therefore, Biti’s products are also distributed through online sales channels such as Lazada, Tiki, Lotte,…

3. Biti’s Marketing Strategy on mixed promotion (Promotion)

With Biti’s Marketing strategy of mixed promotion (Promotion), this brand has focused on implementing advertising campaigns as well as encouraging customers to choose its products with attractive promotions.


Biti’s is very interested and focused on advertising and marketing contracts in domestic and foreign markets. Many contracts have been effective in making the public aware of Biti’s products, thereby increasing product brand recognition.

Biti’s advertising activities are expanded on television, radio, newspapers, billboards, and posters with the goal of promoting its products to the public and serving the introduction of new products, contributing to the public’s awareness of its products. market share increase according to the company’s plan.

Biti’s also focuses on supporting affiliated branches and agents in terms of content and advertising budget. Advertising activities on various media are carried out meticulously and methodically by the company, thus attracting viewers.

An outstanding advertising campaign of Biti’s for the Biti’s Hunter product line is the campaign: “Go to return”.

“Going to return” is probably one of the most successful and talked about communication campaigns of a Vietnamese brand. In this campaign, Biti’s has focused on young people’s desire to travel and experience. Go to explore the world, go to find your ego, go back and appreciate more the values ​​you have: family, friends.

And on that journey, young people need shoes that are comfortable and help them express their dynamism and style. The core values ​​of young Vietnamese people such as passion for travel, not being afraid of difficulties, and family orientation have been expressed by Biti’s extremely creatively over the years.

Thanks to stories that directly tap into the target audience’s emotions combined with finding an extremely meaningful insight, “Going to Return” seasons 1 and 2 have helped Biti’s Hunter succeed in conquering the first customer, opening up many opportunities for Biti’s Hunter to become one of the top choices of Vietnamese youth when choosing shoes.


To promote the completion of consumption plans, Biti’s focuses on flexible consumption stimulation programs such as discounts on the occasion of April 30 and May 1, September 2, the opening day of the school year, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Biti’s also raised appropriate discounts and bonuses for agent units that exceed revenue targets. In addition, this brand also runs a sales program that gives gifts to customers when purchasing the company’s products…

Social activities 

Organizing social activities is also a marketing strategy of Biti’s.

Biti’s has proposed a number of major programs, linking with local people and governments to propagate and mobilize support from local governments and people through activities such as: sponsoring students poor students, study well, support flood victims, make charitable contributions, sponsor sporting events… Thereby promoting the product image of Biti’s and making a good impression on customers.

lll. Biti’s Marketing Strategy follows the AIDA model

Besides the 4P Marketing Mix model, Biti’s also effectively implements its Marketing strategy according to the AIDA model.

AIDA is an acronym for four words: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The AIDA model is a famous and widely used model in Marketing campaigns, with the purpose of describing the stages that occur from the moment customers become aware of a business’s product/service or brand. until they try the product/service and make a purchasing decision.

Essentially, the AIDA model proposes that advertising messages and content for marketing campaigns need to be built effectively and appropriately for each stage of the customer journey to guide customers through the journey. through a series of continuous steps from brand awareness to action (buying and consuming a product or using a service).

  • Read more details about the AIDA model in Marketing in the article:  What is the AIDA model & 4 steps to apply the AIDA model in Marketing

1. Attention

To attract customer attention to increase brand awareness, Biti’s has cooperated with celebrities ( Influencer Marketing ) to launch Viral Video – an outstanding method in marketing strategy. The MV “Lac Drift” by Son Tung MTP and the MV “Going to Return” by Soobin Hoang Son are viral videos that have attracted tens of millions of views and caused fever in the online community.

At that time, the MV “Lost” received 17 million views after only 4 days of posting. And Biti’s achieved success with this first strategy when everyone discussed “Son Tung plays a historical MV but wears sneakers”. This pair of sneakers is Biti’s Hunter – a product of Biti’s. This is the factor that attracts customers to pay attention to Biti’s Hunter products.

bitis son tung mtp

Besides Son Tung’s MV “Lac Drift”, Soobin’s MV “Going to Come Back” is about walking on long journeys along street corners and roads with the companion of Sneaker shoes. All are new products of Biti’s.

Content Marketing is an important strategy in attracting and interacting with potential customers, and the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model is an effective approach to building a successful Content Marketing campaign. labour.

2. Interest (Interest) 

To attract customer attention, Biti’s has taken advantage of social media  marketing as well as cooperated with famous singers, actors, and models to encourage customers to pay more attention to the product.

Understanding that its target customers are young people – people who love and regularly use social networks, Biti’s has been very active on social networks to be able to communicate and reach their target audience. your customers.

In early 2016, Biti’s sneaker product – Biti’s Hunter – generated a large amount of discussion in the media (more than 21,000 discussions), in which the social network channel Facebook was the main source of discussion thanks to Biti’s active activities on Facebook fanpage.

In addition, Biti’s also takes full advantage of other social networking sites such as Instagram with KOLs who have great influence on the community, including actors, singers, models, and artists such as Duy Khanh, Chau Dang Khoa, …

By analyzing and targeting potential customers who are young people, Biti’s has deployed KOLs who are hot stars and idols online and has created a new shoe trend, attracting attention. of young people.

bit hunter

3. Desire (Desire)

To stimulate customers’ desires, Biti’s has promoted PR activities and newspaper articles. Most of Bitis’s PR articles appeal to patriotism, such as: Leather and shoe exports are at the top of the world, and Vietnamese people wear Vietnamese shoes less and less. Next is a series of direct PR articles aimed directly at the product, posted on newspaper sites that spread beauty trends among typical young people such as Channel 14.

Bitis's PR articles

4. Action

To encourage customers to take action and buy products, Biti’s Marketing strategy is to offer attractive incentives and promotions. Biti’s focuses on flexible consumption stimulation programs such as discounts on the occasion of April 30 and May 1, September 2, the opening day of the school year, Christmas and New Year holidays.

This strategy is even more successful when Biti’s has combined with e-commerce websites to offer discount codes during certain time frames.


To become one of the Vietnamese shoe brands trusted by many people, Biti’s has deployed its Marketing strategies effectively.

With diverse and quality products and reasonable prices, customers often trust and choose to use Biti’s products. In addition, Biti’s also has a widespread distribution system so customers can easily access the brand’s products. Creative advertising campaigns are also an effective marketing strategy for Biti’s to increase brand awareness.

Biti’s Marketing strategy following the AIDA model is also very successful with each Marketing activity in different stages. These strategies have effectively attracted customers, thereby increasing sales revenue for this brand.