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“You would think it would be easy to get an answer to this question. More people flock to museums now than ever before, so there must be a reason, but when it comes to Art, it’s strange that people never confidently ask another person ‘Art Art for what?’. And sometimes no one can give us a definite answer.”

And that is the problem posed at the beginning of the video “ What is Art for? ” performed by The School of Life.

This is an extremely interesting video from content to images, summarizing  5 things that art can affect our lives.  We would like to summarize the translation of those 5 things below, and the detailed content of the video, please follow the original video at the end of the article!

1. The first thing: Art gives us hope

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Image cut from the video  What Art is For  by The School of Life

It is an obvious yet striking fact that the most famous works of art in the world only present things that are beautiful and sometimes make one wonder, “Have people forgotten the cruelty in art? What’s wrong with reality?”.

But in reality, we probably don’t have to worry. Because art is made not to let us forget the bad things, but to sometimes be comforted in the midst of life’s troubles, worries and pain. That’s why what’s beautiful is important, because it’s a symbol of peace, which we always aim for and consider life’s greatest achievement. The beauty of those flowers, and the clear blue sky, with the children bouncing around in the meadows is hope, encapsulated and preserved in works of art, waiting for us to use them until we need.

2. Second thing: Art makes us less lonely

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Image cut from the video  What Art is For  by The School of Life

The world often forces us to put on a cheerful face, but underneath the mask is a lot of sadness and regret that we can’t show for fear of being judged as weird or a failure. And one thing that art can do is reassure us that pain is a very normal thing.

A dark work of art need not make us sad. Instead, it can make us feel welcome, recognizing that pain is a part of everyone’s existence. Art assures us that every good life is filled with inner worries, pain, loneliness and sorrow. And my sadness is always sympathized by the writers.

3. The third thing: Art helps balance life

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Image cut from the video  What Art is For  by The School of Life

We’re all out of balance somewhere: we’re a bit too much of one, a bit lacking of that. And the art that makes us feel attractive often contains in it elements that we ourselves feel we lack.

When we are moved by a work of art, it may be because it contains a quintessential amount of qualities we need to add in our lives.

It occurs not only in individuals, but also in an entire country, a community. And it’s the power of art to help us feel more whole, more balanced, and healthier.

4. The fourth thing: Art helps us to appreciate everything

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Image cut from the video  What Art is For  by The School of Life

The media constantly gives us false definitions of the important values ​​in life and blinds us with flashy things. So many artists go against those blind flashy things, to find the more true small values ​​of life: Like Albrecht Durer brightening the trees, John Constable makes us realize the beauty of the sky, with Van Gogh being the fresh oranges we see every day and most of all, Marcel Duchamp with his upside down toilet.

They simply evoke the true values ​​that have been forgotten by the world by the glamor of the outside, emphasize what is truly worthy of appreciation and redefine the definition of what is considered “beautiful”. , so that we can rethink the concept of beauty in our own life.

5. Fifth thing: Art helps spread what really matters

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Image cut from the video  What Art is For  by The School of Life

Propagating culture, encouraging struggle or advocating for something is something that we often think has nothing to do with art, but in fact it is not.

Art is also a method of propaganda, a tool to promote and inspire us in life. But what the art of propaganda is about living simply, being more open, or accepting life in a more joyful and gentle way.

But also sometimes, art stands up to protect the good qualities of people, becoming the foundation to support and raise the voice for the beautiful things that are being forgotten, in the world. chaos today.

Well, art intentionally or unintentionally gives us a new sense of life, and also helps us to have a more positive view of the harsh reality. And art has persisted even today in human history, dating back to the Stone Age with the presence of cave paintings, with the aim of becoming “an ancient source of support and encouragement.” Let us become a better version of ourselves.”

What Art is For? (Translation: What is art for?) by The School of Life