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Brand recognition in the cannabis industry. What should you know?


In recent years, the world cannabis industry has taken its place. The biggest reason is the changes in the regulation of cannabis use in many countries.


Some countries have legalized the use of cannabis entirely, while others have relaxed the rules when it comes to cannabis use regulations.


With these new regulations, the cannabis industry started to boom, we easily met the marketing promoting marijuana.


In 2018, the cannabis industry has become one of the most talked about in the world, Canada is the kingdom of cannabis.


The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, the future will be even more present.


For now, however, the changes taking place are still the breaking point for the cannabis market.


To date, there are 7 US states that allow recreational use of marijuana, 22 states that allow medical purposes.


Although at the federal level, marijuana is still illegal, a lot of companies are looking to do business in this area.


So, if you are interested in how to grow your brand in the cannabis industry, regardless of whether your product is an oil, a natural antidote or whatever, you need to know a few things. what it takes to succeed in this burgeoning industry.


1 – Build brand value and protect it 

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If you are about to start building a distinctive brand, you have to find a niche.


Brands are all very important, you should keep in mind that it can be the most valuable asset in your business.


Prioritizing the cannabis brand can become the difference between your failure or your success.


Some of today’s biggest and most valuable brands were nothing 20 years ago.


Some brands didn’t even exist at the time like Google. But as you may have noticed for yourself, Google is now worth more than $156 billion.


Any brand can be, and in this day and age, it can be even faster.


If you are defining your brand, make sure that you not only define its value, but take all steps to protect it.



You can make a mistake and let other competitors in the market take your place, and then your brand can be usurped, thoroughly dissected.

To avoid that, design clear brand identity guidelines for all your employees, partners, the public, etc.


The most important thing is synchronization. You must have a distinctly recognizable brand, you need to constantly repeat it to everyone who knows your brand.


2 – Brand Identity Guidelines

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As mentioned above, a set of brand identity guidelines is essential. Using this set of instructions will grasp the nature of the company and the detailed instructions for use.


It’s important that you come up with something really consistent like your brand’s uniform and repeat it for your customers to see.


It may not be enough to know what your brand means, but you have to find a way to describe it to every person who comes in contact with your product.


Repetition across as many different channels as possible makes people understand the concept, look, and strategy of the company.


In the set of instructions, it is necessary to mention everything from the visual image to the overall spirit of the company and business.


Creating a set of guidelines means figuring out all the little details of the company and linking it together into a big picture of the company.


Your brand guide should reflect your company’s voice, image, and personality. It should be distributed to your employees, partners and customers.


3 – Brand identity toolkit

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This kit is a useful brand identity toolkit. It is a document by which you will show all your brand alignments to your customers. If you clearly define this document, you can reach different groups of customers and they need your products and services.

More specifically, this kit should include the following:

  • Mission, vision, values
  • Brand identity
  • Message from the brand
  • Tone of voice
  • Strategy
  • Brand communication
  • Brand manifesto or a story behind
  • The product images


If you want to create a great toolkit, you need to have a good understanding of your company and what it all stands for.

Get inspired by talking to all members of the company and tapping into their emotions and brand awareness.


Try to find the core value of the brand. After that, you still have a lot to think about.

Logos, sub-branding, marketing, little details like fonts and typefaces, colors, images, and a ton of other things.

All these little things will together create a unique mark in the eyes of customers.


4 – Think about your logo

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An important part of brand identity is logo design. It will represent your brand.

Imagine if you went out and saw 3 different Coca cola logo designs.

You will certainly be very confused, and may not know which versions of the logo are from the same brand.

Make sure you have a unique logo that is used exclusively for your brand.

Many cannabis business logos look similar, depicting 5 or 7 cannabis leaves in green hues.

It goes without saying that a logo will make your brand recognizable, making it clear to customers what you are selling or doing for them.

However, if most brands are created similar, your brand will not be able to stand out among them.

Use a leaf and make your logo recognizable yet unique!

Don’t make logos that look like others, Some very good examples of the following logos are Tokyo Smoke, HASHED, Cannadis, Bloom Farms, and many more. These logos represent and stand out in the industry; they look modern and very impressive.


5 – Establish brand in the market

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After defining your brand and coming up with a brand identity, it’s time to think about getting your brand out in the open.

You need to be aware of your customers and how they will perceive your brand.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, it can be particularly difficult to achieve these.

There are many misconceptions about the cannabis industry and cannabis products. It will be a challenge for you to bring your product or market to the masses.

Cannabis isn’t legalized everywhere, it’s illegal, so it’s often banned from advertising.

A great example of this is very well known advertising platforms like Google and Facebook that ban the promotion of products or services related to the cannabis industry.

That’s why you won’t be able to use the usual channels of communication when you sell unusual products.


That means you will need to think about how to penetrate the market and advertise the product despite such limitations.

There are still a few ways that you can introduce your brand to the public such as websites, industry publications, brand shows, industry events, social media sites, and so on.



6 – Add maximum visibility to the point of sale (point of sale)

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We’ve already covered the difficulties businesses in the cannabis industry will face in advertising and marketing their products, this sixth tip makes sense.

You should use the point of sale as the most important opportunity to reach out to your customers.


Both you and the customer have something to talk about (they need a good product and you need to sell your product), all you need to do is get their attention!

One of the things you need to do is make sure that your product

In addition to having an excellent brand and logo, the product’s packaging should also be outstanding, which will make your product different and stand out from other similar products.

But that’s still not enough.

You need to have obvious points of interest to “seduce” customers, such as unique images.

These distinctive details can also help differentiate your brand from others and increase customer loyalty to the brand.

Pay attention to the entire point of sale, not just the product.

Make every picking and buying experience easy and customer satisfaction is important.

In short, while promoting your brand may be a bit more difficult nowadays, having a well-recognized brand is very helpful in spreading your product.

Don’t forget to research your competition and think about what you can do to differentiate your brand, and make sure to stay up to date on industry progress and developments.

If you’re interested, you can peruse this year’s top brands at the Hall of Flowers , a cannabis branding show near San Francisco.