On July 6, Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) officially announced a new brand identity. After 47 years of continuous efforts, Vinamilk is gradually becoming a leading food company, continuing to expand its core mission of “caring” to be more suitable for a new stage of development. 

Elevating the brand with new strategy & positioning, the brand identity clearly shows Vinamilk’s “bold, determined, always being” personality and embodies the youthful and thirsty energy source. desire of the Vietnamese.


Unveiling the new brand identity of Vinamilk, a colorful world, expressing the youthful spirit and desire, embodies the young energy of Vietnam.

For decades, the Vinamilk brand has taken care of nutrition and health for generations and has become a symbol of resilience and development. Vinamilk starts from zero, overcomes all barriers with the spirit of having to do it, to bring the best nutrition to everyone, every home.

From the first baby formula factory restored with pure Vietnamese technical capabilities in 1989, to the pioneer farm and factory to achieve carbon neutrality in ASEAN. From the first Dielac formula, researched to be suitable for Vietnamese children, to a portfolio of more than 200 products for all ages. Vinamilk aims to consumers with all its determination, so that each product is a promise – that you can take good care of yourself and the people you love. This is also a proud and inspiring journey of a Vietnamese dairy brand reaching a significant position in the world dairy industry, with billions of dollars in value and great potential.


Ms. Mai Kieu Lien, General Director of Vinamilk spoke about this re-branding. Accordingly, the launch of the new brand identity reflects Vinamilk’s spirit of “bold, determined, always being yourself” with the commitment: “Each product will be a nutritional promise for you and your loved ones. precious relatives.”

Sharing about this strategy, Ms. Mai Kieu Lien, General Director of Vinamilk, said: “The repositioning effort marks our first step to modernize the experience and create momentum for the future. Vinamilk has taken care of every Vietnamese over the years, and will continue to expand this mission to improve the quality of life for everyone in the family through the best food products.”


Ms. Megan Bowker, Creative Director of Vinamilk shared the new brand identity inspired by heritage values ​​and Vietnamese life.

Innovating and upgrading brand identity opens new steps

The identity kit is implemented methodically and with careful investment, which is the result of a long year of preparation by leading experts and consultants on the strategy and brand of Vietnam and internationally at the university level. world level. Vinamilk’s new design language is a delicate balance between the core aspects of the brand: traditional values ​​with a new step forward, and Vietnamese heritage with aspiration to go global.

Vinamilk’s new logo is updated from badge (emblem) to wordmark (wordmark). The word “Vinamilk” is written with strong, liberal handwriting, the overall logo is simple but bold, impressive and carries the identity of “always being yourself” as the new spirit of the brand. The smiley on the dot “i” increases the sense of belonging to a Vietnamese spiritual care brand and stature. The image of a drop of milk in the belly of the letter “a” in Vinamilk along with the words “Est 1976” reminds us of the values ​​that have made Vinamilk stand in the hearts of consumers over the past time.


Vinamilk’s new logo inherits the core values ​​but is still modern, sharp and contains many interesting messages, such as the smiley face symbol in the dot “i” or the milk drop in the belly “a”. The team behind this design is comprised of world-class talent from around the world and in Vietnam.

The two main colors “Brilliant Green” and “Sweet Milk Cream” are both familiar and strange, leaving a deep visual impression, combined with a tropical color palette inspired by a rich culinary culture stretching across the country. throughout Vietnam.


The space before the event evokes curiosity for viewers about the new brand identity.

Most especially, in this appearance, Vinamilk introduces 3 custom-designed typefaces, a system of textures, and a library of hand-drawn illustrations, opening a world full of Vietnamese life, from every corner of the city. to delicious food or colorful gifts. Exclusively created designs will help Vinamilk express its story and message truthfully and consistently, in an era where artificial intelligence is “dominating” with countless machine-generated images. count.


Vinamilk’s management board was also present at the employee event on the morning of July 6 to share the company’s future plans.

The new identity will be continuously updated on the entire Vinamilk system, including website, online sales channel, retail point, store system, and brand publications on product packaging and at all locations. touch point, starting from July 2023.


Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Marketing Executive Director of Vinamilk, on behalf of Vinamilk, shared about the process of making this identity, which originates from the mission of “care” that Vinamilk always pursues.

In step with the times, Vinamilk wants to continue its core values ​​and take better care of everyone and the whole society. “Me and the Vinamilk team are always ready to rethink everything we know and explore new ways of doing things. Only then will the Vinamilk brand truly endure, reflecting the energy, passion and potential of the Vietnamese people. The next step is opening so that each product of Vinamilk will continue to accompany you and your loved ones,” added Ms. Mai Kieu Lien.

Sharing at the press conference to introduce the new brand positioning, Mr. Nguyen Quang Tri, Marketing Executive Director – Vinamilk said that in its new journey, Vinamilk is committed to continuing to expand and elevate its mission of “caring”. She becomes an embodiment of youthful and aspirational energy, expressing the will of Vietnamese people to always rise. That is the core value of Vinamilk brand in the repositioning strategy and in the new brand identity announced today, bearing the spirit of “bold, generous, always being yourself”, to, a Simply put, we want to say to consumers, communities, society and the country: “We change, for you!”