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Reasons to choose Malu

We offer a unique and customized approach to helping businesses develop and maintain a strong, differentiated brand identity:

  • Experienced consultant : has a deep understanding of branding and marketing, directly advising hundreds of businesses in the top VNR500.
  • Flexible solutions : ensure the brand strategy is aligned with the vision and values ​​of the business and is tailored to achieve specific business goals.
  • Effective integration : designed to integrate other marketing activities to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

6 Benefits of a Strong Brand Strategy

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A well-executed brand strategy can create a strong emotional connection with customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

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A strong brand strategy can help increase the perceived value of a company’s products and services, leading to higher sales and higher customer retention.



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A well-defined brand strategy can give a company a competitive edge over its competitors by clearly communicating its unique value proposition and setting itself apart from the competition.

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A strong brand strategy can also improve employee engagement by clearly communicating the company’s mission and values, creating a shared sense of purpose and direction among employees.




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A successful branding strategy can build brand equity, increase the value of a company, and make it more attractive to potential investors, partners, and customers.

Higher brand value allows for higher and stable profits for the company in the long run.

Brand strategy consulting includes



Doing 4C research, here’s how to solidify your digital branding decisions:

  • Category – Industry analysis
  • Company – Current status of business, brand
  • Competitor – Competitor
  • Consumer – Target consumer
Leadership Consulting

Comprehensive branding consulting for senior leadership team.

Concretize branding goals, design criteria to measure the success of the project.

  • Online counseling
  • Direct counseling


Strategy design


Coordinating businesses to concretize each component in the brand strategy.

  • Proposing alternatives for each item
  • Present
  • Feedback & Corrections

Standardize brand strategy, making it easy for businesses to put their brand strategy into practice:

  • Documenting
  • Documentation, visualization
  • Regulations, regulations
Training & Coaching

Implement training, internal communication, and brand strategy dissemination to each level:

  • Leadership
  • Managers
  • Enforcement officer
  • Strategic partnership

Putting brand strategy into practice:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand launch
  • Brand communication
  • Monitor, evaluate & optimize

Brand strategy consulting package

  • Consulting Services
  • Market survey
  • Brand survey
  • Target customer survey
  • Online presentation
  • Brand strategy profile (basic)
  • Calibration 01 times
  • Consulting Services
  • Market survey
  • Brand survey
  • Target customer survey
  • Online presentation
  • Brand strategy profile (full)
  • Calibration 03 times
  • Presentation handover document
  • Consulting Services
  • Market survey
  • Brand survey
  • Target customer survey
  • Online presentation
  • Brand strategy profile (full)
  • Adjustment 05 times
  • Handover documents in color & digitized form
  • Project Showcase
  • PR project on media channels

Service details

Implementation personnel Consultants Consultants Chief expert
Number of responses, corrections 01 03 05
Execution time ten 25 45
Terms of payment 100 50-50 30-40-30
Study at the desk icon check icon check icon check
Interview with management icon check icon check icon check
Customer research (qualitative) icon check
Market research (quantitative) icon check
Competitive analysis icon check icon check icon check
Differentiation strategy icon check icon check icon check
Declaration of Differentiation icon check icon check icon check
Brand Positioning icon check icon check icon check
Brand model icon check icon check icon check
Brand personality icon check icon check icon check
Core values icon check icon check
Brand features icon check icon check
Brand Platform icon check icon check
Brand story icon check
Slogan/tagline icon check
Creative brief icon check
Brand design suggestions icon check
Brand architecture icon check
Brand naming standards icon check
Brand extension standards icon check
Regulations on brand management icon check
Project Showcase icon check
Write project PR articles icon check


Working time does not include Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and response time.

[1] Payment terms: 

  • For the Starter package, the payment is made 100% immediately after signing the contract. For Pro and Enterprise packages, the payment is made 50% before signing the contract and 50% after the customer confirms the completion of the work.
  • Project Showcase: A presentation of the project implementation process, goals, challenges, and results introduced on Malu’s website and fanpage to help promote the best project. 


[2] Project PR article: Made on specialized websites and Malu’s website

Our team

We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.


Brand strategy consulting process

At Malu, we apply a strict, scientific and collaborative process to ensure the success of the project.


Malu receives requests, consults services, discovers project requirements of businesses.

Prepare quotation proposal and sign implementation.


Malu conducts 4Cs research (Category, Company, Consumer/Customer, Competitor), collects and analyzes data to support next implementation steps.


Consulting and proposing branding strategies for businesses.


Design and compile specific brand strategy. Standardize into relevant documents, documents, standards and regulations for enforcement activities.


Presenting, receiving feedback from the business and making adjustments to the strategy.


Consulting training, internal training on the implementation and application of the brand strategy.


Deploying design and production to concretize the battle into each brand building activity: Brand design, brand launch, brand communication…


Always support businesses in branding activities.

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Building a brand strategy is building a successful strategy!

Malu helps businesses create a consistent, powerful brand strategy that leads branding activities straight to their goals.

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What customers say about Malu Design

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

nguyen van hai

Van Hai Gym

I feel that choosing Malu Design is a very right decision, I myself find it quite difficult, especially with my company’s media publications or brand identity, but when working with Malu Design I am very surprise with the ability to capture ideas, convey messages with high aesthetics in design and creativity. Wish Malu Design team more success!

Nguyen Van Hai

CEO/Vietnam Boxing Champion

Erwin R. Popov

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is very satisfied with the professional and enthusiastic working style of Malu Design staff.

In particular, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel would like to thank the members of the design team for their efforts in creating a design product that has both value in form and meaning. Wish Malu Design more and more development.

Erwin R. Popov

General Manager


le anh ngoc

At Grupa Restaurant

On behalf of Lagrupa, I would like to sincerely thank Malu Design for accompanying Lagrupa since its inception.

It is very right to choose Malu Design because of its enthusiastic and well-trained staff, I am very satisfied with your company’s service. We hope to work together on future projects.

Le Anh Ngoc



Frequently asked questions

Brand strategy is the planning to manage the concepts and thoughts of customers to create a meaningful image for the brand.

Brand strategy is the backbone that guides all branding activities in the right direction, helping businesses achieve their goals faster.

Building Brand Strategy creates consistency at every level in the organization. From expressing the brand personality in logos, slogans, colors, identification on social networks, identification at the point of sale, media publications…

Having a brand strategy, all members know how to adjust their behavior accordingly, closely and naturally coordinate with each other in activities.

Building a strong brand strategy to increase competitive strength for businesses needs to be evaluated through the following criteria:

+ Clear goals and objectives

+ Ensure consistency

+ Customer feelings

+ Conformity

+ Flexibility

+ Employee involvement

Building a brand strategy plays an important role in the long-term and strong development of the business:

+ Brand building and image promotion

+ Make a difference

+ Successfully connecting with consumers

+ Build customer trust and loyalty with the brand

Malu implements a 5-step brand building process from: Brand research and evaluation to Building architecture and brand regulation.

Have. Malu conducts consultations at all levels of the organization. We then create tailored brand strategy proposals that you can use right away. Comes with a user manual and design file so you can easily create more variations as you like.

Have. Along the way, you can work directly with Malu experts to better communicate ideas and feedback.

Please contact us at Hotline: 0988 622 991 or fill out the registration form for consultation.

A team of experts will contact you as soon as possible, providing a useful solution suitable for your business.

Malu is an Agency with 15+ years of experience in branding, Malu has had more than 100+ successful projects, serving more than 100+ businesses.

The process of implementing international standards from: Market research, strategy development, brand design, implementation and implementation…

In addition to Building a brand strategy, you can contact us via Hotline 0988 622 991 or fill out a consultation form.

Malu will provide specific advice according to the field of business activities

The number of calibrations depends on the service plan you choose.

Malu will continue to edit if the plan does not meet the criteria of the business.

You will receive a number of proposed plans corresponding to the service packages you choose.

Then, Malu and you work together to develop a brand strategy that’s right for your business.

Average time to build brand strategy by product packages. However, the exact time depends on the complexity of the project and the coordination between the business and Malu.

Malu manages projects through CRM software. Your business can participate, monitor and respond throughout the entire implementation process.

You can immediately use the brand strategy copy based on Malu’s manual to build and grow your brand.

In addition, to build a stronger, consistent brand, you can continue to refer to other products:

+ Building a comprehensive brand identity for businesses

+ Build a standard brand identity website

+ … and many other solutions

Contact now via  0988 622 991  for timely support!

Depending on actual needs, the product received after consulting a brand strategy may include a brand strategy, brand identity, branding plan and value proposition.

In it, there are some important items:

  • Brand Positioning Statement : A clear and concise statement that defines the unique value proposition of the brand and target audience.
  • Brand Architecture : Models a brand’s relationship with various products, services, and sub-brands.
  • Competitive Analysis : A detailed assessment of the brand’s competition and how it sets itself apart from others in the market.
  • Customer Insights : Insights into your brand’s target audience, including their motivations, weaknesses, and decision-making processes.
  • Brand message and tone : A set of guidelines for how brands should communicate with their audience, including the key messages the brand wants to convey and the tone of voice the brand should use. use.
  • Brand Identity : A comprehensive brand identity system, including logos, typography, color palettes, and other visual elements.
  • Brand rollout plan : A roadmap for how the brand will be implemented across all touchpoints, including marketing materials, website, social media, and customer service.
  • Continuity of Brand Management : Recommendations on how to manage and maintain the brand over time to ensure the brand remains relevant and effective.

Brand strategy consulting service has 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Research & Planning.
  • Stage 2: Build & Standardize.
  • Stage 3: Training & Implementation.

In which, stages 1 and 2 are measured by qualitative assessments through criteria and goals of initial agreement.

It is also possible to deploy concentrated interview activities, small surveys to evaluate work items.

After the implementation phase, enterprises can conduct further research and measurement to consider a number of indicators:

  • Awareness : You can measure your target audience’s brand awareness and recall through surveys and focus groups.
  • Customer Loyalty : Measures customer return and retention rates through customer feedback and surveys.
  • Sales Performance : Track your brand’s sales growth and compare it to previous periods and market benchmarks.
  • Market Share : Tracks a brand’s market share relative to its competitors to gauge its competitiveness.
  • Social Media Metrics : Track engagement and growth on social media platforms, such as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Website Traffic : Track traffic to a brand’s website and measure engagement through metrics like time spent on site, pages visited, and bounce rate.
  • Employee Satisfaction : Assess employee satisfaction with the brand and its initiatives through an employee survey.

These metrics can provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of your brand strategy and help you identify areas for improvement.

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