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Owning a design for small and medium businesses is quite a luxury, when the work does not require much design, but the cost to create Paying a designer is very expensive. Knowing that difficulty, Malu launched the package  Outsourced Design Agency Service with a cost of only $200 per month.

The goal is to optimize costs for businesses while maintaining professionalism in design.

We have the following solutions:

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Outsourced design studio at Malu Design

  • When we receive enough information and request. We will proceed to produce drawings that meet your needs.
  • Over time we understand the color scheme and style you like and the creative ideas, products or services you sell.
  • So the following drawings will be designed faster and easier, which in turn will cost you less in terms of budget and time.
  • Just as your branding will be better than ever.

*We recommend Combo and Package Design Service.

With many years of experience in managing the Design – Marketing department in Vietnam in many different corporations and companies. We provide outsourced design services to customers for the following reasons:

1. Cost:

Every month you will pay from  $3000 up to $6000 per month for 1 employee Design.

If you calculate 1 employee if you work for you for 1 year. You will lose from $39,270 to $74,700.

Excluding 13th month salary, birthdays, holidays, property depreciation etc….

While if you use outsourced design services at Malu Design. The cost per month is only from $200. 1 year you only have to spend from $2400 / year depending on the needs of your personnel.

2. Quality:

We do quality control before delivering files to customers. The management board has more than 10 years of experience in printing.

Design style is always updated with the latest trends, as well as closely following the needs of customers. Edit until the customer is most satisfied.

3. Progress:

We have a recommended number of files per day that we can work. And when the customer assigns the task, we will design and hand it over to the customer as soon as possible.

So in addition to helping you save capital for your business to grow. Malu Design also ensures that the work will be smooth and of the highest quality. Help your customers always see beautiful, quality images when you deliver productsproducts to the end consumer.

Stimulate 200% increase in target customers

Malu Design provides quality Ux/Ui design services for the purpose of increasing sales, stimulating the needs of customers with unique, beautiful and extremely professional design interfaces.


Quote for outsourced design room


Pack of 10 designs: $200

Pack of 20 designs: $360

Pack of 30 designs: $510

  • EXP: 1-2 years
  • ETC: 4h/file
  • Qty: number of designs by package

Pack of 10 designs: $400

Pack of 20 designs: $720

Pack of 30 designs: $1020

  • EXP: 2 – 4 years
  • ETC: 2 ~ 4h/file
  • Qty: number of designs by package
  • EXP: over 4 years
  • ETC: 2 ~ 4h/file
  • Qty: unlimited

EXP (Experience): The experience of the design staff will affect the progress of the work. In terms of quality, employees with less than 2 years of experience are managed, guided and trained by Malu Design to deliver the best files to customers.

ETC (Estimated of Time Completion): The estimated time to complete the design file depends on the difficulty required by the customer. Qty (Quantity): Estimated quantity that employees can complete each month to help customers choose the right package to save costs.

Qty (Quantity): Estimated quantity that employees can complete each month to help customers choose the right package to save costs.

*Working time is from 8:00AM to 18:00PM. From Monday to Friday. Saturday still works in the morning if the project hits the deadline or needs it too urgently.

**Junior and Senior packages will not include high-value services such as: “Brand identity, Logo, and designs valued at more than 1 million VND”.< /div>

***Additional fee for coming to work at customer’s office, working on holidays and public holidays. For details please contact

Our team

We are a team of experts with diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis of every issue for strategic goals and creative passion to design the best experience for your brand.


Outsource design department workflow

Workflow of Outsourced Design Service of Malu Design has the most intuitive view of brand personality and culture, capable of effectively converting from idea to product complete design.

The design process consists of two phases:

Phase I: Analysis, research

1. Thorough research about the business

2. Research companies in the same industry

Phase II: Design

You will be able to login to the software here. To assign the task (Task) to and Malu Design will execute.

Step 1: Customers place design requirements (tasks) on CRM system

Step 2: The system notifies the Designer that there is work to be completed

Step 3: Designer and client communicate directly to edit

Step 4: Deliver the completed file

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What customers say about Malu Design

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

nguyen van hai

Van Hai Gym

I feel that choosing Malu Design is a very right decision, I myself find it quite difficult, especially with media publications or the brand identity of the company. My company, but when working with Malu Design, I was surprised with the ability to capture ideas and convey messages with high aesthetics in design and creativity. Wish Malu Design team more success!

Nguyen Van Hai

C.E.O/ Vietnam Boxing Champion

Erwin R. Popov

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Hanoi Daewoo Hotel is very satisfied with the professional and enthusiastic working style of Malu Design staff.

In particular, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel would like to thank the members of the design team for their efforts in creating a design product that has both value in form and meaning. Wish Malu Design more and more development.

Erwin R. Popov

General Manager

le anh ngoc

La Grupa Restaurant

On behalf of Lagrupa, I would like to sincerely thank Malu Design for accompanying Lagrupa since its inception.

It is very right to choose Malu Design because of its enthusiastic and professional staff, I am very satisfied with your service. We hope to cooperate in future projects again.

Le Anh Ngoc



Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of whether the business is new or established, small or large, all needs design.

Visual design makes a big contribution to increasing sales and profits.

Therefore, it is necessary to build an image early to help businesses move forward quickly and sustainably.

Every business has different design requirements.

As a result, Malu Design may need to discuss the project thoroughly to determine the scope of work required and the proposal that best suits each business.

Usually, this process takes about 0.5 – 1 day.

For information about costs, customers can directly call Hotline 0988 622 991 for specific advice. We will provide the best solution for you depending on your needs, goals and budget.

When using the service at Malu Design, you will be fully consulted by our potential and experienced staff. Don’t worry too much about your limited information, we will support you from A – Z!

Every stage of design execution is based on an agreed process, you can fully check and manage our progress. In addition, we will send regular progress reports, giving customers peace of mind during the use of the service.

Have. In the project you can doWork directly with Malu Design’s designer to better communicate ideas and feedback.

Depending on the size of the project, the time can be short or long. At Malu Design, our process is designed to meet your most pressing needs. A design task can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Thank you, you can contact Malu Design in 3 ways below:

  1. Hotline: 0988.622.991
  2. Fill in consultation registration form
  3. Send service request by email: info@maludesign.vn

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We are always ready to listen and offer the most suitable solution for your problem.

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