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Want to earn extra income this summer but don’t know where to start? If true, here are 15 great summer business ideas to help you hit the ground running this year.

More and more people are considering starting a summer business because of the great profit it brings.

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Why start a business idea in the summer?

Summer is a famous season of the year because of the dynamism and business opportunities it brings. The gardens need to take care of, the kids, the little school kids need a babysitter, the family goes on vacation, and everyone needs a refreshing drink to dispel the heat.

Summer is always a time full of sunlight, a lot of events, festivals, is the season of tourism, so there is no shortage of opportunities whether you define it as your startup idea or simply. just a part time job. Here is a list of 15 summer business ideas, for your reference:

15 great ideas for your summer business

1. Renovating the garden 

Many well-off families often build gardens and flower gardens around the house. If you have knowledge about bonsai care, why not try to provide this service when most are quite busy taking care of themselves?

old age

The good thing about this service is that you can easily sell other ornamental plants, advise and suggest how to decorate the garden for the homeowner.

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2. Taking care of young children

Students and children often have a long summer break, and parents still have to work, so they need someone who can look after, play or take them to summer activities to help them. If you have a love for children, plus a little pedagogical skills, you can completely provide this kind of service to those busy parents.

good luck

Note here that you need to present yourself as someone you can trust from your parents.

3. Selling snacks and soft drinks

There are many types of summer snacks and beverages such as ice cream, shaved ice, ice, etc. that everyone likes. You can sell in places with a lot of people, they have to walk a lot, or can easily turn to where you buy.

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4. Homestay for rent

Because many people like to travel in the summer, foreign tourists often want to experience local life, so they choose homestay. If your house is empty and comfortable if there are more strangers, why not earn some extra income in this form.

homestay for rent

If you are in a city with a lot of tourists, or your house is near the sea, you can join groups and platforms that allow you to post homestay rentals.

5. Party Organizer

Summer is the season of fun occasions, from children, students to adults. You can do a business of providing a package of organizing an activity, a party for your company, family, school, ..

This industry is not really new in Vietnam, but it is still a hot industry when many large companies jump in.

6. Open music class

Summer is a great time for kids to acquire some new skills, and music is one of them. If you are good at singing, or playing musical instruments, then this is a great opportunity to help you in the summer.

I love the music

You will need to promote yourself first to friends, parents who want to expose their children to music, etc.

7. Supply of fishing equipment

The business idea for the next summer is to provide fishing equipment. You need a good and quality source, have had time to go fishing, and have enough knowledge to advise customers on which rod to choose.

Provide a professional design page

You can also offer fishing instruction services, or fishing lessons for newbies who want to learn more about this extracurricular activity.

8. Selling fresh flowers

Summer is also the season of many beautiful flowers. People buy air conditioners at home to air conditioners, contributing to cooling their family rooms.

flower business

You can refer to this business idea to earn more income, the downside is that the product life cycle is quite short, you only have 1-2 days at most to be able to sell the flowers you import today. Again, you have a profit compared to the high cost.

9. Haircut

In the summer, most young people want to catch up with the latest hair fashion trends to catch a beach trip or a party. If you have skills in this field, you can completely open your own hair salon, and earn a stable income.

some money to buy he

The good thing about haircuts is that you can do them all year round, peaking before Tet and during the summer. You can also provide accompanying services such as facial care, hair dyeing, hair steaming, other beauty treatments, ..

10. Tour guide

If you are a “go out” person, knowledgeable about local roads, restaurants, and entertainment venues, you can register to become a tour guide.

working as a tourist destination

If you have good communication skills, you can become a tour guide for foreign groups and foreign families to visit Vietnam.

11. Sports equipment rental

Popular sports often have specialized equipment that is quite expensive if purchased genuine. You can offer this rental service so that users can save money on the sport they like, and still have quality equipment.

12. Organize life skills courses

Parents are not only interested in learning and knowledge in school, but also want to supplement and equip their children with important life skills such as teamwork, presentation, communication, ..

Good luck with your studies!

You can provide these types of courses for parents, although the investment cost to build facilities is quite large, because the model needs to be large enough to develop, but the income will certainly be commensurate.

13. Organize a camping program

If you have good control, and good planning, you can organize summer camps for business students. Programs that are useful, valuable and, above all, safe will gain a lot of trust from parents.

A camping trip will be an unforgettable memory for children with friends.

14. Freelance Services

Freelancer covers a lot of fields such as writing, editing, designing, taking pictures, etc. You can join as a Freelancer if you have enough skills, and get paid for by others.

Get rid of freelancers

In conclusion, to start a business idea in the summer is a pretty good way for you to earn extra income for yourself if you are fully committed to them. Good luck in your business

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15. Swimming pool maintenance

Sure, this will be the season with the most visitors of the year, so they always need someone to keep their swimming pool system clean. Starting this business doesn’t cost too much, and knowing just a few public devices knows how to use them.

how good are you?

There will be many swimming pools that need this service.