Meet the customer's goal

In fact, any industry, product or service will meet feedback from customers. They can be gentle, but they can also be rude. They can be right or wrong.

But arguing with customers is a fatal mistake in business, so how to solve customer problems effectively?

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1. Understanding shoppers

Customers are getting “smarter” in their choices, and of course, their requirements are also stricter. A good thing is that potential customers will do a lot of research about your company before calling directly.

However, unfortunately, there is a lot of “false” information that they can find on the Internet

That is, potential customers may come to your first meeting with the wrong impression of your product or service. So to avoid this, understanding the buyer is extremely important, you can do the following ways:

I understand people who buy goods

  • Build customer profiles . Identify common questions that potential customers will ask, then practice predicting the answers. The more you research your potential customer profile, the more accurately you will predict the questions you will encounter.
  • Understand customer information reception. Understanding the psychology and personality of your customers will help you come up with the right answers. They are angry right away instead of trying to argue, you should find solutions that satisfy both sides.
  • Determine the client’s attention to detail.  Are customers the type of person who likes to learn in-depth, detailed information about products and services? Or do they just want an overview, and the details are self-explanatory? Directly ask customers what information they need, based on their attitude when listening to us, to give appropriate answers.

When you get to know your customers better, it’s also easier for you to understand their worries, and misunderstandings about your product/service.

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2. Learn to listen to customers

In every call, or meeting with a client, periodically pause, and double-check what you’ve just heard. Simply ask, “Did you just hear that I am very happy with products X and Y but I am concerned about the high monthly cost? Isn’t that right, man?”

learn how to listen to customers

This makes the customer feel that you are in tune with them on the same issue. Therefore, it will be easier for them to express their difficulties and problems with the product, and it will be easier for us to solve them effectively.

Don’t wait until the end to ask questions. In the process, you will deprive yourself of the opportunity to clear up the customer’s questions. Stop every 5 minutes, summarize the question the customer just mentioned, encourage the customer to continue to express more without making them uncomfortable “thank you for pointing that error to me, but..”

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3. Avoid negative affirmations

Arguing with customers won’t help you, because you simply won’t sell. When faced with harsh questions or harsh comments, avoid leaving negative affirmations. They won’t solve any problems.

Phrases like “You’re wrong”, “Impossible”, “You’re wrong”, .. will not be able to help you get the love of your customers.

Instead, if the prospect misunderstands you, slow down the conversation, and repeat what you just heard, “I just heard that your product doesn’t work as it should on the video. on the referral network. Can you tell me more about that?”

beautiful picture of beautiful palace

The key to solving a customer’s problem is first, you need to make a clear distinction between the truth, and the customer’s view of the product. To do that well, you must be the one who knows the product better than anyone else.

Second, respect the customer’s experience and point of view. You need to understand that there must be a reason for customers to make such misunderstandings, and it is your job to resolve those issues.

Third, take responsibility to explain the correct answer clearly, making the customer understand. You are not wrong when customers misunderstand your product. But it is your responsibility to make things creative, and to benefit the positive impressions for the customers.

4. Action

Many times words can hardly make customers feel satisfied, in them still exist doubts. Then you need to take appropriate actions to solve that problem. Take them directly to see the product making process, show them customers who have used the service and their feedback, misunderstandings resolved, etc.

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Finally, never promise things you won’t do.