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Finding potential customers to buy your products or use your services has always played an important role in the sales process. The question is, do you have good products but are not reaching the right target customers? How to increase sales ?

Are you still quite confused about how to reach customers and your sales messages?

Use the following 12 tips to increase sales quickly and effectively

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1) Customers buy benefits

In fact, customers don’t buy the product, they buy what the product brings. Start your sales process by clearly defining all the benefits that your products and services can bring to your target customers.

customers buy products from san pham

Pretty good tip here, for example your product has 10 outstanding and useful features. Please advertise only 7 to 8 points. Then, when talking to them directly, throw the remaining 2 or 3 “tricks”. Customers will be knocked down instantly. Why? Customers often easily agree to buy a product when the benefits of it are higher than what they expected.

Here, you deliberately create the customer’s expectation level at 7-8 points, then use the remaining 2-3 points to make the customer feel that they have bought the product in “happy”.

2) Clearly define target customers

Who will be the main audience most likely to buy your product? Immediately describe them as carefully as possible. Use factors such as demographics, behaviors, interests, needs, etc.

understand your goal of customer service

Some example questions are:

  1. What age are they?
  2. Are men or women the main customers, or both?
  3. Do they have children?
  4. Their income?

3) Identify the customer’s problem

What problems and difficulties do customers have that your product can solve for them? Once you have them clearly defined, the customer will be willing to pay you to help them solve it.

  • That problem can be very obvious and easy to spot.
  • That problem may not be easy to spot, and the customers themselves don’t know.
  • That problem doesn’t exist, it’s just your imagination.

Understanding customer needs is extremely important. For example, your customers want to both sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a cake, when  opening a cafe,  you should consider combining these two factors.

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4) What is your competitive advantage

When identifying competitive advantages, reasons to buy or use services, grasp the benefits, customers will happily withdraw their wallets and pay you instead of competitors.

Absolutely do not try to copy the direct competitors, focus on the advantages, what your product is better than the competition. At the same time, overcome the remaining weaknesses in their products and services.

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5) Use Content Marketing and Marketing on social networks.

Due to the development of the Internet and technology, today you have more ways for customers to know about your products and services than ever before. And the best thing? Many methods are free.

You can use social sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and sometimes direct sales. By building relationships, and constantly interacting with people on these channels, you can reach even more potential customers.

Use marketing on the internet

Some obvious benefits:

  • More traffic, higher conversion rate.
  • More sales channels.
  • Reduce the cost to get one more customer.

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6) Reach potential customers with telesales

Telesales or cold calling – reaching potential customers over the phone is quite a difficult job and requires a lot of research.

Up to now, telesales still retains its important role in industries such as real estate, insurance, consulting services, etc., there are no official data to show that telesales is no longer effective in reaching out. close to customers.

So, maybe telesales will work or not for your industry, give it a try.

7) Choose a reasonable selling price

Do market and competitor research and surveys to determine a fair price for your product. If your products are priced higher than the average, make sure they are of superior quality.

In addition, the price depends on many other factors such as the brand, the intangible value that it brings.

8) Learn negotiation techniques

The art of negotiation for a salesperson who wants to increase his sales is one of the required skills. The purpose of negotiation is to find solutions and ways to satisfy both buyers and sellers.

study but lose control

You need to show the client that this is a “win win” negotiation where both parties benefit.

The best negotiators have 3 traits

  1. They ask questions to find exactly what customers need.
  2. They are patient.
  3. They are well prepared.

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9) Cherish old customers

You should always respect your customers, including old customers who have bought your products, do not rush to terminate the relationship with them.

Many metrics show that it is much more cost-effective to take care of old customers than to find new customers.

When you build strong relationships, you will gain the trust and loyalty of customers, they will never leave you to buy products or use services of competitors.

10) Offer tangible benefits for free.

You’ll instantly increase your sales just by offering them immediate benefits like a free product trial. Everyone likes the free version, and everyone understands that if the free version is already good, how much more will it be worth paying for it.

11) Provide customers with news about new products.

If you are about to launch new product lines, do not hesitate to promote them to customers. People are always looking for something new, and customers will certainly be willing to buy more if your new product is better than the old one.

12) The sales message needs to be clear.

Choose one or two typical product benefits. Choose simple words to ensure that customers understand how your product will help them. Don’t ramble.

If your product has many different benefits, create separate sales messages for each relevant audience.