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Selling junk food  is currently a business form chosen by many young people, because it only requires a small amount of investment but brings a huge source of revenue. Snacking business ideas   are becoming extremely diverse and rich. So where are the easy-to-make snacks that are easy to sell but have high profits?

Let’s take a look at the Top hot snacks below

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1. Milk tea

If there is a contest to choose the most influential snack today, “Milk tea” will surely reach the top position. It is not natural that I make such a comment, but because today thousands of milk tea shops are opened everywhere.

However, it is still a drink that has great attraction to young people, specifically schoolchildren, students, and office workers. With a simple preparation, unique and attractive taste, it can be said that milk tea is currently “addictive” to young people.

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The average price to pay for a cup of milk tea is about 30-40 thousand, a rather high price for young people.

As long as you have a unique, attractive concoction or simply affiliate for a well-known brand, this is definitely a successful snack business model.

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2. Selling snacks – Mixed rice paper

As a street food specialty of Saigon youth, but when brought to serve other provinces and regions, it suddenly became famous and familiar.

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With extremely simple and easy ingredients such as rice paper shell, dried beef, dried squid, mango, laksa leaves, dried onions, roasted peanuts, special sauce and a few quails, all are mixed well. together, just that much makes our teenagers “fatigued”.

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3. Winter snack business – Grilled meat skewers

If the above dishes are mainly preferred by young people, grilled skewers are a snack that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. On the streets of Hanoi, every afternoon, people come across delicious grilled meat skewers that make everyone’s heart flutter.

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With an average price of 5-7 thousand 1 skewers of grilled meat, it is difficult for anyone not to stop in front of the meat skewers but enjoy a few skewers before dinner.

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4. Ice cream, yogurt, tea

Refreshing and refreshing summer snacks like these are easy to sell. Especially with these dishes, you can also completely “mix” yourself into new and attractive recipes to attract customers and also easily follow the requirements of customers’ preferences, from there. which people are more likely to choose and enjoy.

do you have sour cream?

And when you are already known by many people, the opportunity to grow and expand is completely possible.

5. Mango shake, toad shake – Snacks that are easy to make, easy to sell

Just hearing the name of the dish, many of you already feel melted, right? These are 2 snacks that are warned not to eat… because they will be addicted.

Coca-Cola business

Again processed quite simply, with only a few ingredients such as mango / toad, chili powder, soup powder, sugar and shake well, you have attractive mango shakes and toad shakes. This business has a very small capital, quick return of capital and the form is also easy to do and approach. This must be a bright plus, so don’t miss it!

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6. Fried pellets (fish balls, sausages, sausages, …)

With the advantage of being easy to eat, fast, suitable for all occasions of activities and reunions of young people. Fried pellets are the first choice for a successful snack business idea. You just need to go to a supermarket or a frozen store to buy these ingredients and then bake or fry, no preparation or too much investment in cooking skills.

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However, you need to ensure food hygiene and safety to maintain a good reputation with customers, so that you can maintain and develop long-term.

7. Selling street snacks – Baked potatoes, grilled corn

People still say: Trading corn, baked potatoes “one capital, ten profits” frozen day. With only a load of corn, potatoes and a warm charcoal stove, the owner of the corn and potato stalls can earn half a million dong per night. According to pricing in large wholesale markets, imported corn is priced at 3-4 thousand VND/corn, after baking, 10-12 thousand VND/corn is sold.

You have sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are 10 thousand / 1 kg (about 4-5 tubers), selling for at least 10 thousand 1 small tuber. Excluding the cost of charcoal grill, if you sell 100 things for both types, you can earn 500-700 thousand VND.

However, the corn potato business season only lasts and is rich in the cold months and is crowded at night, so it is difficult to get the same amount of profit as above.

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8. Easy Snacks – Salty Donuts

When the weather starts to turn cold, it is a bit cloudy, se se, sometimes there are small rains. That “weather” factor makes salty donuts become a snack that makes you irresistible just thinking about it. Only from 5-10 thousand VND is the price of a crispy thin crust cake, filled with extremely quality meat, vermicelli, and wood ear.


You also do not rush to think that the price is so cheap, how much profit. Because the amount is small, but we will take the quota on quantity. Why are there still loads of donuts on the sidewalk that people have to queue for up to 30 minutes to enjoy. So the formula factor here is quite important.

If you are someone with pre-existing cooking skills or have learned a good recipe, you already have the secret to success.

9. Selling snacks – Stir-fried corn

No need to require too many sophisticated cooking skills, with just a few basic operations and easy ingredients. This is a snack that is really loved by young people. Corn kernels are fried with butter, onion fat, dried shrimp and then a little hot chili sauce is added to blow and eat.

Are you sick?

According to pricing in large wholesale markets, imported corn costs 3-4 thousand VND / corn, after frying the price will be 20-30 thousand VND / box depending on the size.

10. Sell easy-to-make cakes (salted egg sponge, tiramisu, caramel, ..)

One of the extremely hot cakes in recent years is not only for young people but for everyone. The softness of the cake and the greasy taste that melts in your mouth will fascinate you from the very first bite.

Do you have any kind of caramel cake?

These are relatively easy cakes to make because you don’t need to know much about baking skills. Moreover, creating different flavors is simply adding ingredients during the initial dough mixing process, and especially without using an oven, you can still easily do it.

That’s enough for you to give this easy and profitable snack a try.

11. Sidewalk snacks – Bia

There are 2 different types of sweet and salty beef but almost all salty beef is more popular. The ingredients of salty beef are usually sausages, fried eggs, cassava roots, lettuce, carrots, dried shrimp, herbs… The part that determines the deliciousness of beef is usually the dipping sauce, so if you are skilled or already have a secret recipe of your own, then it will certainly be a huge advantage. Those who focus on investing in quality will of course attract more customers.

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With simple, easy-to-earn benefits, you can completely implement this idea easily and profitably for yourself.

12. Drinks – Thai milk tea, fruit juice

Thai milk tea is no longer strange to young Vietnamese. When it was introduced to Vietnam, Thai milk tea was hunted by young people and became a trend. What makes Thai milk tea “hot” is probably the strange and familiar taste from Thai tea. The familiar taste is the same as other milk teas, the delicious and greasy taste from condensed milk and the bitter bitterness of tea.

It is strange that Thai tea has a gentle aroma not only of tea leaves, tea powder but also the aroma of flowers and herbs such as anise, cinnamon … has the effect of both cooling and nourishing. for health. It is thanks to this point that the target audience is expanded not only to young people but also to parents to choose for all family members.

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Keeping up with the trend that many young people make and sell it in all shapes from plastic cups, glass glasses to stylish glass bottles or the convenience of take-out bags, that’s even more important. makes Thai tea a special character in hot summer days.

Another point of Thai milk tea that makes young people excited is that it is also diverse in types and colors. This is Thai red milk tea, green Thai milk tea. Each type has a very eye-catching color and has its own flavor. This is everyone’s favorite drink. With simple ingredients, easy to make, you can completely profit with it.

Above are a few suggestions for snack business ideas for your reference if you want to start a business or earn an income. With the above ideas, you can also sell many products at once or specialize in one item to build a brand.

However, no matter how you start with the model, it is already a culinary business, so remember to always achieve the target of food hygiene and safety and do not take too much risk, survey the market and develop slowly to secure capital, avoid big losses in the beginning. Good luck!