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Start a business with 2000$?  There have been many examples of “real people” proving that it is possible to start a business with 2000$. Success or failure does not depend too much on the initial capital you spend. The core is still the area you choose and how you implement that plan.

This article Malu will help you answer the question What business with 2000$  to be profitable effectively.

#first. Invest 2000$ to sell handmade goods

Do not waste your income from selling handmade items if you are a really skillful and hardworking person. In addition to the main time of studying or working at the office, you can take advantage of your free time at home to create handmade items. Handmade bracelets, keychains, bags, pillows, etc. are increasingly attracting customers because of their cuteness and uniqueness.

ban do handmade

The amount of investment for raw materials is not too much, it is mainly for profit, so as long as you work hard, it will bring a good source of income. In addition, a current success secret that you can apply is to grasp the trends of young people, and take advantage of the emerging trends and events, your products will surely sell very well.

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#2. Selling Second-Hand with capital of 2000$

Selling Second hand (also known as box goods) is a safe idea to start a business with 2000$. Along with the trend of preferring exclusive goods or good-priced brands, the trend of hunting for boxed clothes is becoming more and more hot.

Second hand items are very diverse such as shoes, clothes, and also old appliances, furniture, and household items, but clothes are the most profitable and easiest to sell items, so many shops choose them. There are many box shops that have become famous, customers go in and out, especially after each sale and opening of packages.

However, when you first start a business, you should not buy goods by carton because it is very lucky, it is good to have a beautiful box, but if you have a bad box, you will not only make no profit but also lose a lot. .

ban hang second hand

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Therefore, in the first time you buy goods, you should buy goods to pick up, although the price is more expensive, it is safe and also contributes to  building  the shop’s brand . Later, when you have a lot of relationships and experience, switch to importing goods by box to be able to earn great profits.

In terms of business form, you can also only sell online to reduce all costs of renting space and staff. However, the number of customers will probably be quite small, but if you can open a small store for customers to easily choose and use social networks to advertise and introduce, your business will surely grow. Good.

#3. Use 2000$ to sell snacks online

Selling junk food online is considered one of the hot industries today. Based on the psychology of customers today preferring online shopping, home transactions instead of going to traditional stores, online snack business forms are increasingly developing.

Most of them are young start-ups, with the ability to cook and love business, but the capital is not enough to open a shop.

Are you online?

To be successful with this model, the first and most important thing is that you have to find out the needs of consumers, what they usually order, are there any hot new dishes at the moment, or is this weather suitable for those customers? what kind of food? Another issue is that your product must be delicious, hygienic and affordable.

Because it is an online sale, advertising images are also an indispensable part, you should take real photos of your products and decorate and present them beautifully and attractively. Thus, customers are also more interested and feel “craving” your food.

#4. Cheap jewelry business

Young people are the subjects that often follow fashion, so actively changing trendy or unique jewelry is always your hobby. 2000$ is a suitable number to invest in this model. You only need to spend about 30 million VND to be able to import quite diverse and quality goods.

Business by website

With this item, you can also sell online effectively, because the image looks beautiful, shimmering and sometimes just being in fashion will attract customers. Selling online also helps you reduce the cost of renting space and staff.

To increase the effectiveness, you need to pay attention to taking photos to promote and import many new and diverse models, especially suitable for the trend of students.

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#5. Open flower shop

If you are very confused about what business to do with 2000$, please immediately refer to the fresh flower business. The capital to import flowers is only about 1$ to 2$, renting the space is about 200$ – 500$, 250$ to buy the necessary materials for flower care and decoration, and 250$ to buy a few more decorations. Beautiful decoration for the store.

However, this job seems to be comfortable, but in fact, those who have been doing this job commented that this is quite a difficult job because if you want to buy beautiful, cheap flowers, you have to go to the wholesale markets from 3 o’clock. morning to choose, then go back to clean, trim, …

I'm old fashioned

However, the profit from selling flowers is very large, even up to 100-200%, depending on your ingenuity and creativity. For example, the same number of flowers, but you have a unique and fancy decoration and arrangement, you will definitely sell it for a lot more than the original price.

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#6: Open a motorcycle repair shop

This is one of those low-cost get-rich-quick ideas that you might not expect. To open a motorcycle repair shop, you only need capital in the range of over 500$ to 1000$. Auto repair shops may be higher, nearly over 1000$, but still relatively low compared to other types of businesses.

auto repair

The need to repair and wash cars is real, especially during Tet. At this time, it is normal for each motorcycle wash and car repair shop to earn millions of dollars per day. So don’t waste your chance to get rich from this business.

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Above are 5 business ideas that are easy to make profit with little initial capital. Hopefully the article will help you answer and solve the questions ” What business with 2000$ “. Hope you soon choose an effective business model for yourself.