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Artificial intelligence is opening up a new world where flexibility and multitasking at work are prioritized. The power of AI is likened to the brain of a genius, having the ability to replace and help humans in many aspects, from writing, translating, searching for information to image and sound design. Based on the purpose of use, the 36 AI tools below are divided into 11 main categories: Support for generating ideas, support for website creation, keyword research, content writing…

Table of contents of the article

1. Tool to support ideas

1.1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT  is a language model developed by OpenAI, built on the GPT-3.5 architecture, with the goal of providing human-like interaction and conversation, using GPT-3.3 technology. This model is capable of naturally understanding and generating text and can be integrated into chatbot applications or chat systems to interact with users. ChatGPT has the ability to synthesize information from large amounts of data, supporting users in many areas such as answering questions, writing documents, supporting learning, and even writing code.

1.2. Perplexity

Perplexity AI is an artificial intelligence application that searches and interacts with information, helping users find and share knowledge effectively. Unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity AI provides links to information sources so users can easily verify information. This application is also capable of analyzing text and creating quality content, supporting users in writing articles, articles and emails.

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1.3. HuggingChat

HuggingChat is a free online AI chat tool developed by HuggingFace, based on the OpenAI Assistant open language model. As a chatbot, HuggingChat is capable of accurately and conveniently responding to questions from users, providing an alternative to projects like ChatGPT and Open AI. In addition, HuggingChat also helps in drafting documents, essays, writing song lyrics, composing stories and writing program code.

1.4. Bing Chat

Bing AI is a tool that integrates artificial intelligence into the Bing browser to answer questions and create new content. A special feature of Bing AI is its ability to support the latest data, while ChatGPT is limited to 2021. In addition, the information provided by Bing is cited from the source, making it easy for users to check and Verify information. Integrated on Microsoft Edge browser, Bing AI possesses many outstanding features such as event/news updates and natural writing style.

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1.5. Claude

Claude AI is an AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, launched in July 2023 with the goal of providing valuable, authentic and harmless information. This chatbot is capable of generating text, translating languages, and creating many different types of content. It also assists users in performing various tasks such as making appointments, booking flight tickets, and shopping online.

1.6. Google Bard

Bard AI is an AI Chatbot developed by Google, built on the LaMDA language platform, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Bard AI removes the limitation of data limited to a specific period of time with Key features include the ability to generate text from user suggestions and requests, answer questions with the latest data and text summaries are provided.

2. Tool to support website making

2.1. 10Web

10Web is a fully featured and user-friendly website management platform that assists businesses and individuals in creating and managing professional websites with ease. With built-in SEO tools and optimization based on artificial intelligence, 10Web is capable of optimizing websites on leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. In addition, 10Web also provides strong security features, including automatic backups and periodic security, keeping the website safe from cyber threats.

2.2. Framer

Framer is a no-code platform that allows users to create websites with the support of a CMS system. This allows you to create both a landing page and a blog. Many large companies like Larksuit and MessageBird use Framer to build their websites. While using Framer, you will experience the same design experience as when using Figma.

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2.3. Durable

Durable is a website builder that allows users to create websites without coding knowledge. Durable’s website builder has many attractive features, including drag-and-drop editing capabilities and offers free templates and custom domains. In addition, Durable also offers many marketing tools such as AI copywriting and SEO.

2.4. Dora

Dora is a new artificial intelligence-powered web design tool that allows creating websites from just a text prompt. This tool is currently in alpha testing. Built as a visual design tool, Dora helps designers, companies and businesses build interactive and engaging websites without the need for design or programming knowledge. Besides, this tool also provides the ability to import and display 3D models directly on the website, in particular, create motion effects and responsive structures compatible with many devices.

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3. Tool to support content writing

3.1. Knight

Rytr is an automated content writing tool powered by artificial intelligence that helps create high-quality content for blogs, emails, and social media posts in seconds. This tool supports many languages, including Vietnamese, and provides many different voices according to the user’s intended use. Rytr’s uniqueness lies in its ability to predict the next word and create unique new sentences without plagiarism.

3.2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is an advanced AI writing tool powered by deep learning algorithms, delivering various writing support features to create high-quality content. With a friendly interface and intuitive workflow, Jasper AI simplifies the process and saves writers time. With over 50 templates available, users can create entire blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, and more in just minutes.

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3.3. Copy AI

Copy AI is specifically designed to support marketing content creation for emails, blogs, social media posts, and content on other platforms. Using advanced language models and algorithms, Copy AI helps create engaging content that attracts readers.

3.4. Copymate

Copymate is an SEO content generator   powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that helps users create dozens of high-quality, long-lasting, SEO-optimized articles in just a few minutes. Copymate helps users save time, money and increase productivity by creating content in any language without requiring knowledge of that language. Outstanding features such as Bulk Generator, integration with WordPress, use of GPT-4, support for Multisite management and SEO optimization.

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3.5. Longshot

LongShot is an AI writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users in the process of researching, creating, and optimizing long-form SEO content. Users can enter their topic and LongShot will suggest relevant keywords, subheads, and questions from top blogs to aid in content creation. The tool is also committed to increasing SEO rankings by using semantic SEO (Semantic keywords).

4. Chatbot

4.1. Chatbase

Chat Base is a convenient and effective chatbot platform, using GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. With Chat Base, you can upload documents or add a website link to create a chatbot for customer support and product searches.

4.2. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is an AI Chatbox that supports creative automation, capable of answering questions and creating quality content, including blog posts, poems, essays, emails, and drawings using commands or requests. other. This tool provides original content that is accurate, fully detailed (about 100 words), and does not violate copyright.

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4.3. Botsonic

Botsonic is a Chatbase alternative to Writesonic and Chatsonic. Botsonic uses the power of ChatGPT-4 to help anyone create custom AI chat chatbots without programming knowledge. This tool helps you build interactive, unique, and responsive user experiences for your customers easily and effectively.

5. Tools about Automation

5.1. Zapier

Zapier is an online tool that helps users automate workflows. It allows you to connect Trainerize with other web applications that you frequently use such as Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, Slack… Accordingly, Zapier will help create automatic rules (Zaps) to convert information between applications flexibly and efficiently.

5.2. AI concept

Notion AI is an artificial intelligence tool integrated into the Notion app, an effective note-taking and task management platform. Using a Generative AI model, this tool assists users in creating quality and diverse content for a variety of purposes, including email writing, content creation, reporting, and even knowledge acquisition. from subjects. This tool helps users improve performance and productivity. However, checking and editing content is still necessary to ensure accuracy and contextual relevance.

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In addition, other tools such as Make, Bardeen, Levity, Xembly can all support users in various tasks.

6. Tool to support UI/UX design

6.1. Uizard

Uizard is a free, artificial intelligence-powered design tool that turns sketches and screenshots into complete digital designs in just a few minutes. With Uizard, users can create innovative websites and mobile apps using built-in templates and design tools. Even without previous design experience, users can create editable simulations from a simple image.

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6.2. Galileo AI

Galileo AI is a design tool that uses artificial intelligence to create editable user interface designs from simple text descriptions. Trained on thousands of user experience designs, Galileo AI is capable of creating complex interfaces in the blink of an eye. The tool is also capable of filling designs with AI-generated illustrations and images to match the user’s vision and style, while also providing complete product copy.

7. Images

7.1. Midjourney

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence tool developed and integrated on the Discord application, starting in 2022. Designed to help users create unique and beautiful artistic images from text descriptions version, Midjourney uses a large language model (LLM) to generate many different types of images, including highly complex landscapes, portraits, and animals.

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7.2. Bing create

Microsoft Bing Image Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create images based on words and text. This tool allows users to redeem reward points to speed up the image creation process and is currently available in select regions. The development team is working to expand the tool’s availability to more regions. Microsoft Bing’s visual generator is built on an advanced version of the DALLE-2 model.

8. Tool to support video making

8.1. Hey Gen

HeyGen is a video creation platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), allowing businesses to create dynamic videos. This tool can be used for many different purposes such as marketing, sales, training, introduction and news production. Key features include the ability to create AI bio videos, customizable personalized avatars, and lip-syncing with over 300 voices and 40 different languages.

8.2. InVideo

InVideo is an online video making platform with an intuitive interface and many free features, suitable for teachers and lecturers. With nearly 100 different models, InVideo stands out for its variety and convenience.

I envy 1705892572241903720688

8.3. to patch

Fliki is a text-to-video and audio conversion tool that automatically adds AI voiceovers to videos quickly and accurately. Famous for its voice quality and text-based video creation algorithm, Fliki allows you to turn blog posts into narrated videos and embed them back into your blog to improve SEO or create your own YouTube channel. In particular, this technology also allows users to use their voice as an AI reading voice.

9. Design tools

9.1. Flair AI

Flair is an advanced AI design tool that simplifies the process of creating brand images. Based on this platform, you can perform operations such as dragging and dropping product photos onto the canvas, adding images that depict scenes, and editing them to achieve the desired results.

9.2. Canva

As a graphic design website founded in 2023,  Canva  is used by users for many different purposes such as designing photos, videos, CVs, banners… Providing many free features and more than a million templates available, Canva is preferred by both professionals and non-designers alike.

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9.3. Autodraw

AutoDraw is a drawing support tool developed by Google, integrating artificial intelligence (AI). When using AutoDraw, the sketch will be automatically recognized by AI, then many related images will be suggested, helping you easily complete the drawing by choosing the appropriate suggestions.

9.4. Clipdrop

ClipDrop is an artificial intelligence tool that helps you easily remove the backgrounds of images and replace them with new backgrounds. You also have the ability to add or remove unwanted objects, adjust background colors, and perform many other creative functions. In particular, this tool is capable of creating high resolution images and can even upgrade them to 2x or 4x.

10. Research tool

10.1. Consensus

Consensus is an artificial intelligence-based research tool developed by Google AI. Using machine learning methods, the tool assists researchers in finding and synthesizing information from multiple sources, including scientific articles, technical documents, and websites. This tool can be used to look up information on a specific topic or compare different research results, saving researchers time and effort and providing an information base for reporting. creative decision making.

10.2. ChatPDF

chatpdf 1705892939269170349512

ChatPDF is a research AI application that allows users to interact with PDF documents through chat functionality. Built with modern technology, ChatPDF uses advanced AI algorithms to understand the content of PDF documents and is capable of answering user questions accurately and completely.

10.3. Elicit.org

Elicit.org is an artificial intelligence tool designed to support scientific research. By using large language models, it is capable of performing many tasks such as searching for related articles, summarizing the content of articles, and extracting key information from them.

11. Tool to support making powerpoint presentations

11.1. Gamma

Gamma AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to assist users in creating presentation slides, taking notes or summarizing documents easily and quickly. Specifically, Gamma AI is capable of automating basic tasks related to creating and designing slides, inserting images and videos, and adding effects to pages.

gamma 17058929693911180860823

11.2. Tom

In the modern technological era, many advanced applications appear. Tome AI has caused a new wave in the market with its series of top-notch content creation tools. With just a few simple steps in a short period of time, the tools in this application have the ability to optimize the slide creation and content creation process, helping users improve work efficiency.



The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly rich and diverse with the emergence of many new tools and applications. Advances in this field open up new opportunities for content creation, video production, and design. This helps users have more useful tools to improve creativity and performance at work.