The reason some people lose is largely due to some bad habits and ways of thinking that make them mediocre. Here are the top 10 signs of people without money.
1. Hesitation, indecisivenessThere are so many opportunities just because of hesitation that are lost in vain, and then in the end, there is no qualification to fail, only sighing there. lament. A person who is indecisive, does not dare to take risks, has very little chance of success.

In the movie “Reply 1988” (Vietnamese title: Reply 1998), Jung Hwan had countless opportunities to confess his love to Duk Sun, but all of them missed out due to hesitation.

Finally, looking at Duk Sun and Choi Taek as a couple, Jung Hwan said to himself: “Destiny doesn’t always come by itself, if I had to use one word to describe fate, it must be the time. If today Now I’m not blocked by that damn red light, if that red light had helped me once, I might have been able to stand in front of her. hold back… but the blame is not that red light, nor the time, but my countless hesitations…”

Yang Lan, top 100 most powerful women in the world by Forbes magazine in 2013 once said: “Sometimes the humor of fate is that you are always hesitant, wait until you can make up your mind, then that’s it. That’s when the curtain “the end” was pulled down.”

2. Delay

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Illustration: Yang

The plan is very rich, but the execution is not very much.

I don’t know how many times I remind myself to do this and that, but because of my procrastination, procrastinating time and time again, eventually giving up.

Procrastination, like cancer on the road to success, is a trait common to all people without a path.

Many people, when the market appears a new product, they are surprised to exclaim that they have had the same idea.

You can think, others can think, there are a hundred people who intend to do it, but only one person does it.

Maybe it’s a lack of courage, maybe it’s a lack of conditions, or maybe it’s just procrastination.

Sometimes, just being one step late can lose a battle, miss an era.

3. Passion 3 minutes

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Illustration: Iza Dudzik​

Everyone has 3 minutes of enthusiasm, but 80% of the world’s failures are due to giving up halfway.

Those who are incompetent at the beginning are very enthusiastic, highly interested, but with a little difficulty begin to complain, enthusiasm wanes, and eventually withdraw completely.

I used to think that a girl would be great if she could play the guitar, so I immediately went to buy one. When I first learned to play the piano, I felt that my fingers were very painful, very difficult to learn. After 2 classes, I gave up.

After a few years, I wanted to learn Harmonica because I felt it was relatively simple and could be carried with me at any time. It would be great if every time I travel I could take it out and blow a few songs, but I just think about it without taking action.

So, until now, I still don’t know any musical instruments.

4. Fear of rejection

There are so many people just because of honor, afraid of being rejected by others but dare not try. No one likes rejection but must learn to accept rejection.

Remember, before you succeed, your honor is not worth the money.

An MC of China Central Television once said: “Before, I was very afraid of being rejected by others, even more afraid of being despised by others, but as I got older, I discovered that being rejected is a great method. Awareness to perceive the world, being despised is often the best way to look at yourself, use this angle to see the problem, you will not feel uncomfortable, not ashamed anymore.”

Whether it’s the president or the refugee, everyone is powerless at times, despised at times, this is a very important part of life, it’s a part of growing up, it has nothing to do with dignity. , only related to the point of view of the problem.

No one likes rejection, but always learn to accept rejection.

5. Limit yourself

Self-limitation, self-doubt, is the greatest enemy of success.

All those who have no money have had doubts: Can I do it? After thinking about it a few times, you’ll get the answer “okay, forget it!”.

As for those who should have great karma, their first thought will be how to solve this problem, how to be successful?

6. Escape from reality

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Before going to bed, think about hundreds of roads; When I wake up, I still go the same way.

Most of the losers are typical daydreamers.

Always think about how to be successful, after success will get fame and money.

Most people like this won’t get anything done.

Researchers at Cardiff University, UK conducted a survey of 2,316 volunteers who had played online games and the results were only 9 people who “meet” the criteria of “gaming addiction”. . From research:

The online games themselves are not addictive and the obsession with gaming is probably because they want to escape from the unhappy reality. The more addicted to the game, the lower the satisfaction with reality.

Steve Jobs once said, “Only people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world can really change the world.”

Encountering problems, actively changing instead of escaping, that is the meaning of life.

7. Always find a reason

“I should be able to, but…”

The excuse is the first big move to shirk responsibility.

“Sorry, I was late in traffic today.”

“If I changed my teammates, the job would have been successful a long time ago!”

“I’ve tried my best but the customer is still not satisfied, what else can I do!”

When you’re in trouble, you’re always looking for an excuse to cover up your mistake, to ease your guilt, and to seek comfort, but you should know that losers find an excuse, and losers find an excuse. The winner finds himself a method.

Finding an objective reason to cover up your incompetence is the most cowardly excuse.

8. Fear

If you are brave, you will succeed, but if you are timid, you will starve to death.

In the fierce market, those who have the spirit of adventure no matter how many times they fail, in the end, they will overcome their fear. Incompetent people, right from the start, let fear overwhelm them.

Some people say that swimming does not need to be learned, what you need to do is overcome your fear of water and build your confidence. Those who know how to swim know that they can stay afloat without doing anything.

What really hinders a person, is not the water, but the timidity that comes from within.

9. low self-esteem

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Illustration: Iza Dudzik

If that’s the case, then stop it. This is the typical type of inferiority mentality.

Cases like this are not rare, when they find out they’re late, they don’t go anymore, when they find out they’re not doing well, they give up.

Any success is all about “sharpening iron with a good day”, so that you can reach out to welcome a “flowery road”, but unfortunately, incompetent people often give up first. when touching iron.

10. Refusing to learn

Sometimes it’s not that you can’t learn, it’s that you don’t want to learn.

And over time, we gradually lose our curiosity and succumb to a stereotyped life.

A person who does not accept new things, is just a walking body, will eventually be eliminated by society.

This world is always full of people who are not ready to learn new things, not ready to learn computer science, not ready to learn how to book online, not ready to learn how to use Zalo Pay, not willing to learn foreign languages …

They expect this society to tolerate them because they don’t know anything, if not, they will exclaim: “This world is so cold!”.

Jack Ma said: “In this era of international integration, you can only be invincible by constantly learning.”