Nguyen Tac 3c in Sang Tao

One morning, over a cup of coffee, a friend of mine said: I wish I could be as creative as you. In just a moment, so many ideas came flooding in. I just humbly replied: I am just like you, only have 24 hours like everyone else. The only difference is that I have a better method than everyone else.

Indeed, I can’t just sit around, snap my arm, and ideas just flow. One very important thing for you to come up with unique and “out-of-the-ordinary” ideas is the point of view: A smart idea is not born, nor does it die. It only pops up when you’re dealing with a specific problem.

A lot of people come to me and ask: I can give you tons of money, if you immediately make me a very creative person. It’s impossible, because  generating a creative idea is a process , and the efforts you’re putting in on a daily basis are the catalysts for you to become a more creative person. You work, work hard, and soon, great ideas just keep coming.

Of course, that process is not overnight. After many years of fighting, I have concluded for myself the 3C method to become more creative:

  1. Consume (Learning knowledge and practical experience)
  2. Connect (Connect them)
  3. Create (Create a creative idea)

Consume: Knowledge and practical experience is the golden key

Academic knowledge and practical experiences are the catalysts that make you more creative.

Did you know: It is the knowledge and actual combat experience that are valuable “resources” to help you generate new ideas? Let your brain be “enriched” by different sources of knowledge. And pay attention, don’t frame yourself with a certain topic, or point of view.

Think broadly, think deeply, because that is the catalyst that promotes the production of latent creative “energy” in you.

Connect: Connect

With the knowledge and experience you have, now it’s time to connect them together, by any method: Share with others, brainstorm, record them, etc. One way or another, you are forming the “seed of ideas” – the very beginning of creativity.

It seems that your creative light is burning when unrelated data is reconnected. That is the starting point for it all. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the process is as easy as the movies you’ve seen, because it takes a lot of effort. Methods of brainstorming, discussing, sharing with people you trust are the way for you to piece together raw data, piece them together, and form a one-of-a-kind, unique idea. who have.

keep two identical boys in a triangleThe famous writer F.Scott Fitzgerald, author of the famous work The Great Gatsby, once said: The test of a genius brain is in its ability to keep two opposing  ideas in mind. mind at the same time , and still be able to function normally.

Create: Forming a “prototype” of an idea

From random raw data, the next step in the idea generation process is to generate them.

Think of idea generation like building a prototype for a car. The individual blueprints are irrelevant raw data. After connecting them into a whole, you build a prototype, like a prototype car in a lab. To verify the effectiveness of that car, you need to perform tests. Test until you feel confident enough to let the world know.

I consider myself a person who writes a lot in the ideation process. My ideas take shape after every essay I write, every book I write, every presentation, and every second I spend with clients. That I keep writing and writing and writing. Even when I don’t want to, I force myself to write. Until, that idea stuck and “stuck” in my mind.

3C: Circle of Power

I consider the 3C principle as a circle of power, a “supreme” raw material for the idea factory. When I stop at any step in the circle, the idea factory immediately stops working.

Remember the 3Cs for yourself. But do not apply them rigidly, but flexibly apply them according to your personality and style. Again, let me repeat the three steps of this power circle:

  1. Consume: Learning knowledge and practical experiences.
  2. Connect: Connect unrelated raw data.
  3. Create: Form a “prototype” of an idea, and test it out until it works.

Repeat the steps above.

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