Color plays a very important role in harmonizing and balancing yin and yang according to feng shui. To make the business process more convenient, store owners need to pay attention and pay attention to using the right colors. Let Malu help you learn about suitable colors for business through this article!

The color of the book is in the style
Feng shui colors in business play an important role in harmonizing and balancing yin and yang

I. Choose colors that suit your destiny in business according to the five elements

1.1 Metal element

In feng shui, “Metal” is the symbol of metal and metal, so people of the Metal element are often tough, decisive, and confident. Therefore, bright tones such as white, silver, and metallic gray are considered colors that bring many advantages and joy. Besides, people of the Metal element can combine with yellow and brown tones according to the rule of the five elements of mutual generation (Hoang Earth gives birth to Metal) to receive positive energy, fortune and luck.

The taboo colors of the Kim element are purple, pink, and red, which can cause difficulties for store owners in business.

1.2 Wood destiny

People with this Wood element often have good adaptability, agility and creativity. Color tones such as green, cyan, and jade green will bring abundant vitality to Wood element store owners. In addition, the Wood element is compatible with Water element colors such as blue, sky blue, blue and black, bringing good luck and advantages in career.

Taboo colors are white, yellow and metallic colors, causing many challenges for Wood element shop owners.

1.3 Water element

Water element symbolizes water, representing ingenuity, gentleness and sophistication. The color suitable for business for the Water element can be blue or black, bringing a lot of money and luck to the store owner. Combined with white, gray or metallic tones, it will help people of the Water element always be mentally relaxed and optimistic to reach their goals more easily.

You should avoid using yellow, brown, light brown, red, orange, purple… which are taboo colors of the Water element, will reduce luck and negatively affect business.

Menh Thu Thuy style color chart
The feng shui color palette is suitable for people of the Water element

1.4 Destiny of Fire

People of the Fire element often have rich, enthusiastic and explosive emotions. Red is considered the most suitable color for business for Fire, representing wealth and power in business. There are also purple, pink, or compatible colors with green, brown, orange to express ambition to reach the top at work.

Great taboos for the Fire element are blue and black, but also white, gray, and gray. Choosing these colors may bring misfortune, making work not go smoothly.

1.5 Earth element 

People of the Earth element are often hard-working people and like stability. Colors such as light yellow and yellow-brown symbolize abundant energy, determination to persevere, and show respect for work. The compatible colors of the Earth element are red, pink, orange, and purple, which will help shop owners do business smoothly and gain more fortune.

Colors that clash with the Earth element include dark green, sky blue, and green. These colors will greatly hinder the path of fortune in the store.

II. Some trends in choosing suitable colors in business 

2.1 According to the store owner’s preferences

For many people, applying feng shui colors in business is not something they attach much importance to. Many shop owners simply like to do everything their way, including choosing the main color for the store. But no matter the color, shop owners should consider carefully when choosing the main color tone because this is related to store identity, brand identity and will follow their business journey in the future. many years.

The color of the cave is duong blue
Choose light blue tone if the shop owner wants to aim for gentleness, reliability, and certainty

2.2 According to feng shui 

In addition to reasonable and harmonious store layout, choosing colors according to feng shui in business is always of concern. Depending on each business line and destiny, the company owner should accordingly choose colors and arrange them accordingly. When the five elements interact with each other, they will attract good airflow, helping business develop and bring more fortune. If you choose a suitable color in business combined with appropriate feng shui items, it will help work go smoothly and bring good luck.

2.3 According to business field

Colors are divided into 2 basic colors: warm colors (red, yellow, orange,…) and cool colors (blue, black…). If warm tones represent novelty and bring a warm feeling to customers, cool tones will create a feeling of safety, luxury and elegance for the store. Choosing colors suitable for your business field will help customers remember the product images that the store offers more easily.

Or depending on each industry and the goals the store wants to target, the shop owner can consider choosing unique colors for each industry. For example: agricultural products are characterized by green color, drinking water is blue…

Quickly follow the listening line
Choose the color that suits your business destiny according to each industry

2.4 According to target customers

In business, in addition to choosing feng shui colors for products or stores, investors should focus more on customer needs. Just because the shop owner belongs to the Water element, the jewelry shop’s main color tone should not be designed as blue. You should consider other criteria such as: colors suitable for the industry, color tones that are trending, what color tones do the target customers have preferences for… and then choose the appropriate color according to their destiny. .

III. Some notes when choosing colors in business

3.1 Harmonize according to the business color palette

In feng shui, choosing suitable colors for business should pay attention to the harmonious combination of the business’s color palette Karma. There are countless ways to mix colors together, but if combined according to feng shui, it must comply with the rules of mutual generation and opposition in the five elements and the harmony of yin and yang. Specifically:

  • Elements of Metal and Water: Should combine white and black
  • Wood and Fire elements:  Should combine green and red
  • Water and Wood destiny: Should combine black and green
  • Fire and Earth element: Should combine red and yellow
  • Earth and Metal element: Should combine yellow and white

3.2 Avoid matching colors with competitors’ brand colors

Avoid choosing the same color as your competitors, because color is directly related to brand identity. An effective way to make customers remember your store’s brand is to use colors that are the opposite of your competitors.

For example, in the war between two “big men” in the beverage industry, Coca Cola chose red for itself, while Pepsi chose blue for its brand. Or camera brands have Kodak in yellow, Fuji chooses green. Famous in the fast food world, McDonald’s and Burger King compete with each other in red and blue.

Quickly hop menh in business
Color palettes of some major brands in the world

Choosing contrasting colors has been recognized around the world and many “big guys” have thoroughly applied it when designing their own brand colors. This will cause customers to have their own default colors for each shop without even needing to remember the name.