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Logos are an integral part of a business’ brand identity. Therefore, the logo design has never been “hot”. There are many different logo design styles that have been applied, such as scandinavian, vintage, retro, etc. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the minimalism style chosen and appreciated by experts. Although it has been around for a long time, minimalism has never gotten old. Read this article to understand why!

Minimalism style “interpretation”

Minimalism is minimalism, an art movement that began to emerge in the 60s of the 20th century in New York City, USA. Minimalism here means simplifying the design in many different areas, eliminating cumbersome details, confusing colors. However, it is not for the sake of minimalism that designers are allowed to remove the messages that need to be conveyed in each of their finished products.

Many big brands have applied minimalism style very successfully in logo design such as: Mc. Donald, Pepsi, Nike, Amazon, …

What makes minimalism design style always popular?

Easy to attract viewers

There is one thing that we cannot deny; That is, when an art product is simpler, the more it stands out, the more it attracts the attention of the viewer. A simple, non-colorful, sophisticated logo that still shows the elegance and full meaning behind it makes people want to see and explore.

Minimalism design style easily attracts people

Accurately express intent and purpose

Choosing exactly what is most characteristic and outstanding helps the viewer to pay full attention to the main detail and not be distracted by the redundant details around. When applying minimalism to logo design, you are trying to carve into the mind of the viewer one and only one image, and of course that image must ensure exactly what you intend.

Save time

This is definitely an advantage of applying minimalism in logo design. Limiting redundant textures, colors, lines, etc. saves you time to focus more on the main details, promoting the quality of design products in general and logos in particular.

How to apply minimalism style in effective logo design?

The more minimalist, the more beautiful (less is more)

As mentioned above, the minimalism style in logo design needs to limit as much as possible sophisticated visual details, complex lines, and confusing colors, with the aim of bringing a logo that really has “about artistic drum”, just enough to attract the viewer, just enough to express the desired idea and content.

Limit the use of colors that are too picky

The limited use of colors in the design is a prominent feature of the minimalism style. With this style, you should not show more than 4 colors on the logo, so that it is really simple and has accents. One of the logos in the style of minimalism but considered colorful like Google still only makes use of up to 4 colors.

In addition, the background color on the logo should be neutral colors to create a sense of lightness with space, accented with 1-2 outstanding colors.

Screen Shot 2021 08 04 at 17.09.30
Limit the use of many colors in minimalism design

Reasonable distance

Unlike vintage or retro design styles, minimalism does not prioritize antique images. Instead, minimalism is flexibility, matching in each word, helping designers express simply and accurately their message and purpose. Depending on the size of the logo, the designer will align the distance of the details so that it is really reasonable and outstanding.

Minimalist image

Images in the style of minimalism should not be picky, with many lines, not even vivid, colorful or too angular motifs. Instead, harmonious lines, simple shapes are the top priorities. However, that minimalism still needs to ensure full meaning, clearly expressing the message that the logo wants to convey.

design a modern and luxury minimalist logo
Minimalist image in minimalism design style

Logo is the face, the first impression on your customers. Therefore, logo design is really important work and needs to invest time and effort. Logo design style 2018 has called minimalism as a trend that has been loved over time. And we firmly believe that this style will continue to grow, be popular and popular in the coming years.

30 Examples of Minimalist Logo Design by Industry

If you need logo design inspiration or just want to see minimalist logos in action, here are some of the most popular industries that are currently using minimalist design. Let’s take a look at a few examples of striking minimalist logos.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and so is a simple, smart logo. You can even include your expertise, such as photographing animals, people, or events.


Real estate



You can create an attractive restaurant logo without relying on fancy images and complicated designs. Because with minimalism you get a mutable secret ingredient. Your customers will immediately recognize your restaurant’s chic personality and delicious menu.



Screenshot 2023 03 15 at 22.14.15

Brand yourself as a personal trainer with a minimalist fitness logo, so your audience can imagine they’re at the reception. Even with a clean and simple design, you can express your brand’s personality and a sense of fitness fun.


Just like jewelry, your logo needs to entice your audience to buy your glittery merchandise. Make your jewelry logo stand out with a classic and sophisticated minimalist design, using flat icons and negative space.



Depending on the expertise, there could be a lot of other businesses trying to attract customers in the future. If you want to grow your lawn care business, create a distinct, minimalist lawn care logo.

How to build a brand with minimalism

These are the most important factors to consider when using a minimalist design with your logo. You don’t have to follow every one of them, but if you want to create a stunning minimalist logo design, try and implement all of them.

Keep it flat . Discard any 3D shapes or effects and remove gradients.

Stick with one color . You can make the most impact by using just one color. Experiment with different colors and shades to see which makes the biggest impression.

Remove redundant features from your logo . Consider cutting out any unnecessary extras. This can be anything from the second symbol (large without) to extra lines, to help create a shape of some sort. This is easier to do when starting from scratch. However, if you are redesigning a logo, it can be difficult to decide what is to be lost.

Choose a font with personality . Because minimalist design is so… at a minimum, every element has to make an impact. This means you cannot ignore the typeface you use. Make sure that the font you choose says something important about your brand and that it still adheres to the elements here. Keep the space between letters and make sure it’s easy to read.

Use all available space . Do not mix any elements of your logo together.

Try using negative space . Want your minimalist logo to REALLY stand out? Use negative space . This is where you create an image in the white space between two different objects.

Look at the Martini House logo below. They created a home using the negative space between two martinis and a salt shaker.

martini house logo 2

When giving your logo a minimalistic overhaul, keep in mind that you want to convey a certain message to your audience. Keep your brand personality in mind and make sure that the logo you’re creating resonates across the board.

For you

Now you know how to design a minimalist logo – a logo that creates great value. Remember that less is more and every element has a value, if there is no value throw it away.

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