To understand what is an impressive and attractive business logo, we must first know what its purpose is. Logo is a representative image, representing the identity and core values ​​of a company in the market. Potential customers can then judge your company by the value of its products or services by looking at its logo.

Logo design  is the basis for you to build your brand. A creative and impressive logo can accurately convey the company’s messages to the target audience, as well as the inherent identities of the brand.

This article will help you learn and have more useful experiences in the process of designing your business logo. And here are the essential elements when creating a unique logo.

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Elements that make up an impressive business logo

All the major businesses in the world have their own logo that stands out, even those that have become part of the culture. It is more than a work of art. But what is an impressive logo? What are the characteristics of an impressive logo?

1. Simplicity in Logo

If an individual or part of the audience can recognize, remember and copy your logo easily, then you have probably had a successful first step. Usually, all logos of companies around the world have simplicity in design.

It should be a clean, simple logo that still has its own appeal. Think about Nike “Swoosh”, Mcdonalds “Arches” or Adidas “Three stripes”. It’s simple enough and easy to remember that people can go viral.

If someone  cannot remember and recognize  your Logo, it will be a sign that you are not on the right track.

logo in logo 1

Tests on brand recognition and virality with users are always something brand managers care about and it is one of the most difficult tests. Moreover, the biggest challenge for a designer is to create a unique Logo and not to be confused with other things.

A simple logo is usually easily recognizable, has good memorability and is effective in conveying customer requirements. Just like the Apple Logo is a half-bitten apple because when viewed from a distance, it will not be confused with a cherry because it has been imprinted in the user’s mind.

This is even more true in the digital age, where thousands of businesses run advertising campaigns every day. There is a lot of information to compete with, so from there your Logo must be really attractive to serve the user’s memory interests.

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Simplicity in design is not a coincidence but purely on purpose, to ensure that the logo is recognizable by the viewer. A logo is considered successful when customers can recognize the connection between the business and the logo quickly and automatically.

2. Make it so impressive

One of the main characteristics of logo design is that it must be impressive and attractive to the viewers. In some specific cases, the icon part will be better able to remember than the brand name.

Take the Apple logo for example: The image of a half-eaten apple in memory is more dominant than the company name. This is how a trillion dollar business builds its brand.

honor the logo, it's very safe 1

We all understand that vivid pictures are easier to remember than words. This means that if you create a Logo that you cannot remember correctly, it will be a failed Logo. This is why abstract images are often not considered an appropriate choice when designing logos.

It is a fact that humans are always prone to uncovering mysteries and novelties, and if you can really get people to look at your logo longer, their memory and associations will work. stronger.

use of symbols in logo 1

Some studies show that, if the symbol used in the Logo is related to the name of the company, the Logo will become easier to remember. For example those of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. Not only logos, but other graphic designs like brochure designs also become memorable by using unique typefaces.

3. Permanence – Goes With Time

An impressive and effective business logo will last for years. These logos have built a lasting reputation over time as they continue to be branded by generations of consumers.

Perhaps the best example is Coca Cola when it “almost” has not changed its logo throughout its history since its inception. To create a design that is timeless, not “out of style” through the ages, ignoring conventional norms in the process of combining elements of colors, images, etc. is very important.

logo 1

Simple shapes, recognizable colors for the industry and business you represent, the right fonts, and more. is key to a design that lasts for decades to come.

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4. Versatility

The effectiveness of a business logo if and only if it works across a variety of media and applications. The logo must be able to work in both horizontal and vertical versions in many specific cases.

You should also note that, if you choose too many colors for the Logo, the cost of printing later applications will be much more expensive.

Many businesses operating in the fashion industry often prefer to combine black and white to ensure that the Logo will always look good in its simplest form. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the commercial printing process so you don’t run into printing problems, learning the differences between CMYK, Pantone, and RGB color systems.

As for logo design, the Pantone color system has been chosen by many designers around the world.

5. Relevance and purpose

A good logo is when it captures the  core brand values  ​​of the company and business.

So, through the logo, people can know what the company does and how it is useful to the customers. How do you position the Logo to fit the purpose?

For example, if you are designing a logo for a children’s toy store, it is appropriate to use soft, dynamic, round fonts and colors. This would not be appropriate for a law firm.

However, the logo doesn’t need to be so clear and precise what the business is doing. For example: The Apple logo doesn’t have to be a cell phone, the Harley Davidson logo doesn’t have to be a motorcycle. In the top 50 brands in the world, 94% of the logos do not describe what they do.

6. Must be unique

Logo should be an impressive and unique design. That means that you need to make sure that everyone can distinguish your logo from many other logos on the market. However, indeed today, it will be difficult for businesses to own a unique Logo, because of the similarity in design styles.

Why is Logo so important when doing business?

There are many people who, in the process of starting a business, often consider creating a professional logo not a priority. That is a very misconception.

Logos are an integral part of making your brand successful – along with the quality of the products/services you provide to your customers.

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“A logo that is impressive and attractive enough to represent a strategic business vision is the perfect start to a company’s brand.”

#first. Help create attention with customers

The digital boom has made it even more difficult to create attention with customers. Build impressive and attractive business logo designs to help your brand ingrained in their memory.

Once a brand can be pinned to the viewer’s subconscious, customers will be more inclined to choose products with which they feel more familiar. That is one of the important goals that Logo needs to achieve.

#2. Helps make a good first impression

“You have once chance to get this right”

Logo is the company’s first introduction to customers. If well designed, it can pique interest and invite them to learn more about the company; otherwise, you have lost a group of potential customers for your business.

the logo helps me to stay safe 1

The first impression is how you can immediately communicate with customers through the presence of Logo on media products. Take a look at the logo of your business and ask yourself: “Is it giving me an edge over the competition?”

#3. Logo is the foundation of your brand identity

Successful branding is about telling a  story  that will affect customers emotionally in a simple and understandable way.

And while it is true that logo design is only one part of a company’s brand, it serves as the foundation on which the brand is built.

Colors, fonts – all these are determined by what you are trying to convey and the logo will help the company convey those messages.

These elements will then be carried over from your logo onto all of your branding documents – letterhead, business card, catalog, website, etc. to build consistency.

#4. Logo helps to link customers with the brand

Logo is a point of identification; The symbol that customers use to recognize your brand. Ideally, customers can recognize the connection between the business and the logo quickly – and more importantly, how they feel when they look at the Logo.

logos help connect customers with understanding 1

Because a good logo has visual, aesthetic elements and it activates a positive recall of your brand which the company name may not do.

Some customers may forget the business name, but they will immediately associate the logo with their memory of your brand.

#5. Logos that make you different

Dare to make a difference with your own design, because the logo is the company’s way of showing its customers that it is unique. A well-designed company logo can communicate everything from a brand  ‘s personality traits  (professional, relaxed, fun) to their mission (entertainment, efficiency and innovation). ) via the appropriate icon or font.

In other words, your logo is a place to communicate values ​​and show consumers why you are better than your competitors.

#6. Promote brand loyalty

Brands “thirst” for consistency. As your brand grows, the logo will become more familiar to consumers, and this familiarity creates the perception that you are trustworthy and approachable.

Think about it: When you’re out shopping for workout gear and you discover Nike “swoosh” pants, you buy it right away. Why? Because with Nike, you know it’s a trusted brand.

Thuong Long Trung Thanh with understanding 1

Trust is built on an impressively designed logo. Once they like you, your customers will come to you again and again and your logo will be the first thing they will look for.

The designed business logo must be impressive and unique enough to easily convey the brand message to the target audience. It should be a memorable logo that people can recognize so that they associate it with the core values ​​of the business. Check out more articles on  Malu . ‘s Blog